Someone post the original

Someone post the original

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Oh my…


Ben Garrison has literally turned into a parody of himself



like homemade cookware


What does it even mean?

the other cast of the original show made some joint declaration against trump (or something) but shatner didn't sign it. but it's news to be that sulu is now a transgender woman

So does Ben do nothing but bitch about celebrities to defend his husbando's honor now?

Is that really a surprise at this point?

Besides… At least his 'satire' is better than Steven Crowder.

Help me out with the labels here

Keep furry, replace "trans" with "100% Aryan" and "gender fluid" with "muh heritage"

remember when ben used to whine because Holla Forums made his comics anti-semitic?

Furry -> White
SJW -> Nazi
Manspreader -> Cuck
Sulu -> idpol

this isn't antisemitic though

ofc. one day I'll do a video about it. Ben became the meme he was against. He always had it in him through, I think he erased his old criticism and cartoons of 4chan too.

when you gaze into the abyss if you're retarded enough the abyss can gaze back at you.

add a kekistan and kkk patches too since thats real.

What should i do with shattner?

Marx maybe? Or Stalin (not that I'm a fan but trying to think anti Nazis)

Oh wait you could make him Muke antifa and holding a pistol

not because of my bias but i think a Mustache would fit perfectly, also nice job so far

Well they're already trannies and furries so keep those. Change sjw to beta and gender fluid to good worker. Keep Shatner as is.

or make him a Liberator



You know, this is the shit that he actually would have drawn back in the day. He used to hate Holla Forums and edgy internet communities in general.

he's a sellout, what else is to be expected from a former liberal with as much conviction as the next best common normie?

Plot twist i guess

There we go

He always seems to find a way to shoehorn CNN into every one of his pictures.


Only suggestion I could make is to use the r/theDonald twitter mascot.

My sides..



The best
Good job

Pure gold