Marxist philosophy

is it needed to make revolution?

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That picture is a real shame.
I liked the aesthetics of 1950s french marxists - suit and tie, short hair, well kept, normal. There is no reason radical politics and acting goofy and looking 'radical' are important at all.

same, but just don't talk about that issue here, unless you want a fuckton of (you)s asking what's so inherently reactionary in dreadlocks

The aesthetic I always thought works well is a suit, nicely trimmed beard if you must have one, and short 2-4 length hair because it seems if you put anyone with that look anywhere in the past 100 years they wouldn't have too much trouble not looking like a social retard.


we /leftyfa/ now

I wonder, which countries even have Marxist education? How come it's not banned for being "too political"?

Nobody cares about politics in education after high school.

I got some in a "race, gender and class" course where it was integrated into idpol BS.

It´s supposed to be political. It´s not high school.

No. Marxism is not sacred knowledge.

Everyone in that class will either be a liberal or still a first day communist kid with lots of idpol (do basically an edgy liberal who wears che shirts) in 5 years
read marx yourself, don't go to any "marxist" courses

*so basically


The only thing that must happen for the revolution to occur is for the proletariat to realize it is in their own self interest. Anyone who tells you different is spooked beyond help.

The way to do that is to construct an immensely practical truth system and target intellectual enemies who would advance against us within and using the market of ideas. It is imperative to corner and destroy this market.

What the hell is Marxist Philosophy supposed to be? Does anyone know what they teach in this course? I don't remember Marx writing a book about "his" philosophy.
If anything this course should include classical political economy (Smith & Ricardo), French socialism (what is usually referred to as utopian socialists), and Hegel (the basics of how immanent critique works). These should all be held up against Capital and showcase the differences and similarities. Finally, of course, how the immanent critique of the political economy leads to the conclusions Marx had about communism. As in, communism is the real movement which seeks to abolish the current state of affairs.


I'm gonna say that the story in OP is probably one of those ones that would end in everybody clapping and Einstein appearing if it was posted on Tumblr

I'm rejecting the notion of it being free; I know it is controlled by a liberal oligopoly.

Considering we had several revolutions before Marx, not really. But he is an extremely important theorist

His analysis of capitalism is spot on and should be learned by every anti-capitalist but the rest should be covered in any leftist ideology so it's not necessary to explicitly learn, it's good to know, but knowing it from other philosophers suffices.

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Marx was a thicc homeless man, fuck your suits