How a libertarian experiment in city government fell apart over taxes, debt and some very angry peop

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Interesting read. Sucks to be them…


I live in von ormy, surreal to see it on lefty pol.
No one knows this place exists.
Yes, there are packs of dogs that just roam about.
Im pretty much a neet shut in so i havent really cared or noticed anything.

After reading that article we will probably get annexed by san Antonio i guess

so much for the libertarian right

Gona need some proofs on that billy.

What was the point of incorporating if they weren't going to tax anyone properly or go into debt? Do these idiots know the purpose of government under capitalism?

I dont know how to prove that or really care.
I went to school in another city called somerset, its mentioned in the article too.
I mean im pretty sure the people here dont really give a fuck about politics or even know any of this went on.
San antonio and this area are filled with garbage people in general.
There is something about this place that kills you inside.
You know how the motto for austin is "keep austin weird".
The motto for san antonio is "keep san antonio lame",
Im not joking.
This is a terrible place where hope dies and you morph into a fat mexican that only cares about the spurs and whataburger and slowly get old and fatter

muh sewers
muh voluntary society

The point for them was to do it and try to have control before San Antonio absorbed them and they lost all control

Fair enough

More proof that ancapistan would collapse within days of its creation.

What even are right libertarians?

Subhuman reactionaries?

The fun thing is like every now and then a hipster will think they got the original idea that san antonio is the new austin.
We arent, we never will be.
San antoion has a small town mentality despite being a city.
This place is like a city trapped in a snow globe with no snow. You are like walled off from the rest of modern society, we are lame.
It sucks your ambition.



Really magnetizes the mental machinery.

It's almost like libertarians don't understand basic economics.

Don't worry SA comrade, Our new major Ron will save us.


You guys are fucking morons.

show em if you got em

If libertarianism can work then why doesnt it work here? Everybody cooperated, nobody cockblocked them.

the only other lolbert experience i can think of is that South American place that had roads problems…


there was another one in Kansas. Wasn't entirely lolbert i guess, but it was the same idea of let's get rid of taxes and there will be a great boom and we'll all have lots of money and more revenue. Of course, didn't work. They lost tons of money and are now trying to reverse it.

Ahhh yes, all these famous examples of shining lolbertarian beacons of civilisation and hope such as the fictional city of Rapture.

seems to work just fine in India

Not real capitalism

someone should post this shit on Holla Forums

shut those fucking retards up, anyone who has read a book in his life knows libertarianism is a cancer on the face of humanity

Why is Reagan still so admired when he is the cause of pretty much all the problems in America now?

liberals glossing over his crimes

Wow who would've thought.

Because 'history' in the US is a made up story to perpetuate the system. Just like how agent orange was just an 'oops' and we didn't mean it and we'll never do it again pinky swear.


I emailed the Free Domain Radio email (Stefan Molyneux's assistant) asking him to explain these on his show. I will see if he does. I'd like to see what he says.

sewers are roads for shit