1 and 3, the dream team.

9, twice


Marx-Lenin or Marx-Engels

7 & 4: first for the purity in her heart, the second for his in-depth knowledge of the immortal science of Scientific socialism.

4 & 5, I want to see what they have to say and what Marx has to say on Engels' work

Nobody is going to pick Engels. Sad Freddy

I would take Rosa but Lenin has a proven track record

Okay fuck me already I guess

Name a more iconic duo, I'll wait

just Rosa

2 and 3 for maximum NazBol.

Castro and Fidel are the only people here to have made an arguable successful revolution.

Actually Hoochie BTFO imperialism but still wouldn't count it as a successful revolution.

Obviously not Rosa. I want there to actually be a revolution.

I want to say Lenin or Mao, but y'know, suicide nets and Khrushchev,

I imagine Sankara would be a stalwart comrade I could never see him betraying me, however what he makes up for in character he lacks in theory.

I don't feel Marx or Engels really fit with the rest of the image.

2 and 9.

Ho Chi Minh will lead the unorganized, untrained and poorly equipped proletariat to victory against the state with his knowledge of guerilla warfare and Vladimir Lenin will ensure that a vanguard party will protect the rights of workers, keep porkies at bay and remain an instrument of the people rather than a governing force until communism has finally been achieved on a global scale.

Tbh it depends on the context too if we're in a third world country give me Che and Uncle Ho

1 and 9

If you picked 5 and 9 you're a communist basic bitch.


2 & 5. 2 for the praxis, 5 for the theory.



5 and 9

How can a tankie be so dismissive of the dream team?

Lel Castro and Che

I repeat, suicide nets… AND Khrushchev… and Putin. VS The eternal thorn right in the US backside providing healthcare and education to half of Latin America just to stick the fingers up at Porky? Also give doctors to shitty DPRK who can't have their own. Come on tank man, these are your best representatives, don't sell them down the river

Actually fuck all previous answers. The only option here is Che and Ho Chi Min, guerrilla warfare for daaaays

Both learned from Mao


1 and 8


Ebony and Ivory

I'm watching you.

5+9 for solid theory and ruthless but principled and adaptaple leadership.

5+9. If you don't include 5 you should literally hang yourself.

Marx wasn't a revolutionary, not trying to be harsh but we already have Marxism

Marx also had hemorroids and probably wouldn't be fit enough to run around with armed guerrillas. (depends on his age at the time i guess) Engels seems much more athletic.

I just want him to see it to feel it, the moment of emcipation and culmination of his work

Sankara and Ho. Anti-French/Anti-Colonial Dreamteam.

Isn't Marx a jew though?

2 or 6, since they are dope at tactics

Castro and Lenin. Take the two guys who knew how to safeguard the revolution.

Marx for theory and intelligence and Che charisma and practical skills.

"I'll take two number 9s"

Ancestry says yes, funny anti-semitic quotes say no.


9 and 6

What about a number five, with extra dip?

Rosa and Lenin

but rosa was taken before her time

5+7 are the only acceptable options

afroplasm you can't just pick sankara twice

Lenin was the single most focused and disciplined revolutionary in history, but given that Trotsky took care of most of the insurgency, I'd pick someone with experience in that. So Ho and Fidel would do.

Rosa failed user it's okay to admit it

Where is the problem?

Does Marx actually have potential as a revolutionary though? His work was crucial but would he be that useful as a player in revolution? I'd want him back just for the sake of him finishing Capital and revising what he already wrote with the added knowledge of the [current year]. But if we're talking strictly of revolution there are probably better choices.

best case scenario he'd lead political thought through the sheer force of being a person that was dead and now is not

his fame would precede him and he'd change the course of european (maybe american too) politics

I mean any communist coming back from the dead would trigger WWIII immediately because the burger evangelicals would decry them as the antichrist and the existential confusion and terror everyone else would go through would push them toward that way of thinking. It's kind of a fun thought experiment to consider how historical figures would act in the present, but if you stretch it far enough to include meta factors like this it wears thin immediately.

well sure but marx specifically would be the best theory wise and i'm pretty sure would take the most advantage of that fact

True. If you extend the concept of revolution past the immediate war to overturn the status quo, then Marx would be extremely valuable to building the new society as he'd mercilessly critique the problems with it. It'd be kind of neat and kind of horrifying to watch lefties around the world try to please Marx with their theory and praxis.

Das Kapital needs to be updated for the modern day

2 and 5

There theory need updating for the modern day which they can do. Also chasing someone for being a revolutionary of gorilla tactics is stupid because military doctrine and weapons have chained so much. Your military dosen’t matter if you know your opponents generals and can do a coup.

Most of them are taken out of context, he literally wrote a whole pamphlet on "the Jewish problem" opposing antisemitism.

I don't think think Lenin and Marx are suitable in this situtation simply because they're too iconic and would probably be assassinated since everyone knows them. I'd probably take Rosa and Engels since they aren't so well known to non-Leftists

two sevens

Just make sure Bernie dosen’t see her.

2) for fighting
7) to understand why the revolution needs liberty

*4 and 5

1 and 9 for maximum revolution.

10 and 5.

2 and 11

Marx would do like Trostky and move to the Capitalist World to write polemics about you lol.

2 & 8 obviously.


Marx and Che. I will go to the mat with anyone who disagrees.

2 to help win the guerrilla war, 4 for the theory afterwords

4&5 obviously, get the dream team back in action

che and mao

both masters of war

mao and che were shitty tbh, ho chi minh and castro were way better

1 and 10.

Ho and Tito. They're the two with the greatest experience waging revolutionary struggle against foreign military occupation, and they're the two with the best track record of returning power to the people once it is secured.

Bordiga and Marx so we can learn how right Bordiga was after all

4 and 9

daily reminder that no peasantry has ever lost a protracted people's war

2 7

5 and 8

OP here, I'm surprised this thread got so many responses! I would have hoped for more people to justify their choices.

I picked 4 and 9
Engels because he was the OG tankie and would be a fantastic source of knowledge and guidance
Lenin because he pulled off a revolution and consolidated it against all the odds

Of course everyone should want Marx and Engels back, but Che, Castro, Mao, Ho Chi Minh and Lenin are probably the most useful in this situation since they have actual experience with revolutions (Rosa failed and Sankara did more of a military coup than revolution).

I'll say Lenin and Mao, or Lenin and Che. Lenin has the best combination of theory and praxis, and Mao or Che are masters of guerilla warfare.

Explain this sentence

he wrote critical things about anarchism
*doubt he would have like cults of personalities*

He hated anarchists and imprisoned them for made up bullshit.

I don't see the problem?

Sadanig Gommunist Bridney Spurs ungovers joo werld ordur

4 and 5.
They need to know what happened.

Come on, user. Be realistic.

Che and Ho of course.

I need them to fight of the modern military.

Che Guevara and Mao

underrated post

1 & 8

these would be my choices if I was gonna let two of them fuck me tbh

9 and 12

7 and 9. This time, the Red Army will reach Berlin

4 and 5. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.



I mean it'd be nice but we'd also want revolutionaries. Then again if the revolution is already underway then we probably have plenty

I like all of them but i'd opt for Engels and Fidel (or Che, i'm not sure who was the more talented military man of the two).

Marx simply because of how much of his already formulated theory was left unwritten
Castro for solid revolutionary praxis

not strictly

4 and 9

Marx and Engels obviously. Why would anybody in their right mind choose filthy revisionists ?

5 & Stirner just to watch them fight in real time. so actually 4&5


Marx could probably start a Patreon or some shit so Engels is superfluous.

Rosa and Che or Ho and Che