Ĉu ni povas nian flagon propran havi?

Ĉu ni povas nian flagon propran havi?

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Stop being rootless cosmopolitans.

Neniam gejaĉo

Pueĉ, tûdas os realmetas aprendîdon Esperanto oĉ simpleron scribâias da Casteljano basĉtardon côm mi?


Looked so much like spanish with some diacritics and -on endings I figured that cheat would be understandable. Apperently it isn't though :/

It's probably because you used the diacritics wrong

They're only over the c's, aren't they?
Anyway, at least with the knowledge of a romance language you can understand most of it pretty well.

Ni jam petis BO kelkfoje sed ŝi neniam respondas.

Made a propero flag (fades, borders, etc), but this belongs on the moderation thread I guess.
Bumping nonetheless.

No, no political ideology on the flag. Esperanto is in itself a statement to serve many ideologies. It should be a plain Esperanto flag.

What did you say?
Anyways, that thing doesn't even work as Spanish nor Portuguese, not the official ones at least.

Yes, pretty much this.
It just seeems so pointless to learn a language you'll likely never use in real life,
especially if by learning a natural romance language you can understand much of what is written in Esperanto as well.

This is such a stupid thing to say. If you deliberately seek out to use Esperanto, you will find plenty of opportunities to use it. There are Esperanto speakers everywhere, lots of events and you can travel with it. It's not like if I learn Italian suddenly there will be Italians everywhere ready to talk with me. I would have to travel to Italy to talk with them.

I think we can all agree that Stalin was an imperfect leader, however only an idiot would oppose his opposition to Esperanto.

I am glad that he killed the Esperanto movement leaders in the USSR and banned the language. It was used by the CNT during the Spanish civil war to spread anarchy and was used by Titoists. It was not an appropriate language for a socialist society.

You are messing with the wrong gang, kiddo

Esperanto is as easy as it gets for a language.
It's strutured and logical to the point of being a bit dry imo.
It's a good way to get familiar with romance languages, or it will be so much easier if you're a romance yourself.

Anyways, it's worth checking out if you are bored, at least the general gramatical structure.
Vocabulary is the only thing that's a bitch, because there is no way around it.
Duolingo has Esperanto if someone cares.

Mi gustas esperanton, but I haven't learned much

It doesn't matter how easy it is. I would rather be monolingual than learn a useless cosmopolitan language. People can more productively use their time by reading theory than learning Esperanto.

Imagine being so spooked that the mere existence of a language makes you this butthurt.


How does one taste a language?





Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul

Tolkienic language=best language

Ne parolas Orkan

Via esperanto estas aĉa. Laŭ mi vi uzas guglan tradukilon.

Jes, mi konsentas, ekhavu vortaron.

BO needs to see this.

iru supren

Mi jam havas vortaron. Aŭ ĉu vi parolas pri homoj kiel vi kiuj ankoraŭ ne regas la lingvon?

Mi respondis al la malprava homo pardonon k-do. Mi intencis respondi a l>>1931372

Malprava flago fek

mi konas tiun senton.

ĉiuokaze, ĉu alia usonano ĉi tie? DSA havas sian kongreson nuntempe en ĉikago.

Mi venas el Kalifornio, kaj la DSA estas okej.


planning on learning Esperanto soon actually

Do it/ĝin faru

La Unuiĝinta Esperantista Proleta Armeo venkos la tankulojn por la ruĝa Finvenko!

how long did it take you to learn, Amerifaggot with ethnic French roots and all I know is English

I've been speaking it for about a year, and I could hold a steady conversation in it depending on the topic in about 3 months.

Stalin didn't kill off Esperantists, I was able to trace back the exact source for this absurd claim and it leads to a baseless Trotsky lie with 0 facts to back it up, Stalin even learned the language himself.

"In the early years of the Soviet Union, Esperanto was given a measure of government support, and an officially recognized Soviet Esperanto Association came into being. However, in 1937, Stalin reversed this policy. He denounced Esperanto as "the language of spies" and had Esperantists exiled or executed. The use of Esperanto was effectively banned until 1956. While Esperanto itself was not enough cause for execution, its use was extended among Jews or trade unionists and encouraged contacts with foreigners."

Laŭ mi DSA estas la plej grava organizaĵo en Usono. Tamen ĝi estas malgranda. Tio montras la malgrandeco de socialismo en usona kulturo nuntempe. Mi opinias ke fakte ekzistas pli esperantistoj en Usono ol anoj de DSA.

What happened to Interhelpo then?

Dozens of Esperantists were killed by the state after sham trials. Hundreds more were imprisoned.
These are just some of the most famous Esperantists in the movement: Ernest Drezen, Nikolao Nekrasov, Vladimir Varankin, Eŭgeno Miĥalski, and Aleksandr Andrejeviĉ Saĥarov.

English is the only relevant language worldwide. Esperantists should focus on spreading ESL to Africa or something.

Is BO on vacation or what

what are french, mandarin, spanish or arabic?

None of them are spoken on Holla Forums. Leftism is an internationalist endeavor and we all choose to speak English here.


It's pretty diverse. Most of us aren't Americucks.

We shall have our own flag by the weeks end

i'd rather esperanto be banned and English made the official language of this board.

Did stalin really did that? Fuck this ironic shitposting flag is becoming unironic by the day at this rate. Fuck this shit

Stalin was a strategic leader and knew what he was doing. Esperanto is a threat to proletariat unity.


He tolerated it at first, then he changed his mind.


By making autismos spend all their time reading about Esperanto instead of theory.

English organically won. Esperantists want to replace a real working language with a made-up zionist language with no community, culture, history, or soul.


found the Holla Forumsyp

what prole has that kind of time? I barely have time to cook food for myself, and what extra time I do have I try to read as much leftist literature as I can. Fuck learning a language with no fucking purpose beyond retarted platitudes

imajun mah shawk

Fuck off nigger pretty much everyone has English beamed into their house in a massive amount of entertaining formats from an early child. Why the fuck should someone be expected to waste an hour a day on a language they'll likely never bump into someone who speaks it?

by that logic any activity that is not learning theory should be banned

see this is what don't like about mls that they're willing to ban harmless things over vauge statements such a "a threat to proletarian unity" they have to do is declare something a "threat to proletariat unity" and then they can ban what ever they want and jail who they want, i don't want to live i a society were this happens

Fuck you.

Zamenhof was an anti-zionist lol

for this faggots any connection with judaism at all (real or imagined)= zionist who wants a daily nakba

Came here to say this. A language like Esperanto would be the most successful in a continent like Africa.

French is already the lingua franca in Africa. Plus spread it in Africa and not the West would trigger the SJWs with tears about muh colonialism.

Esperanto is a useless language. It was meant to build up a zionist apartheid state, but Modern Hebrew won out.

no it fucking wasn't stop lying, it was meant to be an international auxilery language.
who cares?

Esperanto is an Auxillery language, and africa is a continent of lingua francas; even native languages like Swahili and the Yoruban Language. In a continent where this mentality is dominant, is where esperanto would be the most popular.

i would bet that your doing neither


"I am profoundly convinced that every nationalism offers humanity only the greatest unhappiness… It is true that the nationalism of oppressed peoples – as a natural self-defensive reaction – is much more excusable than the nationalism of peoples who oppress; but, if the nationalism of the strong is ignoble, the nationalism of the weak is imprudent; both give birth to and support each other…"

Lingua francas arise naturally and due to need. English, French, and Swahili work in their respective areas. Africa is not a single political entity, white boy. Stop pushing your zionist cosmopolitism on third world countries, just because white people know better.

Lingua francas do not arise because of need retard, they arise because of cultural dominance

A lingua Franca arises due to need, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be easy to learn. They arise from a prominent culture/language in the region. Not that I expect an educated reply, you're clearly a troll.

Also im not white lol

Also stop fucking calling esperanto zionist you moron. ZAMENHOFF WAS OPPOSED TO ZIONISM

yes but a congolese african cannot speak french to a kenyan or south african, but if esperanto was the langauge the could speak to each other,
also if you wanna talk about, pushing a language onto africans, then english in french where pushed onto the africans, more forcefully that anything esperantists would or could do

Honestly stop replying to his guy, im half certain he's from Holla Forums



fuck off, retard

esperanto is retarded and that is coming from someone who gave learning it a go.

you are retarded and that is coming from someone who read your post

Esperanto estas pura aŭtismo.

Stalin didn't go far enough. He only executed the leaders, he should went after the whole membership.

There was more but I can't find them anymore.

What is the best way of learning Esperanto besides Duolingo?


ne, dankon

esperanto was developed before zionism existed

You need to create an account on Duolingo, too

Interlingua is better.

Hai George

That's why I am not using Duolingo. I found a PDF from an old book, would be great to have audio along with lessons, all in one.

I think Esperanto would be useful for a white ethnostate socialist paradise.

made me kek





Kial tiom da rimedoj? Mi ne sciis ke maldekstraj komunistoj zorgis pri nia lingvo.

Estas mistero.

Mi ne plendas, mi nur ne sciis ke tiom da rimedoj ekster SAT ekzistis pri esperanto kaj maldekstrismo.
Ĉu vi mem legas ion interesa?

Kio okazas en Usono estas horora. Faŝistoj estas granda minaco kontraŭ publika sekureco.

Jen tekstoj pri la laborista esperanta movado:

Why didn't Stalin support Esperanto?

Esperanto is the language of zionism. It's inherently anti-socialist.

Fake and gay.

It's too similar to French or Spanish. Not really appropriate to be spoken as a fully usable language. It should have been based on some Germanic, Iranic, or Hindic. Real deep language.

tfw you will never help Stalin in erasing the Esperanto movement from the face of the Earth


trots are such cancer

Esperanto is obviously a white supremacist language, not suitable for international communication.

Most retarded fucking post I read all on leftypol all day, what an achievement.

It does indeed sound like Spanish or Italian.
The Latin Empire ended, we don't need a bastard of Latin to be forced upon the proletariat.
English naturally spread and is more logical. Esperanto will never replace English.

Romance languages sound like trash anyway.


Enjoy your retarded language, you anime degenerate dweeb.

Mi ĝuos ĝin, dankon