If you were in charge of creating a new version of your country's flag as it becomes socialist, what would it look like...

If you were in charge of creating a new version of your country's flag as it becomes socialist, what would it look like? Here's my choice, as an amerifat.


flags? where we're going, we don't need flags.

Kaisereich American flag is the best flag

It would look something like this, too busy to continue editing

what country is that? forgive my burger education


Your king looks fat as fuck.


This flag toppled feudalism. Why change it ?


or maybe plain red


Don't you think changing the flag would cause a lot of nostalgia and give the counter-revolutionaries a free symbol to use ?


flegs? in MY communist utopia?!


Always prefered Labour's old Symbol, has nice aesthetics.

DDR flag with dutch color scheme

I second this, liberalism has failed Liberté, égalité, fraternité, it is up to us socialists to carry the torch of enlightenment and revolution.

Should be Liberté, équité, solidarité et vertu tbh

Red white and blue is literally the most bourgeois combination of colours there is.
Lets rectify this.

Also free Ireland.

Mosley go home.

Anglo-Cornish Union

Ye don't even know that ye playin' into the hands of the IRISH CLAN.


The german flag is fine, it's always been republican in meaning, the Nazis despised it. What's not to love?

Also the point about not giving counterrevolutionaries a free symbol is true.

There's nothing wrong with being protestant.
But being a 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Brit🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 is indefensible.



Yeah, fucking hell…

Italian yugo poster?
Nice flag btw

Preferably the bonnie blue flag tbh


this. Hearts of Iron mods have the most legit flags

because it introduce capitalism


All the way to the keys, Georgia. Purge the name "Florida" from the map.

Other than restoring West Florida; take your hands off my Dixie


the only good thing about this map is that it gets rid of California lmoa

The flags look p dope tho

Seriously fuck off. Have some creativity. True gommie flags should have

This, honestly.

Independent Free Territory of Maine fucking when? Vermont is a bro. Mass and NH can o to hell.

Is this good then? :^)

This really is the worst offender, even beyond having nothing to do with socialism, it's also ugly and gaudy as fuck. It's basically "larper: the flag".

Everyone is talking about their ideal flag, yet no one talks about how when the libtards take over it'll look like this. A fucking Party of Science, LGBTQLMNOPQURSTUVWXYZ now i know my abc's bullshit, ex-fascist "Didn do nuffin" flag

This looks like something that would fly up next to
Since anarchists are basically edgy liberals

Yeah basically


These, but if we're gonna LARP for the thread being, then…

And a flat representation of it, for visibility

Fuck anarchists. They're fucking degenerate weeb shits

Just make it solid red. There is not a good reason to keep the stars and there are many good reasons to remove the stripes.


Just make it solid red. There is not a good reason to keep the stars and there are many good reasons to remove the stripes.>>1929867

I've never seen this before. What are they from?

Bait harder, Holla Forums.

Its a fucking joke mate. No need to get triggered. Also Anarchists are just as much as a tool for the capitalist as the liberals


So inclusive


Boi, that's aeroflot, are you secret bourgie?

A militia unit in the American Revolution used it. It's called the "1776 Huntington Flag."

We could start using this like the right used the fucking Gadsden.


for ireland tbh

tbh new afrika is the worst thing on this map
im not even opposed to the concept just split it into two or three states that make sense geographically

also i know nickajack is supposed to look like that but is still triggers my autism

If you use anything more than this, your revolution is off to a bad start.


Damn I never realised how Aesthetic Texas' was.

nigga help the sahrawis pls.

Reminder that all the anime shit posters are ancoms
Reminder that ancoms are just edgy liberals
Reminder that ancoms have never successfully pulled a revolution

Why do they have to put new africa down south? Why are we forming ethno states in a socialist union? This map is shit

I'd just change mine to a lighter shade of red, thanks.






Flags? That's reactionary.

The hammer and sickle is cool but it's kinda lost it's revelance.

Germany would use this. The DDR flag is absolutely god-tier.

I do not understand what problem Americans have with California?

Fucking lifestylists

Right?! Fucking Yugoslavia

Blank red flag.

What are you talking about? I have never been to California, let alone any other state in the US.
So please tell me now, why all the hate for California?

Well, I know why I hate California. First, they fetishize liberalism to a degree that suffice as reason enough to nuke them. Add insult to injury, they came up with Jim Crow laws, have one of the worst track record when it comes to police brutality, banned open carry to disarm BPP, impeding on rightfully doing copwatch, gentrification, making being homeless a felony, so on and so on

As a Californian, I kinda agree, except with the youth, and the older generations. young adults of 25-45 are all super liberal, that's true, but our baby boomers are for the most part, actual ML's, and the youth is radicalising. In my area alone, most highschools are full commie. California is SJW hell right now, sure, but it has incredible potential if it were to strike out on its own, especially if we naitonalised tech, resources, and agriculture

This is a flag i made for Panama, a really classcucked country.

California is liberal cesspool. It’s also extremely Urbanized and Suburbanized.

California is the worst of everything people hate about the US. There culture is just commercial crap. They have no traditions. There literal “burgers.”

Are they commies or liberals who call themselves commies? Big difference.

Nah, mate. Actual communists, with the exclusion of year 9's (freshmen) who are just edgy pieces of shit. But they're legit communist/socialist, and I don't mean Succdem, but most are tankie

Someone mind designing a Commie Greenland flag? Council Communist specifically so Anarchists and Tankies don't ruin it for me

Go fuck off to Reddit.

not most of the left, most of those that I know in my area. I'm a stalinist because it's the only form of communism that has actually worked
EX: USSR 1924-1954, Cuba.
Never used reddit in my life

Reminder that tankies are just nicer fascists
Reminder that tankies have never successfully pulled a revolution

You have an odd definition of "working"


At most it's Marxist-Leninists. A vast majority of the left sees the USSR's authoritarian tendencies as counter-productive and should not be repeated. Only Reddit left has a lot of Tankies and it's usually liberals in red

I would like ancoms if the majority just stopped sperging out on authority, sure most authority is pretty bad but most anarchists just lose their shit instantly when you say vanguard party.
GOAT flag though

as in thrived during the depression? defeated a menace that would have taken the world were it not for the USSR? and as in survived with little to no disease or true poverty during a total blockade of their nation for decades

tankie, at least. They certainly are authoritarian

Except they weren't counterproductive. Without them the nation would have fallen, and would not have prospered through the '30s. and again, never used reddit

Caribbean Union

Seems like you have an odd recollection of history too.

You know nothing of Cuba. Shut your ignorant ass

how so?

ok, disprove me

its a WIP (im into alternate history)

basically if all the hispanic/latino majority states succeeded and formed a market socialist government


Most liberals in red are trots or anarchidies. The USSR scares away liberals.

wait Nevada and Arizonia is majority hispanic. Also I doubt northern Florda would like being in a hispanic union.

Texas would be 100% in the UEH. Fuck even as far north as Oklahoma city half the radio stations are in spanish.

can you all stop deliberately stealing the hammer and sickle? It's a Soviet Union specific design and makes your flag look retarded

is a wip…its rough map…im working on making a better one in photoshop


i feel like communist/socialist flags now would have symbols that represent to group of people….

art thou'st tryst to spooketh me?


I’d probably be better if the Hispanic majority regions of America joined Mexico instead of forming a sport country.

too many people hate mexico here (in the Hispanic community)

Uhm… How about just not forming ethnostates? Would that be an option?

I like it. Hopefully this will be real one day.

Unless ethnostate form US commies will just be black nationalist idpolers. An ethnostate will allow each racial group to look inwards instead of just rather self hatting or claiming everyone else for there problems.


I'm not ancom either, I don't bother with a label. The point is not to have red without black, as their common ideals of freedom and equality are now the law of the land. We also have to be reminded that the State will always be, at the best of times, a necessary evil.

The h&s is hard to pass up because it's just such a magnificent design. Making something better is a very tall order.

Many people who immigrated to the US still see Mexico as corrupt and dangerous….they pass this idea to their children


wtf is Big Sky