What did tankies mean by this?

What did tankies mean by this?

Man, that's terrible. There's so much about LeftCom's smug condescension and constant repetition of the same buzzwords regardless of the context (idealism, utopianism, material conditions, etc.) they could make fun of, and instead it's just a bunch of random insults completely unrelated to the topic.

It's good, but not really how I imagine Leftcoms. I always think of Leftcoms as people in their late 20s, who failed to set up an academic career, wear grey sweaters, have a receding hairline and run WordPress blogs named after Latin proverbs.

What the fuck have they been reading

"Economic Problems of the USSR"


Non-sectarian critical support of the USSR should be the common sense position.
Nobody cares about your specific ideology, defending proletarian history is crucial.

What kind of theory tankies have outside of "dude let's show our support to non-western capitalist states on twitter to fight muh imperialism lmao" ?

Bob Avakian

Defending Stalin, Brezhnev or Mao is to shoot oneself in the foot.

"If we form parties to larp in sovietboo gear the revolution will come" or "wait for the third world to revolt and usher in socialism"

t. khrushchev

their theory is literally 'let's sit in an armchair and wait for the rich bourgeoisie to irrationally decide they don't like capitalism anymore lmao"
criticize stalin all you want, but he is one of the only socialists in history to actually get things done

wait what

Agreed, nothing worse than a wasted opportunity for a good insult.

Apparently that they can't read leftcom posts, let alone leftcom texts.

If the amount of leftists is infinite, there's really no reason to get up is there?

Unironically the most competent and least corrupt leader the USSR had, after maybe Gorby.

He literally did everything wrong, assuming he wasn't purposefully trying to collapse the place.

bet this was made by a leftcom
it makes leftcoms seems like fun while in reality they're a bunch dry ass parchment whiny grandpas

bet they never even watched Naruto


Muh corn in Siberia!

Maybe that tankies actually didnt exist anymore?

Had to deal with with Brezhnev left him, the rise of nationalisms, and the simple fact that the USSR was already a dead man walking.
Considering there was no civil war(s) like in Yugoslavia, he did pretty well.

Better than supplying wheat, oil and other resources to literally Hitler and ignore the reports of troops massing on the frontier.


Twas entirely Eltsine's fault.

gosh i wonder what kind of praxis the creator of this image participates in 🤔

Yes, le gmil face is much better because it's a good insult based on what leftcoms actually post. The only thing that gay shit in the op got right is "read bordiga" and that iz buried under a bunch of retardation.

LeftComs are contrarian edgelords, i doubt most have ever read theory beyond a wikipeda article, yet they just keep making shit up to attack MLs.
The only relevant branches of Socialism are Marxism-Leninism and all the Libertarian Socialism stuff, the rest is forgotten theory, maybe good but not useful

Marxist-Leninists have never accomplished a true socialist society and you know it, all they have done is create terror and call it communism, if anything they are guilty of making the left look bad in the west, Anarchists are just mentally ill kids, how could anyone believe in destroying the state and suddenly shit becomes good, it's like leaving teenagers alone in the classroom, by the time you come back it's a fucking shithole

Pic related is YOUR greatest accomplishment.


I prefer MLs who actually read shit not fucking LARPing stalinists

not a thing, Stalin literally had the same fucking views as Lenin did, there is no radical ideas that differ from ML that Stalin thought, Stalin was an ML and "Socialism In One Country" was a term coined by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Stalinism is a buzzword, but generally yes LARPers are bad

It's just that most LARPers are stalin worshippers, stalin is ok but to think he's fucking socialist jesus is ridiculous


What's the relevant marxist branch in the west then

Lib Coms? Autonomists?

not gonna lie he's pretty up there. I'd say he's the #1 greatest leader of the 20th century, with Lenin at #2 and Mao at #3. Stalin worship however is useless

tank reporting, that meme is terrible

So Libertarian Marxism?

I feel like there should be a way to do a GMIL like people used to do for Tim Buckley's CAD: B^U



Do you actually think that this is what anarchists advocate?

more likes wait till the system collapses under its own weight.

lenin is way…. better than stalin

Can't help but get a bit suspicious from how sudden this burst of shitting on leftcoms has been. It's like some covert program of stirring shit up has just started

t. leftcom

I know right, who could ever dislike Leftcoms? It's not like they act like pretentious cunts and frequently shun everyone for not being as smart and well read as they are or refuse to even consider almost any kind of theory that doesn't coincide with their dogmatic love for Marx's writings.

Like what's to dislike about them?

Nice meme.


Mao is considered a giant of marxist theory, he wrote alot on dialectics and practice.

Modern/Westernized Tankie Theory would be something Like Althusserianism/post-Althusserianism and maybe Jodi Deans work. Hell even Zizek is in favor of bureaucratic socialism nowdays.