Who wants to move to Ernst Thälmann Island in Cuba and restart the GDR?

who wants to move to Ernst Thälmann Island in Cuba and restart the GDR?


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*blocks your path*


Would that be even legal?

West germans are brainwashed tools

*spies on u*

The Stasi knew not even 10% of what the modern alphabet soup knows about you whenever you make a purchase on Amazon.

Probably true, but I'm sure they would have liked to. The fact that we have similar levels of surveillance today in the west doesn't make what they had in East Germany okay.

If they had the capabilities of lettersoup agencies I bet they wouldnt have had to arrest people for listing to jazz.

quotation, a law and not some story please

no, they would have created unicorns eating imperialists and farting rainbows.
the propaganda against the MfS is utter nonsense and was created by the opposition and traitors within the party deliberatly. and still the MfS compared in no way with the western equivalents even remotely. the police work in the west against gays alone comes already close to the entirety of GDRs surveillance.

See this is what you people always misunderstand. It isn't similar at all, it's 100x worse. The Western countries, particularly the USA, have the biggest and most intrusive intelligence and surveillance apparatus ever constructed. China and Russia today would not even have surveillance programs as sophisticated as they do without the NSA, Patriot Act, and so on.

I don't mind being critical of the USSR within reason, but to say that their surveillance state was anywhere near the level of the modern US in terms of sophistication and dedication to spying on the innocent is completely false.

Ossi-Altbernd hier wäre dabei :3


I wish that show wasn't just edgy garbo I got so excited for GDR protags.

What this

It's a pretty bad animu about an East German much battalion fighting alien monsters.
It's edgy stupidity complete with le evil Stasi meme antagonists.

- Constitution of the GDR

has now

east Germany had some great music



Is this picture a reference to the movie "Goodbye Lenin"? I really like that movie.

What the actual fuck? Did the author use Google Translate for this? Schwarzesmarken is not an actual German word… smh