As a feminist, I'm proud of UK banning this disgusting child sex doll. It is time to make other nations do the same

As a feminist, I'm proud of UK banning this disgusting child sex doll. It is time to make other nations do the same.

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Anyone who isn't a fucking paedophile libertarian would be in favour of banning this, this is terrible bait.

Sadly, it is not only libertarians that favor this garbage. Japan is an example that normalizing pedo garbage in anime and even selling sex child dolls.

Isn't it better people can satisfy their urges with inanimate objects?

I agree, as long as they are followed by a psychologist as well.

Yes, someone should go to prison for owning a rubber toy. We need to protect inanimate objects from sexual abuse.

Anti-pedo hysteria has gone too far.

Only a reactionary would be in favor of banning this. If you actually want to protect children, this is the way to do it.

business idea: protect children from nonceophiles via a severely antinatalist policy in all spheres of government.

advantages: reduces strain on maternity units, turns the population pyramid into a population world trade centre, don't have to look at young people with envy realizing they still have their whole lives ahead of them when i'm not even middle aged yet and already having a midlife crisis the little shits
risks: as the average age slowly drifts upwards it may become necessary to redefine the ages at which nonceophilia occur such that on-average a given % of the population is left underage. due to the statistics involved this will likely never make me underage again and that's no good.

political economy analysis: theresa may might like it, jeremy corbyn could be brought over to the idea with sufficient public-sector utility examples, and don't forget to work in a joke about the Holyrood opposition parties being a shower of 12 year old morons because that might be the meat of the thing. Leanne Wood will also probably approve because I always project nice things onto Leanne Wood.



We're in the middle of summer. We're all fucking bored

All toys, sex or not. should be banned, candy and video-games to.
Backgammon is fine.

If you really want to protect children you give teach them how to shoot a gun, or a maybe how to use knife if it's a girl or weak boy.
If a pedophile goes to the park, who is it going to abduct, the kid training with her switch-blade. or some semi-retarded candy eating, pokemon-addict?

This kind of shit wouldn't even be needed under communism. Thanks alienation!


Does communism somehow eradicate pedophilia? I must have missed that part in the manifesto.

It wouldn't happen under anarcho-capitalism either, we'd just have legal child sex slaves.

Good. Now all they have to do is ban lolicon.

Yeah, we fix it by lobotomizing pedophiles.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting. Shitpost to the point where a real false-flag attempt is confused for trolling and you have actively done the work for the people who hate.

A cummunist society would quite quickly starve to death the criminal syndicates that control child trafficking, unless your petite bourgeoise ass thinks it's the lone predator the real problem.

Explain. Which socioeconomic policies exactly would cause mass starvation and criminality to thrive in a communist society?

…I think you should read my post again.

Why don't we just put them in camps and turn them into something socially beneficial?

Like lamp shades

My bad. Carry on.

most likely this would just reinforce the perverse mentality and make them more likely to act out for real. that's why the dolls are banned, until more data is acquired. however i think any ban will not be lifted.



Why am I not surprised the second shittiest tripfag and token nigger is defending pedos?

Why am I not surprised the first shittiest shitpost flag is behind this autistic thread.

if this thread keeps being terrible i'm going to have to stand in for that sexual free market cunt aren't I?

Pick one. Lurk moar and you might learn what everybody else already knows that I'm in the ban everything that ain't consenting, heterosexual relationships camp.

can we start with you?

Eat a dick, homo.






are you eating healthy today ?

It did that a long time ago. "Won't somebody think of the children?" has beenthe justification for every expansion of states' spying powers and every expansion of the prison population in the last fifty years.

"Think of the women" too.