Liberals ponder nuking North Korea

This is the same excuse of a person that wrote this shit last month,
which was based on distorted research.

Where do these fucking ghouls come from?

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truly incredible insight

Honestly I hope DPRK nukes Seoul before the US invades. South Korea needs a shake up. It's shitty even for a capitalist dystopia.

The norks won't nuke South Korea. It goes completely against their whole ideology. What they want is to be able to nuke Burgerland. Or at least to be able to legitimately threaten nukes on Burgerland.

why do you think that? they've had massive batteries of conventional artillery and chemical weapons aimed at seoul for a long time. fucking up the south has always been the core of their defensive strategy.

These people love war and lust for blood.
Remember when trump did a strike on syria for the first time and neolibs stopped jerking off about russia for 2 seconds to wipe a tear from their eye and declare that trump was finally the president.
Realistically a war with north korea would be a disaster for china and the south. Millions of refugees would poor past the border.
And of course nukes come into play. Personally i think most people would be very glad to see california turn into glass

Also please nuke the place were they create kpop

thank you in advance best kores

Or nuke Tokyo. That way KyoAni will be the only anime studio left.

He's worried about NK bombing SK if they're attacked, but wouldn't dropping nuclear bombs on NK wind up spreading radiation all over SK anyway? Wtf?

Why the fuck can't they just nuke Burgerland already? I fucking hate this place and want to see it burn

The solution to this is to give japan nukes. Of course then it turns into a cold war situation and you also have to allow japan to repeal article nine and they can become samurai again


with socialists like you, who needs capitalist atrocities

Their atrocities outweigh anything a leftist could ever conjure up


you get at least 2/10 because I should know better when it's a spurdo flag but still



If anything, Holla Forums should be all for nuking these FASCIST NATIONALIST CIS PATRIARCHY RACIST ANTI-SEMITIC slant-eyed idpol sinners.

I actually like this

if NK nukes a country the states can invade North Korea and we'll have one less red-fascist plutocratic state in the world

Good to see leftcoms openly admitting they're imperialists now.

We don't support nuking innocent civilians.

I know user but they are sticking it to imperialists so goooooood…

Are you fucking retarded?

Go back to Holla Forums and re-read your trolling guide, retard

Talking about north korea:

I'm one of such persons


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That's where you're wrong friendo - North Korea has one of the worlds largest artillery batteries trained on Seoul, we're talking 10,000+ shells an hour.
Again, wrong. They'll nuke US bases in Japan so it's be harder for the US to bring in reinforcements.

posadism in one country

A damn shame that after how many posts, it's finally said. Archive that shit, OP. No one wants to give these terrible people/companies clicks or ad revenue.

That's retarded. South need a shake up but killing millions of civilians is not the way. It's really american thing to say.

Most tankies are new(I'd never seen so many tankie flags before recently) & either from Holla Forums or reddit, tbh. So that makes sense.

Whoa, top level shitpost you got there, user. Lurk more, for the love of God. We're not liberals, for the umpteenth time.

Yes, I'm in complaining mode.

Also, here are the archived links as well: - Liberal nuke article - Homeless people are "gross / gr.oss" article (not sure if wordfilter is still there
I don't feel the need to archive The Intercept, tbh. Usually a much better publication than most & should be fine to support, imo.

The DPRK will have actual ICBMs five years down the road. Once this shit hits the orbit, it can't be intercepted. Of course they wanna strike North Korea before they reach that phase of development, because they don't care about millions of yellow people dying, but they care about Los Angeles. I don't though, no more shitty Hollywood movies.

Funny because most tankies come over as oldfags while Leftcoms keep posting links to reddit debates. I guess we all live in our little fantasy world

From where?
I agree about the leftcoms, I've noticed that as well. Just mentioning what I've noticed about the large amount of new tankie flags being used. But if it makes you feel better, I find myself going against leftcom posts more often than tankies. No need to take it personally, unless of course you're one of those. Judging by the flag I guess so. I didn't say "all tankies", user.

I honestly think I blame the media more than the military-industrial complex for America's endless wars.

I don't know if I'd go that far, but since many times they're owned or their donors have the same interests, it makes sense that they work with each other. The media just has more direct reach to muricans than than the military contractors do. But I'm sure in most cases they're the ones writing the scripts.

I'd love to be able to claim that the new tankies are just raiders and shitposters. But then I remember how many shitty opinions exist on the internet, in various torture chamber communities etc. and I can't tell anymore if someone is an actual maoist or just being an edgy cunt.

I hear Jason Unruhe made videos about why the victims of the September 11 attacks deserved what they got. Those videos were taken down, I think? Do they still exist somewhere?

How can people be

this stupid

You have reddit written all over you. Also, good to know that Roo still manages to trigger radlibs like you. I actually have been defending my position in depth in a thread were Leftcom redditors made fun of Mao with a bunch of strawmen and still haven't gotten an answer.


pick your western propaganda kiddo

The whole North Korean ideology is based largely in the belief in the oneness of the Korean people. The idea is that the southerners have been put under the heel of an American imperialist puppet state against their will, and most want nothing more than to be united with the Dear Leader and the Mother Party. They might be willing to fight tooth an nail with the South's army, but a mass butchering of the South Korean people would be a betrayal of their whole worldview.

Willing to do whatever it takes to bring the South under heel isn't the same as being willing to mass murder southerners in nuclear fire.

And, yes the Norks aren't particularly fond of Japan either, but that's the point. They're perfectly willing to sacrifice foreigners to nuclear fire in the name of reunification, but they're not going to murder what they regard to be their southern brothers.

Yeah yeah, whatever. Do you have those Unruhe videos or not? I have a feeling they might be entertaining.

this is an interesting viewpoint. I haven't read much into North Korean idology and have just been spoon fed propoganda from people left and right.

That being said the whole situation makes me sympathize a little bit with North Korean leadership as a whole and I'm very fearful they will take a route such as military action if pushed hard enough.

I do have a question though. I know some people love North Korea here. Why? And I know "why" is a broad question but I think a broad answer would be more helpful to me than specifics.

Pure Ideology and Larping from westerners who don't have a clue what is to live under totalitarian regime

Because their economy is still socialist, they provide more services to their people than most capitalist welfare states, have a superior aesthetics (pic related) and they have balls by the size of Jupiter and don't give a fuck about anything. What's not to like?

Funny since most critisicisms of the DPRK I read here are pure ideology, bullshit stories from South Korean blogs that made it into the mass media and repackaged with leftist jargon.

Lose that flag

So, basically you want them to hit some eskimo town on the tip of Alaska with a nuke followed up by America pouring trillions of dollars of fire and death onto them?

Oh fuck, its the ultralefts appeal to the immortal wisdom of the tourist guide again! Guess I've been utterly BTFOed.

That's not really a good defense of Camp 13. Or whatever other camps exist below or above the number 13.

don't worry, you'll be treated of it when you got brutally beaten by cops after accidentally calling someone "sir" after revolution. You can go back to reddit until then.

You can start making an argument anytime kiddo


ok, redpill me on maoism then. I'd like to understand your snowflake version of it. I'd like to also hear how do you imagine life of average north korean and also what is your snowflake version of "socialist economy"

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If California was destroyed America would be a lot better.

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Jesus Christ, the sad state of news-media. His article reads like a 8ch shitpost.

We need a Posadist flag.