Why are most communists just mentally ill trannies that still have facial hair?

Why are most communists just mentally ill trannies that still have facial hair?

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You some kind of pollster?

I'm not a tranny

t. Holla Forums BO

you probably are

from what I know is there is a connection between Autism and Trannies and trannies and communism

Sage and report bait


What is a "brick looking" tranny? Why are you such an expert on trannies?

Also how can you tell what people look like?

fuck off to your own containment board you degenerate.

traps are bad but furries are worse. one can be cured, the other has to be exterminated.

A brick is a type of building material, the Holla Forums trannies look like bricks

I dont have a containment board and Miranda is human


Nigger if your face looks like a brick and you're pretending to be a woman you're hopeless

You mean like this?: youtube.com/watch?v=rrBx6mAWYPU

You are a furfag, and should be gassed. thats it. period.

I feel like you are the only tranny or tranny aficionado in this thread.

You again?



Ye next you will tell me Venezuela isnt real socialism

nice try lady boy

Didn't you spam the board before with the same furry shit? Maybe it was another user from Holla Forums
idk why there are so many trannies but it fucking sucks

That's your first problem you don't know anything, you only "feel" it. And your feelings are wrong, as is your failed projection.

Holla Forums is GNU territory, we don't use proprietary garbage here

venuezala is real socialism.
also trans are degerenates, just like you furfag

Nazbols get the rope first

I'm not from Holla Forums I never go to Holla Forums

own it all

bluepilled faggots arent allowed on Holla Forums

who is this semen demon?

I see where as you are omniscient, wait, what was that thing you said again in the very post I'm replying to? Paraphrasing a little but:

This might be some interesting first time reading for you:


Miranda, she loves capitalism

I get you people are confused about gender but being confused about what is and isnt human is just beyond insane
educate yourself

You *must* be a tranny.

why didn't you guys just not respond


This reeks of furfag denial, its got all the attributes of a furfag character shlomo, the game is up. You know you are a degenerate subhuman on the same level of trannies, you're just too pusy to admit it.

Don't worry, the gas chamber doesn't mind if you are furry or not though

i only post here because Holla Forums has banned Juche thought.

no wonder you are on Holla Forums

hahaha, how does it feel wanting to fuck a dog?

stop this before you inspire the wrath of the FURCOM GANG

daily life must be so confusing for you when nothing you do is based in reality

Bro what is your angle? That's what I've been asking this whole time. There's got to be better places to get yourself a hot tranny date for the weekend.

your shitty waifu vs some random fursona from the internet.

do you feel the shame yet

I have no idea what you are trying to say
why are they VS each other? why are you posting your furry porn at me? what does Miranda have to do with it

To just lay it out even more clear for you bro:

It's ok, you're not alone, there are other trannies out there. But this isn't the best place for you, here just dial up this number and I promise you'll start to feel better:

(877) 565-8860

Or if you're in Canada:

(877) 330-6366

This level of mental gymmastics is sometjing ive never seen before, not even from the most delusional of liberals.

Nigger, the thing has fur in the picture you just posted. fur on its ass, right there. and a tail, and a black animal nose. Are you autistic.

Whatever, you will be lined up and shot with the rest of your sexual deviant friends when the time comes.

I dunno why you are trying so hard to change the facts
Miranda is human
this is not hard

It's because it's someone whose entire ideology is made of memes.

Furries get the bullet too, Nigras of the world unite



this is now a nazbol thread

But furry also highly interlinked with autism trannies and threforce communism.

I know so does anime and being trannies and autism

but this is about trannies and communism



This is about you alredy commie but you did not uderstant it alredy. But it matter of time when enlightenment happen to you.


Really makes you think


dude, Miranda has a kid
in other words your waifu cucked you