Sea Life Is Suffocating in a 'Dead Zone' the Size of New Jersey

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Archive, faggot.


I posted enough of the article for you to get the picture. I don't care if you don't like it.

If you really want the actual source, here.

2017 Shelfwide Cruise Data: July 24 - July 31.

How many environmental disasters can happen before people worry about the environment as much as they worry about petty identity politics and social issues

how about we take this seriously instead of idpol

Life was a mistake anyway.

I linked the actual data, stop getting hung up over the source

Birds, fish, seals, sea lions, dolphins, sea lions, whales, all suffocating to death in an area roughly the size of New Jersey is good?

well fuck. Is it related to Global Warming?

It's supposed to be from toxic runoff from the Mississippi River possibly related to the meat industry.

But I'm not sure anybody knows for certain what exactly came from the River that fed back into the ocean that caused something this large.


Fucking Kulaks

Yes, it is good.
The existence on this realm was clearly a mistake.
Death is freedom.


What's disgusting is people would rather post in threads about identity politics than post about this.

I guess statistics about the end of the biosphere and everything in it aren't as exciting as liberals on twitter.

Why are you mad tho?
Don't you guys love ci vi li za ti on?
This wouldn't have happened if people hunted their meat instead of relying on modern agriculture made by ci vi li za ti on

It's actually mostly because of certain kinds of chemicals which were previously regulated becoming unregulated ending up in the Mississippi River, and causing this.

"The Free Market" makes America safe again


Chemicals used in slaughterhouses or elsewhere?

But never mind, I bet those sea animals were all pinko commies anyway.

I think I read it's pesticides. What everything is reading is that record rainfall this Summer in the Midwest due to climate change caused some now unregulated chemicals (be it pesticides or something else), to feed into the Mississippi River more than what would usually happen and ended up in the ocean which caused this.

It was a two pronged cause of climate change exacerbating already existing environmental irresponsibility on the part of the US.


Yes, it's not. In fact it seems like its Midwestern farmers.

Neh, death just sends your soul to the Dreamsleeve to be recycled. Hell, even destroying the world isn't enough since it'll just reset back to the moment of creation. You need to actually destroy the very idea of mortality and erase the creator-god from existence before we can be free.


We really don't need clowns like trump accelerating this environmental suicide.

Next time, can you burgers please listen to Chomsky, swallow your pride, and just vote for the demmycrat?


Please explain how *anyone* could be worse than Trump on this. He straight up denies the existence of climate change and pisses off Europe on this thing to the point where they'd rather do business with fucking China.

Mark Blyth explained on the Jimmy Dore show that the US is going to end up lagging 50 years behind other countries on issues of sustainability if this shit keeps up.

Birds, seals, sea lions, dolphins and whales all breathe air you fucking ass-spasm

Oxygen is for pansy liberals anyways

I mean probably. They both deserve to die and are particularly shitty in their own ways, I don't think we would be this fucked if we picked anyone else but Trump though. He's twenty environmental catastrophes waiting to happen the next two years

Everything that isn't human deserves death. Humans deserve to live in order to suffer.

It seems the same in outcome to me.

When it actually starts affecting porky's bottom line.

Are you sure? All disasters effect the bottom line already. That's part of what makes them disastrous. And further, how do "petty identity politics and social issues" effect the capitalists bottom line?

this is because of fertilizers dumping out of the Mississippi

I mean, you have a point, but at the same time you're exaggerating. Trump has been particularly shitty about the enviornment so far I don't believe other candidates would have gone out of there way to achieve. Probably would have left what was bare enough minimum, well enough alone. But so far it looks like bare minimum is unnaceptable somehow for the conservative right this administration.

I mean, if we're going to say who's better on environmental conditions, the choice would still be someone who does nothing rather than someone who effects it for the worse. Trump is worse about this, and America fucked up by electing him. But, electoral politics in America are a well that shouldn't be explored.

That's fair. Defunding the EPA (as underfunded and ineffective as it was before) is worse than doing nothing. I just wonder if the Clinton administration would have done the same and gotten away with it (not that the Trump administration is going to suffer because of it; but at least liberals are scrutinizing it instead of just leftists).

Yes they are you fucking plebbit kiddie

Never. Unless it affects them personally they don't give a shit.

Yeah he's not ideal on environment thats for sure, but that's why we need to get real Nat Sox in America. Primarily because i want to see your posts when your pipeline to white people is being cut off and your life plans are in the shitter. Failing that if ecological or societal collapse happens I know you'll die almost instantly so there's really no way I lose.


Sick burns as usual Hooch.