Self-organized free healthcare by Greek Anarchists

Self-organized free healthcare by Greek Anarchists.
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Greek Anarchists are so based. They give me hope. Much love from America.


we need this tbh


This is how you build dual power. More like this and on a larger scale all over pls

How the hell do they preform surgery of any kind? Kudos to them.

They don't

>"It was created for the neighborhood but it is open to everyone, except for fascists.” – Lefteris, a volunteer doctor at ADYE

Makes me ashamed to be Greek. Κριμα….


The left in general in greece is total and utter cancer. Our unis are filled with graffiti and antifa signs markings. That is why the left revolts me

t. golden dawn clascuck


Every time the antifa marches on the streets, they destroy private property and storefronts. They disrupt our lives just because they enjoy fighting with the police

Yes, if only Greeks got rid of the leftists, all would be good.

Im not saying that that is the root of our problem, but we would have to deal with one less thing

That sounds pretty cool.

Destroy innocent's peoples property sounds cool to you?

This is exactly the point.


Care to elaborate?

Capitalism functions through the structures of our daily lives, the disruption of those, along with the blockade/destruction/disruption of capitalist infrastructure is a revolutionary act, the only revolutionary act possible at the present time.

Destroying property like that is absolutely counterproductive to any movement. You're an anarkiddie, right?


Destroying stuff isn’t revolutionary. Building up new structures is.

The healthcare stuff seems pretty cool.

Well the healthcare stuff sounds pretty cool.

There's nothing really wrong about destroying private property (important distinction with personal property), but it does not really help in transforming the current mode of production.
I'd say that initiatives such as the one mentioned in the OP are a step in the right direction for modern anarchism. You seek out where modern institutions fail and build alternatives for them.

Ignoring property destruction by anarkiddies, can you say what you think is wrong about providing free healthcare to the poor by initiatives like these?

Under the postfordist regime of accumulation, new structures are rapidly recuperated and deployed for its own ends. It demands constant. Structures, yes, maybe, but what kind of structures can avoid this? Only assymetric, temporary, antagonistic ones - like the black bloc for instance.

As long as it is done through legal means I dont mind it. But im weary of the ways they provide for their free healthcare. Equipment is not cheap mot to mention drugs and rent

End yourself, classcuck

No it's not, fuck off

Liberals get the bullet too

Wanna live in a "Utopian" society? go somewhere else with your pals. You cannot just take parts of the civilized world and claim them as yours


Explain how it's not

But it is. When people see you destroying private property like stores they will mostly be disgusted. Even worse if you go around destroying civilian cars for example. You are only alienating people if you participate in autistic screeching of this kind.

Or maybe they will join in. There is something in every person that can appreciate the sight of a burning car. It's not as if revolutionary praxis should be oriented towards appeasing a liberal, passive "public". This is an entirely liberal ontology of social change.

you're living in a fantasy kid

tunisa has free healthcare.

This isn't impressive, though it is welcome. People have been doing free, charitable healthcare on a low level for a long time, but you're not going to get doctors who do expensive tests for wide ranges of disease at a free clinic, or offer free drugs that big industry owns the right to produce and sell. I don't think it impresses most people either, because most people are familiar with the concept of low level charity and free clinics that will do relatively easy check ups. But people are also aware that anything more complicated is integrated into the productive capacity of the global economy, so I think at best they look at a free clinic of socialists and think of it like athiests going to clinics and hospitals funded by churches. It doesn't make them Christians. You can't have socialism in one clinic.

well to be fair, tunisia is the least shitty ME country

Hey dipshit we don't have to wait in LINES THO CHECKMATE

(this is an actual defense of the american health care system used all the time not even kidding)

If it can hold together more than a few weeks, I would be impressed.

That would be the best way to convert them though.

It's been going on for at least a month.

I am therefore impressed. Good job, Greek anarchists.

for the little while when they need help, just like anti-abortion protesters who get temporarily pro-abortion when the need arises.

Of course they are not going to accept the leader of Gloden Dawn in their squat.
I mean, if a random who, one day, went to a Golden Dawn rally (and the organiser knew it) were in need of help, they should treat him.
I also hope they are not the smashie kind of anarchists.

Some questions

Donations, apparently. From all over Europe.

OK so it is basically just a non profit clinic. It is going to go down once people stop giving a shit.

you didn't mention why they destroyed private property and storefronts
is it because the state is jailing dissidents without any evidence?

yes, but maintained and organized in a horizontal structure.
thats true of any organization, the solution is to give a shit.

lol this. I guess rich people donating to charity have also been building "dual power" for centuries now. What a joke.

Only Anarchists are that based. Modern Followers of The Apocalypse.

they do have to wait in lines. the difference is that there is less demand since healthcare it costs a shit ton that people prefer to resist the sickness by themselves.

Somewhat like shaping clay to form a container for liquids, senpairade. I hope I didn't miss a layer of irony.

tbh i don't remember any wait time longer that the average wait time in the usa

European anarchists seem to be the smartest

das racist

¿Qué quiso decir con esto?

Promiňte, ich no habla pa macaroni.

You must have some really crappy connection, since in the century your post arrived there is no somewhere else left on this planet.

Start somewhere and spread out. Nothing utopian about it.

Dismantle porky's ability to get more capital. What's so hard to understand about this?

You are not the target audience.

No he's not. If there's a revolution outside and you're not joining it then you're basically dead inside, wanting to play nice so that other people will join in won't work unless they already have a revolutionary spirit. Since the modern interpretation of marxists is that most people sit out during the revolution and then say "ok socialism is achieved now guess I'll just adjust"; really what good is this? Our cause ought to be to teach the proles the way to liberate themselves and join in, not just sit idly by the sidelines until everything is over. That's no way to live your life. And it's no way to go about revolution either.

The target audience will be pissed. I for my part am not, but recognizing this doesn't make it less true.

This has to be bait right? Right?