Is anime degenerate?

Is anime degenerate?


Anime leads to Tankieism, which in turn leads to Anarcho Communism

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Yes, very. If I'm ever an authoritarian dictator I'm banning it within hours of seizing power.

Yes, sexual attraction to an object is a degeneration.

Nah, it's good shit. Just enjoy.

Sexuality is inherently GENERATE.

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Yes, as it's produced by horrifically paid Asian serfs for the profit of Japanese corporate executives.

Is anime a kind of commodity fetishism?

No. Read the part about commodity fetishism in either Capital or the attached PDF to find out what commodity fetishism actually means.

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Yes, nuke Japan again.


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Degeneracy is good

There's much worse to this, it's a very visible product of all the fun created by alienation.

The anime culture itself is fucking disgusting.

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degenerate is a Holla Forums buzzword

what's the Holla Forums equivalent though, imperialist? counter-revolutionary? bourgeois?


Anime isn't really effected by the state, it's more an escapist cry for help. The nips got 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧liberated🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧, embraced capitalism, and thus ended up in a nightmarish fate. So I'd call anime "counter-revolutionary", instead of degeneratę, or deccadent.

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You know, calling things that alleviate people's suffering "counter-revolutionary" is a great outreach strategy.

Anime is degenerative
That is to say the average quality of media in the medium declines over time.

Anime literally means animation. It's a medium. There is good and bad stuff. Stop with these shitty threads. Only complete fucking retards would automatically label anime degenerate. Stop bumping these shitty threads.

tbh it really blurs the line between a medium and a sub-section. "Japanimation" is both a clunky, delightfully John-Major era phrase and much more accurate.

And it isn't quite so unheard of to say that some countries sub-segments are disproportionately shit (See: Canada's relative notoriety due to CanCon laws encouraging shitty "I need a grant" animation.)

Things that distract a populace from how hard they're being fucked in the ass by capitalism is by definition "counter-revolutionary".

You've obviously haven't watched much animation from Japan. It's all over the fucking place in both themes and production values. I'd argue there is a lot more varied themes than was produced by American studios and in Japan they're still making it in large quantities.

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How do you distinguish between "things that distract a populace" and "things that make the populace happier"?

That was a rhetorical question, the answer is your personal preference, obviously.

That would imply they ever made it in quantities as large as they do nowadays.

Only if you pay for it.

Have you watched every single anime?

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anime is an opiate of the lumpenproletariat

Why do you care for reactionary concepts like fun anyway?


Yes and that's a good thing.

There's nothing wrong with animu, and the porn is pretty great.

anime is fine, and it's fun to flaunt "degeneracy" to make Holla Forumsyps assmad

Yes, but isn't that the main point of communism? Make everyone weak faggots for better revolution?

Naz bol is degenerate. In fact its the most degenerate thing on this board.

entry-level shit and auteur-driven shit like miyazaki, kon, early-ish oshii

99% of the rest

pretty much anything anno does

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Yes. Absolutely.
Some Japanese cartoons are soul-lifting art (Miyazaki). This is just a droplet in an ocean of industrially (and capitalistically in the worst sense) produced unoriginal garbage that appeals to the lowest instincts of consumers.

You're just jealous that anime girls, teenage girls and teenage anime girls are hotter than you. Of course, we all knew that's what this is really about.

Anime is low key revolutionary.