George Carlin drops the Black Pill

I have really consciously come to the same observations that George Carlin made. No one gives a fuck about you. The politicians, courts and police certainly don't give a fuck. They serve the bourgeoisie. You can't even rely on your comrades to fight for you. You have to fight for yourself (not to put on a ayncap/libertarian hat. Moreso an egoist cap). Everyone in this game is in it for themselves. I am literally alone in this world. I have family members and friends who legit do not care about me whenever I bring up stuff that is going on with my personal life. My dad has been critical of me all my life and blames me for everything that happens to me. You can't lean on other people at all. No one gives a fuck about you in this world. Only you give a fuck about you. The workers are too docile and afraid of losing what they have to fight. It's up to you to fight.

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I don't give a shit either.

Remember when Carlin was the gold standard for liberalism?
When the fuck did libs became such sand-in-the-vagina moralists.

A lot of liberal comedians still have that nihilistic George Carlin outlook.

It is weird as fuck seeing liberal comedians these days shill for Hillary Clinton (ie. Amy Schumer) or the Democrat Party in general. George Carlin was a liberal but he knew that the Democrat Party didn't give a shit either.

Even comedians Lee Camp and Jimmy Dore, they are more "woke" but they have some sort of hopeful optimism that things can improve. With Jimmy Dore being the more pessimistic of the two. I was excited about Bernie Sanders' run and I thought Justice Democrats was a good idea. But does it even fucking matter? Bernie Sanders supporters do not give a fuck about me. They sip on their $7 Caramel Macchiatos while walking past the homeless person freezing his ass off outside the Starbucks. Not that I'm homeless. But when I was down on my luck, they didn't give a shit. I had to fight for everything that I earned. Why should I unite with comrades when comrades did absolutely nothing for me? I was NEET for well over a year and not making jack shit until recent months. Now I am successfully self-employed. Self-employment wasn't doing too hot for me for the first maybe 8-9 months but now it's going well. No thanks to liberals. No thanks to comrades, who just want to stick their nose at me with their 19th century Marxist literature purity. You have to fight for what you want in this world. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Not because sucking porky's cock is the right thing to do. It's because no one is going to be there to save you. No one gives a shit.


Her Leather Special was absolutely terrible. I want my one hour back or however long that was

Netflix keeps coming out with comedian Netflix Originals. I'm sick of it. You know that Netflix is burning a giant hole in their wallet, that's why they keep churning out these comedy specials. They are cheap to produce. Unlike House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, The Get Down, etc. Netflix has $20 billion in debts and future liabilities.

Nobody likes a whiny doomed man, OP. You're a trope, a million dead just like you before. Knock it off and suck it up.

The only time people are nice to me is when they want something from me or when they think I will be useful to them. The minute that they think I'm useless to them, they will mock me.

What's the point of human social relationships then?

People will mock me for living at home. But then when I tell them how much I make from day trading, people PM me asking for tips on how to make money. I'm just fucking fed up with people. Nothing is genuine. No one has actual genuine concern for you. The only thing that matters in this world is money.

The more success I gain, the more misanthropic I become. Because then I start to notice that people treat me with more respect when I have money. And then I think back to that period where I was completely NEET. And the period where I was working casually on my business but broke. And how people were mocking me. And I realize that all that really matters is money and that I'm alone in this world. And when I see these parasites who want my money or who want me to teach them how to make money, I ignore them or push them away. Because I know they would have been mocking me like everyone else less than a year ago.

trust no one not even your self

To be honest, the recent loss of camaraderie has to do with the increasing social alienation that has happened under capitalism since the 80s.

Ay ay ay dude.

You may be right.

Back in 2015 when I first started posting on Holla Forums, I figured "if only I had a basic income, then I'd be content."

Now I'm making life changing money that I never dreamed was possible while self-employed. I'm saving lots of money (I decided to still live at home to save even more. Because I figured that women don't like me anyways, they just like my money. So what's the point in renting an apartment to impress the ladies when I'm content with living with my dad? My dad may be a critical asshole but landlord porkies are even worse landlords). And I'm grateful that I can now pay the bills, buy food and also treat myself to Papa John's, ice cream, etc. without having to dip into my savings.

But even with all this money, it doesn't buy happiness. Because I still feel lonely. But absolutely nothing is going to fill that void. All social relationships are transactional. If I go on a date on Tinder right now, the girl is going to ask me what do I do. She is going to want some indication of how much money I make. I live a frugal lifestyle so she's going to think I'm a bum. And she's going to want me to spend money on her.

My last girlfriend dumped me over a year ago. And in October she admitted to me that she was embarrassed to introduce me to her family because I was NEET (technically I had already started up my business back then but it wasn't successful). Meanwhile she only works part-time and I now make WAY MORE THAN HER. Hahahaha.

Fuck society man. No one gives a shit. It's a disappointing realization to make. But also liberating. Because now I live my life for myself. I lived 29+ years of my life to impress other people. And I lived 31+ years of my life worrying about what other people thought of me.

I made over $2,300CAD in the last 13 days and my dad still continues to be critical of me for not having worked a 9-5 in over 2 years. He even gave me a pamphlet for a community college today and told me to look at it.

My dad was miserable in his blue collar wage cuck job and I think he also wants me to be miserable. Misery loves company.

I'm tired of all the haters. My dad, my sister, my ex-girlfriend, etc. They all told me that running my own business was a bad idea. They kept hating. They are still hatin'. I'm fucking sick of this world. I'm reverting back to my 13 year old self listening to Slipknot. Maybe this sounds le edgy but these lyrics are the truth about how things really are in the world. And it's depressing as fuck. I'm not going to pull a Chester Bennington or Chris Cornell. But I do suffer from anhedonia. I should be really happy that things are going well for me. But it's not as great as I thought it would be. Because I've always had an idealized view of how the world worked for most of my life. And it's disappointing when you realize that this world doesn't exist. And that all that really matters in life is the accumulation of resources.

Running out of ways to run
I can't see, I can't be
Over and over and under my skin
All this attention is doing me in

Fuck it all! Fuck this world!
Fuck everything that you stand for!
Don't belong! Don't exist!
Don't give a shit!
Don't ever judge me!

This isn't your blog, faggot. If you need to vent, either get a Tumblr account and leave or vent your brains with a handgun.

This is exactly what I'm talking about. And you wonder why in times of crisis the first world moves to the far-right… Marxism is a fantasy. The workers will never unite to overthrow the bourgeoisie. All you give a fuck about is yourself and talking about 19th century theory from your armchair.

wait.. Jimmy Dore is also a comedian?

If you want to vent any more, it had better be your suicide note. Nobody cares about what you have to say because you're an underageb& fag with nothing to say, and little else.

Are the bourgeoisie exploiting the proletariat? Absolutely. What are you doing about it? NOTHING. And you will never do nothing about it because if you fight the bossman, you are out of a job and can't keep the lights on.

If you want to free yourself from the bourgeoisie, you have to go into business with yourself. Maybe a co-op if you trust that your comrades will not fuck you over. I'm not so optimistic that comrades will have your back. 51% of the co-op can conspire to fuck you over.

depression: the foundation of anarchism

that's the point of socialist revolution. there is no way to stop bourgeois exploitation under capitalism
and why would a whole company of dozens or maybe even hundreds of people conspire to take one person out

Marxists are great at analysis but tend to be short on solutions. Marxists are largely correct about how absolutely fucked everything is. Labourers are being exploited and the bourgeoisie is only paying labourers just enough money to pay the bills and to prevent revolution. Someone like me has a very low tolerance for injustice, this is why people just dismiss me as a whiner, etc etc. The vast majority of workers have a very high tolerance for putting up with bullshit.

No one is going to rebel. Capitalism is going to continue on unfettered on and on and on. Capitalism is surprisingly flexible. The bourgeoisie are really good at pacifying the masses and making adjustments on the fly. Throughout most of human history since agriculture, you had a handful of rich people and a whole bunch of serfs. We are going to return to that kind of life. And you are all going to let it happen.

If you don't fit in with the majority (ie. autistic people such as myself are a natural target), they can fuck you over on pay and kick you out if there's 51% support.

And what are you doing?

Crying for sympathy on Holla Forums, of course!

Of course relationships are transactional in a capitalist society. Remember Marx. The values of the dominant mode of production become the prevalent values in society. Of course girls want a bf/husband who makes a good buck, because a good buck means nice things/a good life for future children.

I commend you for hoarding so much money. Keeping money out of circulation is a good thing and more people should do it (if they're able to), since it'll make it easier to break capitalism. But there's little point in feeling sad about how capitalism commodifies everything in society. You just have to live with it.

I may seem like no one cares, but that is only because so many people are physically far away now in the USA (I imagine, I'm Dutch myself though). You got massive urban sprawl: people don't meet up like they used to in the old days.

All I can say is: join your local communist party.

I started my own business. I didn't like the boss man so I took my ball and went home.

That's not to say that self-employment is perfect. Capitalism is capitalism either way. But I'm not giving a huge percentage of the fruits of my labour to a bourgeois fuck now.

If you want a personal solution, move out. You probably spend way too much time online.

The fact that you trade means you're being exploitative. Read this article and stop going on the computer. I need to stop too. If you go through a period of loneliness you feel like the computer's the only place to go but it only makes you lonelier.

I sympathize with you but I also think you've got fascist tendencies because you're rejecting the whole of humanity when it's individuals who have treated you wrong.

Unless you pull your resources out of your ass you prolly do still fam.

Damn dude. Like half the successful people are super embittered cunts or inbred yuppie psychopaths it feels like.

tbh you guys should date an artist chick or some kind of weird outsider person or something. There has to be some kind of chicks who don't care about your bank account and I bet that's the kind. What are commie chicks like?

And give my money to a bourgeois landlord? While living with my overly-critical dad is toxic, paying $1000+/month for a studio apartment is also very toxic.

That I do. No argument.

Why should I give a fuck about anyone when no one but my deceased mom has ever cared about me in my life? I'm out to get mine now. It's my time. Society has never looked out for me. Where was society when I was NEET? They mocked me. Fuck 'em.

>Read this article and stop going on the computer. I need to stop too. If you go through a period of loneliness you feel like the computer's the only place to go but it only makes you lonelier.
No one gives a fuck about me. They only care about what I can do for them. And if you are useless to them, they will mock you. My computer is my only friend. Trading is my only friend. Money, including crypto-currency (which I regularly trade) is my only friend. The only time I felt genuine affection from someone was from my late mother and dogs.

Misanthropic, not fascist. I'm not going to trust a fascist to look out for my interests. I'ma out to get mine.

To say no one gives a shit about you is taking things a little too far.
You'll hardly ever find anyone who is willing to make a sacrifice and carry you but you might find mutualists who will help you if you help them.
Not everyone will take the help you give and fuck off with it.
People will sometimes help you generously in exchange for nothing, see Grenfell.
In places like Russia and North Africa people are incredibly generous and ask for nothing except good manners in return.

Whats up fam? Family has all but dried up fam, it sad but true. We are you extended community, so get communal, what is it they didn't give a fuck about? What you have to remember is this is not the normal state of affairs, it has not always been like this, people used to look out for each other.

You don't need to put on the randhat, instead reverse the process of atomization by directly acting against it, so you're family/friends are always selfish, okay, well fuck them for the minute, there are people in your local area I guarantee who could use your help for something or other. I think if you go to places where people go specifically in order to practice mutual you will find the greater human solidarity you look for.

I've been simply joining every leftist group in my area (that aren't trots) and trying to put as much as I can personally into all of them, I'm trying to put all my energy into doing whatever I can to help the left, not taking it as hobby or a lifetsyle, taking it as a duty, not trying to make friends, but speaking exactly how I feel about the state of things and what needs to be done, which has ended up actually winning me friends, its opened up avenues I never saw my life going down, the other day I had a refugee woman denied her asylum stay on my couch. It was weird as fuck and awkward as hell and she didn't even speak English, somebody from one of the groups just asked if anybody had a place for her to crash and I did, but probably it made me feel more alive than I have done in a long time, like I actually did something that helped somebody. I didn't even do anything really, I just let her in and she crashed, but it was the most productive choice maybe I have ever made.

That is why you find other people who know that they share the same material interests with you.

I am definitely not an Ayn Rand supporter. The NAP is a spook.

Tbh I agree a lot with Max Stirner. The reason why my tone is whiny compared to Stirner (lol) is because I grew up being told lies all my life by parents and society. And then now I feel like I wasted many years of my life trying to impress other people. And now my life has no purpose other than resource accumulation.

For many years I just kinda did what my parents and society expected me to do. I went to University because my parents forced me to. They offered to pay and I accepted. I was just going through the motions but I was still an above-average student. Getting Bs mainly. Some As. Sometimes Cs and even a D once I believe. But more As than Cs and Ds. I went to school and studied hard mainly to prove my worth to others. My dad has never given me praise her. But I was finding it hard to have the motivation to study as hard as I could. I slacked off a lot playing video games and shitposting. Because I was miserable. I wasn't happy in school. I wasn't passionate about what I was doing.

Then i went into the work force. Kept getting passed up for job interviews due to my autism. I can't build rapport with interviewers.

Women largely rejected me. But I managed to get a girlfriend and get laid eventually. And then those relationships faded. And then I would do the things I felt I needed to do in order to impress women. And to gain acceptance from my superiors, my colleagues at work, my family, etc.

And I was just fucking miserable as a wage cuck. I couldn't take it anymore. I was living a lie. I experienced heart palpitations at work from the stress. And no one seemed to care. My family criticized me for quitting my job. I started my business after being a NEET for over a year. They continued to criticize me. Even now with it being successful.

I was miserable all my life from childhood it seems like. But it got especially worse with age. I was easily amused as a child compared to now. The older I get, the less pleasure I feel. And I always thought that I would meet a waifu who was going to make me happy and that was that. But that magical waifu doesn't exist anywhere outside of my imagination. That waifu is a lie.

This world sucks. Fighting the bourgeoisie just doesn't seem possible to me. Everyone is self-absorbed and too cowardly to stand up to the boss man anyways.

Max Stirner was able to accept the world for the way it really is. I have trouble doing so without getting depressed. So as long as I don't want to Chester Bennington myself, I guess I'm ok. Nihilists and egoists are content with how things are. I just haven't got to that step. I grew up thinking that life was supposed to be a certain way. it's not. And I don't know how to be happy. People tell me I need to go see a psychiatrist and have them put me on anti-depressants. But what if I'm just "woke" and everyone else is just busy sedating themselves with bullshit?

dump your best blackpills

He's referring to the bourgeoisie. He didn't talk about other workers.

I need to dig up a written transcript of what he said. There was a line in there about worker or citizen apathy somewhere

Yeh I feel that, I should have never stopped playing warhammer in order to try to be a cool kid.

no, that was the purpose of your life before you became aware of the lies.

know that feel

So I'm guessing highschool for you was mostly A's and B's but mostly A's? (going by myself here)

change video games for taking eccies and yeh this was me, until my brain crashed out on the eccies and now, this is me with the gaming.

Literal autism or difficulty socialising?

what is your business? Sounds like if you have a business then thats something, they should be supportive definitely though. Isn't that le American dream?

the step is, to just do what you want…. what do you want?

I'm sure its extremely common for people on this sight to think their beliefs are a large part of what makes them depressed, I have often wondered what would happen if I just forgot all about socialism and got really into drinking and eccies or mountain biking again but they just all seem so hollow I can't do it

I just made $114.36CAD ($91.03 US) profit off a couple trades.

I can't believe how fucked up capitalism is. Minimum wage workers have to clock 10 hours to make the same money. And that's nowhere close to the most I ever made off a trade. And since these are securities, it's tax free until it's time to liquidate my capital gain. And capital gains tax is half the marginal tax rate here.

I find day trading to be morally abhorrent. But it's a living and I gotta eat. And I have to make as much money as I can while I still can because this gig might not be forever.

Carlin hated everyone. He hated the religious right and the pseudo leftists who only care about feeling superior rather than making things better. Reality was his main ingredient.

well shit