Who will be the revolutionaries of the 21st century?

Who will be the revolutionaries of the 21st century?



The Proletariat.

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Neoconservative posadists.

The people disillusioned with the bourgeoisie and the system they espouse.

im new to socialism etc so can someone explain this to me, and also; if everyone gets paid the same why would you want to study hard in many years to be a good doctor?

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Quite possible with a poor administration, a good flaw, but the USSR managed to dodge it themselves, so it should be trivial.
M8, people don't get paid the same. They're paid according to the value of their job, with the profit gained by the employer under the current system added on top. At the start, there was a huge amount of social mobility in the USSR, with the sons of peasants becoming top commanders and researchers. They lived in luxurious apartments and were very comfortable.
Communism is like capitalism, without the parasites and stupid gimmicks. It's what the libertarians claim to want.

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Why do you want to do a job if you hate it? Almost all doctors are doctors because they like helping and healing people.

The greatest threat to the elite are hackers.
I always say this, learn how to be a leet haxor.
The cyberpunk novels were right, recent history tells you everything, wikileaks, snowden, the fappening, user etc

You have to realize, the more the elite plug into the internet, the more they are equalized into becoming a victim.
Politicians, celebrities, assholes you dont like in general. They are targets now.

And think of how more insane it will get when you have things like digital currency, self driving cars, the internet of things, and smart cities.

Hacking is the tool that is essential in the modern age and the future.

The only hope I have for any kind of leftist revolutionary is for someone to rise up during the inevitable conflicts for resources when the planet absolutely goes to shit with climate change.

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american truckers will get kicked out of their jobs in like five years; they'll be the ones to finally knock the dominos down tbh

Until there is an actual base on the moon humans won't be permanently moving anywhere.

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And I will not participate in those things because the elites can learn to hack to.

Comrade Jamal from Queens I imagine

They are already here…
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Millenial Woes
Holla Forums

Face it… you're the establishment and this time the pendulum is gonna swing, hard.