Was the Black Panther Party the most based leftist movement in Murica?

Was the Black Panther Party the most based leftist movement in Murica?

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can someone give me a quick rundown?

IWW > Panthers > CPUSA (1930s) > the rest

They were created to defend from police brutality and protect the community, they started going left from there and the government decided to call them threats to the country, and started getting raided by feds and receiving claims of criminal offences

sounds based. I wish the pussies at BLM were more like them and would stop attacking white workers.

Is Bernie liked by black people? As much shit as he is he might be a gateway for these people to go further left

This exactly.

there is no hope for them regardless. they denounce anarchism all the damn time, some retarded logic about it being "too white" or something.

This exactly.

The real black panthers wanted unity of all blacks, they understood there were forces at work turning them into "niggers". They espoused the ideals of being true to your race and taking responsibility for your own life to take away "the man's" power

Oh, they ate up the propaganda, they had lots of potential

anarchism always leads to politics, anarchy is unsustainable, humans are herd mammals



They didn't want unity of blacks, they wanted unity of people. This was explicitly stated many, many times.
They formed alliances with the Young Patriots in Chicago - even had black panther rallies under confederate flags once the Patriots became class conscious.

epic philosophical and political skills user

Dude made me realize that I never considered human nature. My ideology… Is…


Blacks make communism look meh

It was pretty much the only serious one.

I live for the day something as based as the Black Panthers x Young Patriots happens again. Hopefully Redneck Revolt can pick up steam.

BPP x YPP is exactly why Fred Hampton was assassinated by an FBI informant and the Chicago PD. They knew that a an alliance of poor and working people across racial lines, with a message of rejecting capitalism, was a danger to the established order of things. So they killed the one man that had been talented enough to pull it off - Chairman Fred.

Never seen something so fucking based in my life, YPP-BPP, Spanish revolutionaries and Zapatistas get me erect

They created the free lunch program, did open carry, and emphasized the role of the lumpenproletariat – pluses. They kept the police in line, made good use of the media, and scared the FBI. It's too bad that lefties are scared to open carry these days, except redneck revolt, which most antifa don't entirely agree with…

But aren't they a black separatist group?
Auto-segregation is being racially bluepilled.

"If revolution does not occur almost immediately, and I say almost immediately
because technology is making leaps (it made a leap all the way to the moon),
and if the ruling circle remains in power the proletarian working class will
definitely be on the decline because they will be unemployables and therefore
swell the ranks of the lumpens, who are the present unemployables.

Every worker is in jeopardy because of the ruling circle, which is why we say
that the lumpen proletarians have the potential for revolution, will probably carry
out the revolution, and in the near future will be the popular majority.

Of course, I would not like to see more of my people unemployed or become
unemployables, but being objective, because we’re dialectical materialists, we
must acknowledge the facts."

user…"blacks" are divided into 2 classes just like "whites", "women", and so on. Cease you idpol.

Read a fucking book.



In revolutionary suicide Huey talks about how there was a small minority of panthers like that who needed to be sidelined and who he and the rest of the leadership disagreed with.

Wait, what? Why?

You really don't know that anti-catholic bigotry was a thing?

I got that sure but I thought the KKK was only about racism not anti-religious

The Klan hated Catholics and Jews almost as much as they hated black people and commies. They were Protestant ultra nationalists.

the catholic population was mostly made up of immigrants at the time, and the KKK didn't like that. Also they were worried that the catholics took orders from the pope above that of the law

Pretty based but maybe not the most based. BPs still critical though. A socialist revolution cant happen in America without the BP or a militia like it.

How can we redpill black people again


But do we make them MLs or Anarchists

I'm gonna have to give the Tankies this one fam.

Truly the white race is divine

Killer Mike


Exactly like Fred Hampton did. A lot of them see fucked up things first-hand. Explain what makes it that way. It's the same thing that works with everyone else.

The IWW actually got shit done. They damn near had a revolution going.