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I could be okay with AnPrim if it was more like, "Minimum level of technology to achieve social goals", but over time that eventually just goes back to where we're at, because fuck it, space is huge and there's lots to do out there.>>1932366

my understanding of Anarcho-Primitivism at least on a base level is that it isn't just "Capitalism" that is oppressive, it's civilization itself.

Of course you do have people who are 100% against electronic technology but I'm sure there are others who are more likely to be accepting of the circumstances and will try to achieve change with what is provided.

I would argue that Anarcho-Primitivism is more of an individual choice and should be approached as such instead of some idea that needs to affect everyone and everything. Some people just like living in the cities and massive concrete jungles of the world and that's fine in my eyes. I just prefer to be more attached to nature and away from the dull gray world of the city.


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You won't get around adopting certain anprim facets once you socialism becomes a reality. We can not keep using the same resources as we are now. We will have to cut back on certain products. Especially wasteful products which are consumed by enthusiasts. Aka wasteful hobbies. Which means that in many ways people have to understand and accept that living like we currently do is not sustainable, and never will be sustainable. Certain resources are non-renewable and can only be reacquired once space travel is a feasible means of gathering resources. And even then it isn't going to be renewable ad Infinitum. Gay space communism will have to rid itself of all wasteful leisure consumption or suffer gamergate 2.0.

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I’m Agrarism is the furthest I’ll go in terms of Primitivism.

Primitivism is just progressivism read backwards. Of course all technology (not just digital and industrial) is political and should be politically contested but primitivism doesn't manage to articulate this and instead only looks for a time before ~the fall~.

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Sorry if this is the wrong thread, but is there a general derogatory word for 'non-communist'? Like how ancaps will use 'Statists' as a general derogative for non-ancap

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