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This is sweet as fuck, thanks user

You picked a horrible image for the OP. It basically states

And just so we're on the same page, the only good communist is a dead communist. Same as Nazis and fascists.

Fucking what mate?
Are you trying to associate "corporations" with Nazis - As in, capitalism is literally Hitler?

Is leftypol meant to be taken seriously or is this literally an ironic libposting board? Someone please explain to me because I want to be sure this board is not populated by actual mongoloids.

what is this image even trying to convey.
I feel like this was made by some SJW who hates "brocialism"

Hitler's government was so "socialist" that it inspired the coining of the term "privatization" and was one of the first to adopt state-wide Fordism. It failed really hard, but the big boy did it all.

sasuga liberals

when will we get to guillotine liberals?

In China happen almost the same situaition, but they also rulled by "socialists".

what's your point

China was unabashedly capitalistic and even then it didn't go as far as to coin entirely new terms in the capitalist game theory lexicon.

Yes. That's why we don't pretend China is a socialist country.

So, I though-out something crazy that would invalidate people thinking that the nazis were socialist, or maybe I'm being stupid, I don't know.

Hitler said once.
So, if you're a communist, you are forced to be a socialist, as Marx said (If I remember right) "The first stage of communism is socialism" (Please someone correct me if I'm wrong).
So, if socialism means the first stage of a communist society, that means Communism=socialism, no?

Adolf Hitler was a Jewish Zionist

Wow. A clone of mine actually made an okay post for once. Maybe there's hope for Afroplasm Gang after all.

Yup, definitely Holla Forums

How does it feel to know that you embarrass yourselves just by existing?

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Germanfag here. I am more than certain "privatize" existed in English before the Nazis. Besides, we share words all the time.
Beherrsch bitte deinen Autismus

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Poe's law i guess.

Except that Trotsky, the Commissariat for Foreign Affairs in 1917 to 1918, only had that position alongside the other Commissars for ~150 days, whereas the Jewish Maxim Litvinov would hold the position in 1930 for 8 years (prior to the Purges, this would be the longest period anybody held the office). And there was slightly more than a "Jewish element" in the ranks of the Red Army: Trotsky was the one who "founded the Red Army with an initial Red Guard organization, and a core soldiery of Red Guard militiamen and Chekist secret police" ( The 1 in 15 is still an over-representation of the total Jewish population at the time, and it's only referring to the very first Sovnarkom. In fact, that same year of 1917, People's Commissar for Justice, who was originally Georgy Oppokov, only held the position for 21 days. Not two months later, a Jew by the name of Isaac Steinberg replaced him, holding the position for ~80 days. This is deliberately leaving out the later periods when Jews took different positions, both in the Sovnarkom and in Central Committee (which the Sovnarkom was responsible to). You can also selectively examine, say, the Politburo for that same year of 1917, which was 4/7 Jewish (, consisted of Bubnov, Lenin, Sokolnikov, Stalin, Kamenev, Zinoviev, and Trotsky). The Secretariat was 1/3 Jewish (of the three, only Sverdlov). But the Jews in said positions would come and go, being swapped with, say, Poles or Georgians.
It's also leaving out the fact that a lot of the "Commissariat" positions were consolidated or renamed, and the fact that, in the same year of 1917, the first two chairmen for the Central Executive Committee, were Jews (Kamenev from November 9–21, 1917 and Sverdlov from November 21, 1917 - March 16, 1919).
Considering how Jewish population never eclipsed over a one-percent, it's dishonest to state that there were 'no Jewish elements'. Minorities, Jews included, were very obviously disproportionately represented.
Considering ancestral Swedes are about 1.4% of the US population, that would be the same as if the Secret Police of the US was first formed by an ethnic Swede.

For the wrong image for the German revolution:–19.
It's actually taken a few off, like Zetkin, and added people like Pieck.
Luxemburg, Eisner, Radek, Levi, Toller, Mühsam, Landauer, and Leviné were all Jewish, though.
The only time Zetkin is mentioned alongside a Jew is with her 'lover'.
Also, from Levi's page.
Not really a 'who', if the author considers Liebknecht important, then "one of the twelve delegates to the meeting in March 1915 which led to the formation of the Gruppe Internationale which became the Spartacist League", as well as the successor to leadership, ought to be relevant.

one small thing (the only thing I read, actually, I'll read the rest later) - the belsen camp picture comment in the lower left corner, I think the "1945" isn't supposed to denote the date of the BBC documentary production, but the date when the pic was taken