I am not advocating any of the following, FBI...

I am not advocating any of the following, FBI. Anything illegal in this thread is purely for theoretical discussion and thought experiments.

If the following tactics are applied on a large enough scale, they will work synergistically to crash the system.

>Welfare Scamming
>Destruction of Government Property
>3D Printed Guns
>Memes Sowing Distrust of Authority
>Memes which inform people on how to do any of the above

If you have any more ideas to add to the list, or if you want to discuss any of the ideas in more detail, please do. That is what this thread is about.

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colour me surprised

Confirmed for having not a single clue about technology, this costs a fucking ton
Morally bankrupt, there are people who actually need this
They are insured against it, and it will just make the cops shoot with real bullets the next time.
Only thing that remotely made sense

Typical Anarchikiddie

ok, redpill me on how to do this

No arguments. Just a shill.

The price is dropping at an exponential rate and is now cheap enough for to be done at home.
So government is moral
Implying a riot scenario rather than lone wolves
This can be expanded to planting fruit trees in public parks and on the sides of roads to ease the masses addiction to government Gina

Low Autism Level nigs can figure it out. You can too.

Autism = Autism Level

Lifestyle changes are going to collapse the global capitalist-imperialist system and the relations that correspond to it xD

Typical anarkids

Idealism, lifestylism and utopianism oh my!


Honestly don't get why anarchist don't look at Blank Panthers at their prime. They formed communities, taught people how to garden, taught black kids to read, and provided security at night. Why can't AntiFa do something like this or any leftist I guess. This seems more like a threat then welfare scamming and making memes.

Nice straw man shills.

That's not the question. The question is that every dollar you scam is a dollar that could have gone to someone who needed it more, especially in a country like America.

I know y'all hate Ancaps, but molymeme is spot on when it comes to
We can raise an entire generation who are simply incapable of seeing the rationality of government.


Idealists are fucking delusional

Yes, for plastic extruders like the reprap toys, not for metal 3D printers such as selective laser sintering machines.

Actually the current system is maintained by just printing more money. Its a ponzi scheme which won't collapse due to OPEC and foreign power's fear of us defaulting on our debt. So tax payer money isn't wasted.

It would probably be cheaper and more reliable to literally just build a rudimentary pistol out of wood and metal.

If people could do it hundreds of years ago you probably could.

printer can't make barrels that will not explode into your fucking stupid face you idiot

I wouldn't touch your shitty toy guns even if my life depended on it

Damn it again


Stop lying. For the price of a cheap car, people can have at home factory for building weapons. This is good for places which weapons which people are restricted by law from buying. The first 3d printed metal gun was made
3 years ago

Invest in 3d printing stocks. Especially in USA

The material is still good.
All you've done so far is shit on everyone else's ideas with logical fallacies. Filtered.
pic unrelated

where are the proofs Billy?

I highly doubt that quality barrel can be made in one of those shitty toy mini factories that your pic shows

Cool, I can invest in a decent 3D printer with months' worth of money. Now I can make anything! Oh wait, I need to pay for the materials that the printer uses. Those must be very cheap! Oh wait, they're not, and you're a mongoloid who wants to play insurrectionary with the one toy gun he managed to print and imagine you're doing more than lifestylism.

Mass meme magic rituals work.
Proof it works:



Satan-chan please..
we have enough autism in this thread

What did you do to Black Rock Shooter

You just want to be a victim the rest of your life.

akshully, I am a victim

The feds bring down the hammer of god on anyone who does, and try to sabotage organizations that start working in that direction from inception. Look into how they infiltrated and fucked up anarchists efforts to feed and rescue in NOLA after Hurricane Katrina for one example. One of the rats that tried to disrupt the Common Ground Collective while they were literally saving people's lives now works for Breitbart.

Good point

This is why we need to take what the black panthers did, and decentralized it, via the internet. Governments can only bring the hammer down efficiently on centralized operations. Otherwise they risk losing in a war of attrition.

Occupy was pretty decentralized
didn't help them much

Wow, slow down Mr. Ancap. I was merely making a statement, not criticising the material.
And I don't see any logical fallacies here.

Direct bartering can work. And garage sales aren't cracked down on. Anything which doesn't spoil (weed, honey) can become a defacto currency.
Decentralization is the way to go. Rioting doesn't work, at least not in America. Easy ways to cause disruption are: cover traffic signs and road lines with spray paint, dump gasoline next to a building at night and light it from a distance with a punk (the thing used to light fireworks), toss nails in on the road around police stations for flat tires, call the police from a pay phone to put them on a wild goose chase while someone else does the real vandalism, disrupt traffic by placing pylons in incorrect locations

It had central locations. Lone wolves can get away with stuff without getting caught.

I've been thinking a lot lately about starting a anarchist nomad society of RVs and food trucks. Like pirates, except on land.

Posted this thread on 4chan. Almost instantly deleted.

this is what too much Mad Max can do to you

Post tits bls.

in my state there are twice as many guns as people, this really isn't necessary. you sound like a dumb yuropoor

My pro-help:
Never call the cops;
only group with people who will solve problems;
only group with people who will not call the cops;
never take life in jail with or sans parole;
be willing to fight, combat, to live;
do not do drugs which do not grow in the ground…and do not do synthetic drugs and do not do any drugs which are an altered natural plant;
recognize jailed since did not pay bail, and releasing till trial since paid bail, is a military draft conscription;
recognize that since humans are required to have an opportunity of education (public or privately educated) then the public schools of elementary, middle, junior high, and high schools are sometimes a military draft conscription;
trade money for people's lives…every time;
put your babies to adoption except while you are sure the society you come from, or the people you represent, will not harm your progeny…if there is even the slightest risk then put the humans to adoption;
make the public street a home base where you will want to go to anytime when permission to stay at a private shelter (residence or other business) is questionable or unsure;
be willing to lose or loan your things or shelter just so other people do not misuse your things;
do go to family for help;
be willing to kill so people do not harm your family but do it at your family residence and stay at home during dangerous and stalked times just to improve chances of killing happening at a place where you are familiar and acquainted of the things…you may have to sleep on the rooftop many nights with a gun in your hand while looking over your front yard;
position relative to other humans can be everything…better to be poor in a rich mans place than to be rich or poor in a poor mans place…just make sure you can live like that during multiple years;
never risk a human;
never risk a thing;
never risk anything;
always be 100% safe.

Never seen it.

To break the world-system today, we just need a handful of autonomous zones which are impermeable to US war tech but fully connected to the Internet. Gibson's islands in the net. A modern Alamut.

The real trick is *cheap technological equalisers* - technologies or techniques which neutralise the expensive military, policing and organisational advantages of the state and corporations. Once the equalisers exist, they *will* be copied and dispersed, not only by leftists but by anyone suspicious of the government of the day.

Some suggestions:

EMP could create zones where most military technology post-1945 is unusable

Robots or autonomous drones programmed with anti-cop, anti-army routines could create no-go zones

Drones and robots could counter US military advantages such as warplanes

Peer-to-peer Internet (without ISPs) - prototypes already exist

To ensure anonymity - home facial prosthetics, fingerprint editing, ideally DNA editing also

Massive underground factories using hydroponics to grow food

Targeted campaigns, Shac-style, against companies involved in the police-state and military-industrial complexes

Gamergate-style campaigns against cops and judges involved in persecution of dissidents

Improved less-lethal weapons such as tranquilliser darts or nervous system disruptors - likely to be used first by cops, but could also be used AGAINST cops without murder charges

Agorism destroys the power of money. Permaculture changes the basis of survival from commodity production to subsistence. Destroying government buildings on a wide enough scale disrupts government power. If this is lifestylism then so are the Zapatistas. Heck, so is Mao.

Probably not, as welfare entitlements don't come from a limited pool shared among all recipients - fraudsters get money *in addition to* what goes to the needy. However, fraud may encourage reductions in welfare which hurt the needy.

They make homemade guns in Ghana. The Unabomber reportedly made bombs out of wood.

Capitalists sold us the machines we use to pirate their media. Capitalists sold us the cars used in bank robberies. Capitalists gave Lenin a train to Russia in 1917. Shit happens.


Dick move. Effective though.

Only the last two make sense.

Also we need to make a lefist internet defence force

Do you have stuff about bringing back the dead? Lenin's body is pretty well preserved…

Just buy metalworking tools. You can definitely build firearms in your garage, and I sure would trust those a lot more than multithousand dollar machines that are only really useful for making molecular models and replacement board game pieces.

Nice to meet you, fellow anti-police person.
Anarchy! Power to the people! Capitalism is racist!
I would like you to join our left-wingism chapter.
E-mail me at [email protected]/* */ and I will arrange us a meeting, comrade.

The strategy is all activities are done by individuals (thus decentralized) so no meeting needs to take place.

Porky learned his lesson with the Panthers

3D printers are not good enough to build weapons. 3D printed shit is fragile and breaks all the time. The force involved with firing a bullet would blow one of those guns apart. You're better off 3D printing objects to throw at the enemy, at which point you're better off just picking up rocks. If you want cheap off-the-grid guns you're better of jury-rigging them out of pipes and shit.

Kill yourself lolbert

Not him but

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This. Figuring out a way to distribute food is the best thing that any movement can do for itself.

I can´t believe I´m defending this faggot OP, but occupy was a protest movement, not a prefigurative program. Your analogy is invalid.


What's stopping us from doing this now.

But they do, actually. A few billions dollars are attributed each year to the Welfare dept, and if they go over that limit too much, they will simply start to cut some programs, reduce help, or just make it harder for newcomers to get registered.

What is the point of vandalism exactly? Also weed most certainly does spoil.

I come here to find alternative viewpoints and I stumble upon this. This is probably the stupidest thing I've ever read.