Third worldism (Maoism)

I'm interested in this topic. Which books could you recommend?

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Try one of Unruhes' books. I'm sure he could use the money.

Mirsaid Sultan-Galiyev originated TWism. Acquaint yourself with him first.

Divided World, Divided Classby Zak Cope is the book to read to understand the economic arguments behind the ideology

Here's a list an user compiled a while back. Hope it's useful to you.

this book has nothing to do with maoism

Very good! Thanks, my friend!

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Those five points are indisputable imo. Never thought I was a turd worldist what the fuck.

oops I'm not Ismail, that was just for shitposting


You could actually read Marx but you wouldn't be an MTW if you did. Stick to not reading.

That seems fairly reasonable, and also fairly shallow. There's got to be more to it for it to be a full ideology.

How would the 3rd world industrialize then?
communalizing would ultimately solve nothing for them if they're still forced to work 12 hours a day to survive. they would still be poor and weak as a whole.

You know, that labor aristocracy is a term created by Marx himself?

This is such a bad critique of MTW. Third worldism wouldn't make any sense in Marx' day because imperialism as we know it didn't exist back then. Marx' conclusion that revolution would succeed first in the countries where capitalism was most developed made sense then, but he didn't predict imperialism and the welfare state.

Marxism isn't just about dogmatically repeating every word Marx wrote. He wrote about 19th century capitalism. Things have changed, so the analysis needs to change accordingly. I'm not even a third worldist but fuck, stop being a retard.

Unruhe is hack, he is not an MLM, and hardly qualifies for a MTW. In short, there is nothing maoist about him. If he was a Maoist he would have joined the PCR-RCP a long time ago, or started a RAIM chapter if he felt like the PCR-RCP was too "1st worldist" for him.

Read this, pic related.

If you want more recommendations I got some for you.
Only thing you should know about MTW

Here is another good one.

Anti-American imperialism thread? Wait for me!

Well, a dictatorship of the proletariat is known to industrialize faster than capitalism, and in the Third World countries that did have a revolution living standards for the people improved and they don't work 15 hours a day. Cuba comes to mind.

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