Not shitposting, but why does every state or country that has socialism or communism (Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany...

Not shitposting, but why does every state or country that has socialism or communism (Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Cuba) turn out so shitty? Why do humans keep implementing it wrong? Does human nature make it impossible for communism to work without some psychopath taking control of it?

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National Socialism is still Socialism.

The fact that you talk about shit like debt in that Cuba picture should perhaps tip you off that Cuba ain't socialist.

yeahhhhhh, sure your not


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Also cuba is fucking wicked for a south american island nation, piss off.


nazi germany failed because of human nature, I think its safe to say Holla Forums has been eternally BTFO, lets pack it up guys

North Korea did it right

"National socialism" that killed all the socialists, anarchists, communists, trade unionists and also all the asserists, then proceeded to create a race-based class system with systematic genocide?
The very same system for which the word "privatisation" was invented? The same system that promoted class collaboration and worked together with the rich?

Its because communism and socialism is against human nature

No it isn't:

Seriously though how do we respond to the classic "it only works on paper xD" and "it would be great if humans weren't in charge but all it takes is a single greedy person to fuck everything up"?


Point out that the exact same reasoning can be applied to the capitalist ideology they apologize for and that the logical conclusion of their argument is to revert to slave society.


it's state socialism silly user


>not shitposting

Cuba's is doing pretty alright.

Capitalism is more about commodity production than who is producing commodities
Aka if Google bought a bunch of land and created a micro economy where it's workers produced food and directly recieve the food the food they produced, that's much closer to socialism than a government hiring laborers, pays then wages, sells what the name on the market, and uses the revenue to produce more.

What they make on the market*

how though


What happens with situations like Nazi Germany had happened time and time again in Capitalism
Capital ceases to expand, either due to lack of demand or low profitability (it's a whole debate among critics of capital), and a government uses massive infrastructure spending too "absorb the surplus" which reinvigorates the capitalist economy
Nazi Germany, post WW2 us, Napoleonic France, China for the last two decades, etc etc

No it isn't.

The argument that humans are naturally selfish actually works in favour of socialism, not against it. If humans will always screw each other over when given the opportunity then the only solution is to ensure that nobody is in an unaccountable position of dominance over anybody else. This can only be achieved through the decentralization of political and economic power, ie the democratization of the state and economy. You can't cheat other people of the tools required to do so don't exist, or are controlled by everybody equally.

The irony is that the same human nature fags who criticize socialism are the same people who bitch about muh crony capitalism, as if collaboration between the state and industry isn't the inevitable result of two groups of powerful people working together to maintain that power at everybody's expense.

So it appears that even bourgeois 'individualism' leads to a socialist conclusion!


Communism first requires "capitalism" to destroy social structures. Since capitalism is not a real thing, there's no way to tell whether misfortune is caused exactly/foremost by capitalism. You can run your mouth and point your fingers, but what are the facts?

The average Soviet citizen lived like a nabob compared to the average 3rd world citizen.

wait a sec