Do you know any gommies irl, Holla Forums? Where did you meet them?

Do you know any gommies irl, Holla Forums? Where did you meet them?

Yeah, where did you meet guys?

Yeah I knew quite a lot of socialists of different brands from N.W. England. We're pretty politically polarised here with the middle ground basically being "Keep your head down, do your job, and sort it out at the ballot box".

Tons at various Green Party conventions now and a few good friends into local Green organizing.

A have some Communist friends at Uni, one of them wants to start a small leftist newspaper with me and some others.

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That's pretty cool, my dude. Hope it works out. If you're from an 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧English-speaking country🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧, maybe you can post that newspaper here.

He is a trot, no joke.


Yes! I was right!

Nah. Most of my friends are liberals.

Newspapers are a fucking joke. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with Trots? Zines in the anarchist community have had more of an impact, which is still probably zero, but I've been made aware of their existence.
Give it up, print media is a fucking joke and on its last legs, work towards seizing the internet. Convert a load of tech nerds and have them peddle propaganda at the speed of light. (This is actually far cheaper and has a greater impact than standing on a street corner trying to peddle fucking newspapers, it's pathetic fam, knock it off).
I highly recommend you convince your friend to stop the tired Trot praxis (it has literally never worked). I'm actually getting a little angry some faggot is actually still considering starting up a newspaper, it's the LARPiest idea in the world. Everyone hates newspapers beyond a few people that don't have the cash for mobile internet while they're eating their lunch. Those people aren't buying a random Trots newspaper, ever.

I wish Stalin killed Trotsky immediately just so Trotskyism wouldn't exist.

I wish Stalin killed Trotsky immediately just so Trotskyism wouldn't exist.

critical theory reading group in uni and one guy from my job

Capitalists and Communists are natural enemies! Like Stalinists and Trots! Or Anarchists and Trots! Or Leninists and Trots! Or Trots and other Trots! Damn Trots! They ruined Trotskyism!

You Trots sure are a contentious people.

You've just split the party!

The only communist I know is myself. I met this person like 3 years ago, but other than that nobody else. Gets you too ostracized.

I met a tankie girl via a friend of a friend. They both study philosophy. Haven't really gotten into communism too much, just know that she is a communist and she got mad when i talked shit about stalin.

Other than that not really.

You talk to apolitical people and convince them of the merits of marxism. All my (5) friends are now communists or at least communist strongly sympathising and weren't before. I've only met one other communists (ancom/communalist) aside from that.

Absolutely erect.

I laffed

Befriended a self identified communist in college but when I tried probing him about his politics he stareted praising Angela merkel and said that we all need to support Hillary to stop fascism lmao

Some Leninist anti Stalinist ideology would have existed one way or the other and it would have been defined by squabbles over long dead issues and ideological purity either way now. Its just what the fate of Leninist anti Stalin ideology outside of the Soviet Union had to be logically.