Spectre Rouge Update, Website Fully Operational

Hey guys, my roommate and I finally finished touching up the CSS for the site and I was hoping I could get some feedback on the design. I just used an article from bunkermag for an example in the link. We might make some changes depending on what you guys say, but this is pretty close to what it's going to look like. There will be one last thing to do which is add some art for the background of the front page, we're currently accepting submissions, but if nothing comes up to snuff I'll produce another charcoal drawing like the header.

I'd also like to report that the deadline for submissions has been moved to September 29th and will not be moving again, we're already getting some great articles coming in. The release date is set for October 10th, and though it doesn't line up exactly, will be done in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution.

Something I've noticed about the entries that are coming in, and that is giving me plenty of work; please make sure you are writing about a specific topic. "What is socialism", "Why the USSR is/isn't Socialism", "What is money?", "Muh human nature debunked" in of themselves are all too broad for a medium like this. You can address such topics, but make sure you ground them in specific events and go in depth. In light of that, I'm expanding the recommended word count to 1,500-3,000 words to give you guys more room for background info.

There was also some talk in the last thread about creating an official editorial line. I have my own personal guidelines. Do not submit if your article is about defending: racism, nationalism, colonialism, any form of identity politics or despotism. We stand for socialism, freedom, democracy, the working class, and sustainability in ecology. No, none of these things are negotiable. These are, of course, broad categories, editorials outlining specific positions will come out on a case by case basis and will be written by me with the advice of the community and key contributors. I'll make a strawpoll soon for what the topic of our first editorial should be on, and I'll gladly take suggestions here.

As always, email me at [email protected]/* */ with your submissions!

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looks good fam

Please make the text in the body justified, it looks like shit right now.


Looks great my dude
Looking forward to what people will submit

Only little kids read word-by-word. Try it sometimes, it will tire your eyes in a page or two. Gaps between words do not make reading any harder.

Maybe not reading harder, but certainly the gaps make it look really dumb.

Fuck you, that shit is aids.

shit taste


How the fuck could it break the flow of reading? Are you actually reading word by word? Are you 9 or just a retard?

It breaks the flow of reading exactly because you dont read word by word. You can a line continuously and when there is a gap you have to conciously focus on the next word.

What the fuck are you talking about, your eyes are supposed to jump to the same 3 or 4 places in each line, reading a third or fourth of the line at the time. Gaps between words don't change this, but shitty lines that are too long or too short can really slow you down.

You read how you read, I read how I read.
Some people have dyslexia, you know?


The font's terrible, the spacing is terrible, the design is VERY terrible. Did you hire a twelve year old spic with vision problems to make this? You may as well have it in Comic Sans.

Yeah this looks pretty awful fam. Bunkermag looked better. Why remake this but not take the good? A relaunch of Bunkermag would have been more desirable at this point.

I'd appreciate some /constructive/ criticism here.

What font would you prefer? We are currently using one called day Roman.

What about the design can be improved?

Where is the spacing off?

It looks fine. Ignore these prissy faggots. The font is virtually indistinguishable from Times New Roman which is a professional font. Regarding the spacing, I would say try to use the rules of writing an essay as a guideline. You shouldn't have some paragraphs which have 6 lines and others which have 17. The art looks good.


Don't post any anime shit fam.

Try and stop me fag

Please don't ever justify the text. Article layout looks okay. I don't see the footnotes though. The homepage shows snippets of each article:
And that's where it ends. The snippets should be longer. I prefer a chronological list of articles to a grid.