What the literal fuck is wrong with libertarianism?

What the literal fuck is wrong with libertarianism?

Sheep dressed in wolves' clothes.

It's the ideology of choice for the petite bourgeoisie. Of course it is fascist.

Private property as the fundation of every other human right, that's what is wrong with it.

because they're all teenagers. 40 year old libertarians don't have this closet-Nazi problem

when your entire ideology is based around "muh basic human rights", rationalizing fascism is an inevitability.
it's how you get things like Social Justice Warriors and Fascists. They both stem from liberalism and branched off into fascism (albeit in different colors)

yes they do

I used to be a libertarian as a teenager a long time ago, for me it stemmed from an anti-authoritarianism which I still have and an extremely shitty understanding of economics which I now don't.
However today libetarianism's morphed into crypto-fascism, basically it's about the freedom to call blacks "niggers" then shoot them if they deck you for it.
8 values still rates me as a libertarian socialist though.

It's not just today, in the 70s Reason magazine was writing op-eds in favour of apartheid and questioning the holocaust

Libertarianism is just a new term for the real classical liberalism as it once existed pre-Keynesianism, and as it once also embraced fascism when faced with economic crises, oppositional workers' movements and other things they could not control with vanilla laissez-faire capital management. Nowadays it's getting more fashionable for e-skeptics and e-rationals to label themselves "classical liberals", which only makes their actual fascistic undertones transparent in the same way the actual classical liberals once did. People like Malthus and Bohm-Bawerk, classical liberals, already had very fascistic views back then, before fascism even emerged yet in the late 19th century.

Amusingly, modern Reason is one of the very few right-libertarian publications that actually means what they say about civil liberty, but most right libs hate them for it.

hahaha fuck i've seen that shit happen at least a dozen times. that hit close to home lmao.

An ideology built around defending private property will eventually embrace all available means to defend it against agitation for change which the rulers cannot stomach.

"Voluntarism" can't hold up to the demands of the masses for redistribution, but a fascist movement that represses the masses through terrorism and reactionary violence might.

he's fucking 50

It would make porky the literal rulers instead of the proxy rulers. The non-rich people who buy into libertarianism are delusional if they think their freedumbs will be protected.


This board and the left at large are full of totalitarian assholes. Libertarianism is a porky movement, but tankes and anarcho-tankies are no better than the porkies.

So who´s left? Trots?

Marxists exist.


ok, that's it
i thought that shit is a meme but come on, how much coincidence am i to just let slip?

literally nothing

it's pretty much identical to communism except for a couple insignificant differences

Communism wasn't invented by a Jew, even if you consider Marx a Jew (he was a Lutheran who despite his ancestry was the one to coin the term "the Jewish question" and trashed Judaism in it hard) communism both as a term and the meaning Marx took over from it exactly was not invented by him either, nor a Jew.

Money in Marxism or communism isn't "just a cool concept" you needn't worry about. Money is in Marxism the highest form of the commodity, and for communism requires its total abolition.

Communism is not a "system" in the same way libertarianism is one. Libertarianism is a type of policy put on the makeup of capitalism; to give us the "free"est markets capitalism can afford with small gubbermand. Communism, and this is even before Marx, is the movement sprung forth from the contradictions of capitalism in all its forms. Marx actually became interested in theorizing communism because he saw workers, entrely out of themselves, act in what he considered a communistic manner: aligning along class lines, seizing and communizing property, opposing not just capitaliists but capital in its entirety, and so on.

I've said this a dozen times but it's a really important distinction to make. Libertarianism and ancapism are ideologies with two extremely contradictory tendencies: there are the genuine anti-authoritarians who genuinely think a market without the state interfering would create the best quality of life for everyone; they are usually the ones all about weed, free speech, hating cops and taxes, and likely the only reason why they are Libertarians is because that's the only position they know of that isn't "SJWs wanting throw taxes at problems until they're fixed" and "Conservatives wanting to ban everything they don't like while constantly getting into wars". And then there are the genuinely authoritarian proprietarians who simply don't want a higher power telling them how treat their property a certain way or preventing them from creating exploitative relationships, and see the market as a system that allows most intelligent and hardworking to progress over the less intelligent and lazy. The first group is simply uneducated and thinks that Leftism is just SJWs telling everyone how to live their life, and they could be brought over to Leftism with the proper arguments, particularly how private property is inherently anti-liberty and freedom. The second group really are just lukewarm Fascists with a hard on for muh individualism against evil collectivism, that's why so many of them are constantly flirting and associating with actual Fascists and Nationalists. The crazy thing is that a single person could hold beliefs and opinions from both tendencies, creating a clusterfuck of contradiction.

I say this as a former believer in the first tendency. I genuinely thought the free market freed people and fuck anyone who told anyone else how to live. When I started looking into actual Anarchism and why they were against Capitalism, I started to realize what Capitalism actually leads to, and how it's completely anti-freedom and there's no difference between a boss giving you orders and a cop.

It creates perverse incentives to lie, cheat and steal. Any attempt to ascribe this to "capitalism" is a confirmation bias.

Gee, I just can't see anything wrong with this. The ideology was a meme from the start.

luddites proving once I again that they don't need that petty civilized education

The former type virtually almost results in the latter type. Libertarianism is predominantly reactionary today and the "real" libertarians get pressured into joining.

Since they enthusiastically support corporate tyranny, it's just a small step for them to also support state tyranny.

I honestly feel bad for some anarcho capitalists. I think a lot of them should be true anarchists, but they are so brainwashed into thinking that capitalism is the only thing that can work, that they don't properly apply their authoritarian, anarchist principles to capitalism.


They're literally autistic.

The underlying logic of lolberts and fascists is largely the same.

In both, it is supposed that there existed some point a natural and harmonious order that was corrupted by a malignant outside force, causing all the conflict and strife we see today.

For lolberts the natural order is the free market and the outside force is state intervention. For fascists the natural order is the pure, organic national community and the outside force is foreigners, communists, Jews, etc. This means that cross-pollination is much easier than it might appear on the surface, that the natural order is the pure, organic national community under the free market and the outside force is foreigners, communists and Jews forcing state interventionism.