What does Holla Forums say about abortion? Why is it that when people talk about abortion they turn into libertarians going on about "bodily autonomy". It seems like as leftists we should always be concerned with the greater good of society and not defend acts that are made specifically for the benefit of the powerful person over the one weaker one.

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Abortion is good for society though.

I suppose if the mother was going to die giving birth or if the baby would be born with crippling birth defects

no, in most cases bringing an unwanted child into the world isn't for the greater good of society.

Well, sure, that and the fact that there's too many people and life is suffering.

Less unwanted babies is a clear win from a utilitarian perspective, it even leads to less crime.

yeah, but poor people aren't good for society either. guess we'd be better off if we exterminated them all.

Do libertarians own the concept of self-determination now? Because we were talking about abortion and feminism when liberals were still denying women the right to work or vote.

Increasing our means of control over reproduction and family planning are good for society, and no Leftism is not about sacrificing individual's rights for the "collective good" this too is a dumb libertarian sound bite.

This is down the road appeace admittedly, but in a socialist society we would revamp adoption to be more efficient, nationalize healthcare(meaning free condoms and birth control and hospital stay for mothers) and have a better safety net for children in order to make unexpected birth as painless as possible. Just because someone is not wanted doesn't mean we should not work to accommodate their life.

Abortion should be mandatory.
No, really, I'm being unironic. Everybody gets one abortion on the house.

… yeah.. and hitler promised great things too.
and so does trump

Automation plus climate change will take care of that in the next few decades.

Fetuses are not aware in any meaningful sense of being alive, nothing is being taken from them that they understand. The potential to be alive isn't the same as living

What is leftism to you then? Liberalism from the time of John Locke is all about personal choice and atomization. Leftism is all about what's best for society which is why we favor higher taxes for the benefit of the poor, we favor strict labor laws to benefit the workers in the workplace etc. All of these thinks inhibit what people can do with their life and with other people but it's ok because of the power balance

I'm glad you brought this up. Why do you say this?

I never got the anti-abortion argument.
I don't remember what it was like being an embryo. Why would I care if I wasn't born? I'd never know. It's a victimless crime. It's like saying desecrating the dead is a bad thing. Why would they give a fuck if they're not alive?

how? if people are too lazy to proactively seek the skills society needs most, how are these people going to upkeep the "automation" hail mary you guys keep alluding to?

I'm genuinely curious, as someone who makes a lot of money writing code.

This basically. Tho I don't think it's cool to fuck with dead bodies purely for the sake of the living

if I kill you, you can't exactly say that you could care about it.. after the fact.

How can you kill me if I'm not alive, faggot?

1. you dont know this
2. this could really be said about anyone at any time. no one really knows what it means to be alive. or if we are even real in the first place aside from that we are composed of information

so will you concede that your point is garbage which is why you must now result to trying to make jokes?

That's exactly the point.

The difference is dead bodies are dead. Unless you're religious but even then their spirit lives so no one cares. With a fetus something is going to happen. That's why you get an abortion in the first place, a child will be born. Whether or not they have any feeling is irrelevant morally. By this same token you could wave you dick at a blind man and say it's ok. After all he doesn't know you're doing it but doesn't it feel a little questionable?

so its ok to murder you now?

First off, nice quoting, dipshit.
Second, I'm not joking.
Third, not an argument.

He's alive, so no, it's not. Are you actually retarded or something?

so you aren't alive?

Are you asserting that nothing is going to happen to dead bodies? That flies flagrantly in the face of common sense, user.
And yeah, it is okay to wave your dick at a blind man. He's not gonna see it. If nobody else sees it, then did it happen?

Yeah, you caught me, I'm just a spook.

ah so being irresponsible about sex is bad for society

wtf does this even mean? things happen to everything at all times.

I would wish to know what its like to be this dense, but then i'd probably be poor and socialist.

Exactly, those bodies are going to decompose. His entire premise is based on the impossible.

Abortions are cool, you're spooked if you say otherwise

so is killing your family.

spooked if you say otherwise.

Are you OP or something? None of your posts have made any sense so far. You type like an actual mongoloid.

I'm not OP, and I don't think abortion should be entirely banned, but im severly disappointed in leftist's inability to provide any rational argument for their beliefs.

And so I argue with them in hopes to find a good point, and never do.

I was born and raised in France where abortion has been mostly a non-issue for everyone who isn't a zealous Catholic over the past few decades, and I share this feeling.
Conciousness is for me is the most important thing about human life, and if foetuses aren't conscious yet and a shitty life awaits them, well it's not worth it IMO.
My sister actually gave birth to a child when she was 15, and now s/he is either in a fosterhome or adopted. She was not ready this yet. She could be a good mom now, but back then she wanted the unprotected dick like I wanted the unprotected vagina at that age, and life was created out of this. Fortunately for me, my crazy high-school gf took the pill the night when we met and I cummed inside of her.
Maybe it would have been better if my sister aborted ? I don't know, we never talked about this seriously, but at least she had the choice.

Anyway, if you want to see what it's like to have abortion illegal, watch 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days. It's like the War on Drugs : now that we discovered the technology to do that, we will never stop to do it (until we get something better, maybe ?), and illegality just make it less safe, but not undesirable.

Abortion as we know it is a purely capitalist construct; children are no longer viewed as necessarily just children or for their probable potential but as financial burdens, potential hours wasted when something more "leisurely" could be done when not working. Capitalism at its purest makes children into costly investments sometimes not worth the "opportunity cost". Post-capitialism, the reasons for getting an abortion will have greatly diminished as people will be more than capable to support multiple children and will most likely possess the capacity to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Children somehow unable to be raised by their parents should be provided one through a functioning adoption system.

can you give a single real example where this happened?

You haven't proven your original premise that it is good to society.
You say it helps control the size of the population and cleans up after INDIVIDUALS sexual misgivings.
And those are positives but are not full solutions to systemic cultural problems brought on by the poorer part of society.
If you want society to be better than you must seek to change portions of the culture creating those problems which plagues the society.
The problem with using abortion as a form of birth control which is what your advocating.
Is that it furthers the portions of the culture causing the problem.
AKA people being irresponsible with sexual acts.

t. satanist. There will be no room in socialist society for mindless hedonists such as yourself.

Absolutely terrible. Ameriturd LIEberalism is a cult of death; you should not align yourself with it.

did this child kill itself? does it prefer being dead to its current state?
if so, is that always the case? is it your decision to make, or the actual person who is "suffering" being alive?

This is the smartest post in the thread.

Really that's an interesting take children through the lens of money.
Because when I think my children in terms such as the ones you've put forth.
I think of them as my BIGGEST and most important investment I'll ever make.

It sounds like a ton of fun.

To rip off a game I played once: A bell can never be unrung.


It has not happened yet of course, and in general, conceiving education through some other structures than the nuclear family is not something exclusive to the leftist project, but yeah, a more community based form of education being transmitted by the members of a commune could be better if your goal is to avoid abortions.

popular opinion, and community opinion are both cancer.

We would not be anywhere near close to the technology we had today if we did not realize the superior intellect of those who strive for more vs popularity of an idea.

I support aborting white babies, my issue is that too many abortion clinics are in black parts of town.

so you think abortion is a harmful, bad thing then?

which is why you dont want it happening to black babies?

We must secure the existence of our people AND A FUTURE FOR BLACK CHILDREN.

From the science regarding it I've read, it's perfectly ethical within the first trimester.

I think it gets a little grey beyond that, and feminist would be better served if they owned up to that. But I understand why they take a hardline about the ethicalness of it.


why wont you answer the 2 simple questions?

do you think those unaborted black kids will live good lives? do you think their parents will be better off not allowed to abort a kid they don't want?


Great way to put it.

Also (what I think the old viet anfem shitposter meant by) this tbh. Abortion is messing your head, especially if you are the one who hold the foetus in your belly.

or maybe im making a point regardless of it being bait?

Is abortion dialectical?

We currently don't exist in a communism, socialism, or any kind of post-capitalist system, so its mostly an observation on how a majority of abortions currently are done for financial reasons. Another interesting observation people on this board have brought up before is how nonchalantly abortion and the abortion industry in general is pushed by liberal media figures and news sources as a kind of solution or at least stopgap to poverty rather then addressing the system is general.

You're probably not going to get the response to your point you want when your point is in response to a fucking joke

I think that abortion is harmful, but we have too many white people and white people larping as brown people in this country.
I don't want black abortion because there are too few black people.

To whom are you making the point though?
Certainly not to him.
The point of his post is to deviate away form discussion and draw attention towards his post.
You'd make a greater point by simply not replying.

by what measure?

by most statistics, white people are contributing more to society, so isnt it better that there are more white people than black people? who is going to fund all the gibs of the poe black families when the percentage of black people grows beyond what welfare can support?

Hey another intelligent human being!

has anyone, ever?

I see your trying to bait the baiter.
An interesting tactic.
Lets see if its successful…..


Yeah I get it.
Humans truly isolated from their fellows are not much though, just like ants.
And to be honest, if you would have been educated by the people working at Bell Labs in the 70s/80s instead of your parents, you would be probably smarter by now and not waste your precious time on an obscure Malaysian blacksmithing enthusiast forum.

I personally find this the best way to look at children and a strong principle and ideal, but the way I look at the current system its not one that can be deemed "profitable" under capitalism unless you possess the capable funds. I don't find secularism necessarily bad, but a purely secular system under capitalism deems people as mere numbers and second to commodities, where as at least even in the the most lukewarm spiritual sense of a person, a person is viewed as "something more".

im not trying to be an ass, im genuinely interested in what that person thinks.>>1929237

bell labs.. owned by nokia.. why did you choose this example? do you think society would decide they should be in charge of education? do you think they would be good at education? why?

But you dont know how smart I am or am not

.. but im not "wasting" my time. Time spent towards leisure and understanding other people is not wasted time.

That is cool, but from my experience, I could have a children with my ex-gf by being a more careless with contraceptives, and it would have hell in [current year] where we have to deal with chronic unemployment and the infinitely raising costs of real estate. Millenials probably have fewer offspring than previous generations because we have it hard (hence the rise of "extremism")

the only good baby is a dead baby

Ok, let's pretend I wanted to say "a million of children (like Marx :^)"

They won't. Poor people will just be exterminated.

what i made a venezuela joke i didnt say shit about bell labs

yeah i fucked up with the reply.

millenials also aren't of appropriate age to be raising children yet though.

People just shouldn't have kids period. The biggest thing you can do to starve out capitalism isn't with a gun right now, it isn't with a fucking hammer and sickle.

It's to stop creating contributors to capitalism

Literally starve it out of labor, starve it out of producers. Don't give it what it wants, it wants the baby boomers back, it wants to make abortion illegal because so many poor women in so many places wouldn't go through with it if they knew in their heart it wasn't the right time or the right place.

This isn't ideological this is purely material, despite how badly they want us to believe its religious. It may be partially, but not entirely.

Let the birth rates drop among people, just stop having kids. Stop getting pregnant, stop producing anything. People can bring capitalism to its knees if they



can't they just import labor via countries that aren't as fortunate?

And have them reap what the sowed? They can do that all they want, they have a new population to deal with who might not like their material conditions eventually, not one they can know for certain votes a certain way.

Who cares about children, why would anyone on Earth want children in a world like this, this isn't an environment for children anyways and it won't be any time soon

Just let what comes may.

Do you think no one enjoys life?

Well, I'm in my mid-twenties, and my friends are starting to have babies. It's a weird feel, and personally I'm too immature to have one right now, but it's traditionally a time when you are pretty fertile and shit and start to become responsible enough to educate a little brat who shits himself, so no, I disagree. I would probably have more friends with children in a healthier society, and I think Holla Forums would agree with me on this matter.

No child will enjoy growing up in 2048. You have to think about them procreating, and their procreation procreating.

Just starve it out of the process like you would starve out a pool full of parasites in it. Don't give it the biological material it wants. Capitalism needs a steady stream of children in order to survive.

If birth rates continue to drop across the board it won't be secure anymore, the growth it predicted won't exist

That just sounds like you're being responsible though. Which is what everyone should be striving for.


The responsible choice right now is not having kids in order for capitalism to have problems along the way. It isn't responsible to insure future people suffer under capital's future problems, which by the looks of it, seem pretty damn severe

there are a lot of people that enjoy their lives. I am one.

also, there are a lot of people who will have children, whether or not you want them to.

You can't starve people of labor by not reproducing - reproducing seems to be the purpose of many peoples' lives.

you'd have to murder a fuckton of people to have a shortage of people who can work.

How am I going all out. Is having 5 kids a sensitive topic to you or something? Is that mandatory? I

t. Neoliberal

What you enjoy about life you have no guarantee your children will. Like it or not, these conditions we live in right now are completely temporary and making a rash investment that could just give capital more fruits of labor isn't wise.

Because in the future everyone is going to suffer, it doesn't matter if you're happy right now. Nobody growing up past a certain point will grow up in an environment that you did, it will be worse.

It has to be worse before it gets better. And that's why I'm saying, don't have kids. Just stay infertile.

I can't guarentee my children will enjoy life but that doesnt mean they wont.
you asserted no one will enjoy life.

how do you figure?

Suffering is a part of life, everyone suffers, even happy people.

oh yeah, no matter what? how do you know this?

Climate change will rip apart the environment in its beginning throws that will be disastrous. Don't play coy and say, just a few degrees and some more ocean won't do no harm.

It will effect everything you know. And it will effect the lives of your kids, and your grandkids.

For a large many reasons reproduction should be given some thought right now. Just don't throw yourself into the wild with whoever and have a family, as fun and sweet and accepting as that sounds, that's not reality. You will not have fun in the coming years.

We should say nothing.
It's a discussion black hole.

nah, but at this point, I know we wont see eye to eye, so we'll just have to let it be.

What are you going to do when you see your own child grow up more poor then you were raised


It's okay, by then we'll have a free market in eyeballs so he won't have to see anything.

Assuming, of course, he wants his kid to eat.

seeing as my father was rich as fuck this doesnt matter to me in the slightest.

I also don't think growing up poor is bad unless your parents just don't care about you.

I also don't believe it is particularly hard to succeed in society unless you are brainwashed by defeatest propaganda.

capitalism and commodity production

It creates a more precarious proletariat to their political interests, so their shooting themselves anyways. It won't stop the future.

but that wont cause any problems for capitalism in the long run because of automation.
Theres hardly any suffering under capitalism as compared to other current available options.

It will when it hits. You don't understand what it means to see your own kids grow up in a world that's alien to you, or seems more hostile. You want everything for your child and when you can't meet those demands it's going to rip your insides up.

Just the timing of having kids these days is so fucking wrong. It won't be this state of affairs forever, you have to realize that. Even if you think climate change is stupid, economic inequality will rise, the middle class will vanish, and poverty will live again like it hasn't in a century past the halfway point of this century.

Creating a life is also a responsibility, it isn't just about certain good memories.

Yeah? And what if the immigrants don't want to be replaced? What makes you think capitalism will solve that problem so easily. Because it has to?

Capitalism has "had" to do a great many things in America in order to survive, and they've been left unfulfilled. It doesn't give a fuck about these people, it's engineering it's own future decline

Well I think I'm smart and sensitive enough to not make the life of a child a living hell, but right now, I have my own problems to deal with, and taking care of a baby wouldn't be good for me. I prefer to blackout on alcohol in a foreign country or binge on speed while cleaning my room or experience an intense bout of anxiety thinking about death after smoking weed without having to worry about a lifeform that start crying suddenly at 3PM or that you have to drive school tomorrow or something. Maybe later, we will see.

We have way to many people so as much abortion as possible would be a good idea. We sould also start encouraging people to not have kids.

Is this some kind of reverse posadism, but instead of nukes reducing the human race, people just stop having kids and somehow along the way communism is achieved?


nah, I want my children to only get what they earn, otherwise they will grow up to be spoiled brats that are a drain on society.

well where I am, the economy was worse 2 years ago than it is now, and only looks to be better.

Nah, "climate change" is a tautology, "global warming" is largely a hoax which is why they had to shift the goal posts to defending a tautology.

I have no reason to think this is true.
What kind of poverty can exist that doesnt already exist in some form?

Yes, I agree, which is why I currently dont have kids.

Well, it's a good way to harm capitalism. Just Children of Men the fucker.

That's not what I said.

Well abortion is a typically American problem so our environments could be worlds apart

The same kind only in larger amount.


by % of wealth?

you think that the % of people in poverty will grow more than the % of not in poverty?

I could agree or disagree on depending on what "poverty" means in this situation. to me, someone who has an iphone does not live in poverty, even if they starve to death. This, to me, is more along the lines of stupid decisions and suffering because of them.

I also dont play the "average" game. averages cannot be applied to individuals, and if I properly teach my children that they dont deserve more than they work to earn, they will do far better than average.

yeah thats called being responsible towards your genes

you can pat yourself on the back all you want, it wont get rid of my rather in-depth understanding of statistics, or my rather easy to understand perspective that a bunch of democrats performing studies that result in conclusions that benefit democrats isnt actually science.

Capitalism isn't really that efficient and reduced birth rates is a consequence of late stage capitalism (i.e. Japan, Korea, etc.), Minh has it backwards. In fact, capitalism at some point requires immigration due to both birthrates created by an overworked populace or for a limitless pool of surplus labor to reduce wages.

Your advocation is for no one to have children. Which would result in the human race ending for your advocation came to fullfillment

Just look it up, this has been a topic for years now

you're an engineer, aren't you?

depends on what you mean by engineer.
not in a traditional sense, no, but I have taken a long list of statistics courses and won quite a bit of money on multiple occasions for studies I have performed.

But thats already too much for some stranger on the internet that has no intentions of making an honest point other than to masturbate and think that will impress me.

And not everyone will listen to me, obviously. That doesn't stop the idea behind it from being wise. You can't stop reproduction in general but if one or two people just don't have a family tree, that does harm potential profit.

Children and generations aren't seen as children and generations in capitalism, they're seen as an investment, just as you were as a child. If you fail on your investment and throw all your cards on the table, you fuck up the market somewhat by harming it in potential thousands of dollars lost or made or had.

Sounds good enough for me.

yall are complaining about over population and capitalism decreasing birth rates.
thats contradictory.
How is capitalism less efficient that state redistribution of property?
(Which is the popular alternative to capitalism thses days. but if youd like you can compare it to a raw dictatorship or feudalism or any other economic system that has existed before)

Global Warming has been a global problem and the globe isn't on the democrat republican scale of politics in America.

but only people in favor of global governments and people who are weak in statistics seem to side with this meme.

Obviously global governments have an equal worry about it for the future of everything its invested. And the world has been getting hotter, more acidic. The climate isn't this unchanging monolith, look through geologic time you'll understand well enough what some amount of carbon dioxide did already.

Whatever the source, the climate has changed throughout time and the idea several billion organisms won't effect it is naive. Even if we didn't have the technology we do now.

I'm not complaining about overpopulation, I'm complaining about how capitalism reduces birth rates as children become viewed as liabilities. I'm more in consensus with this post. Not everyone is agreeing here.

So you'd rather live in a socio-economic system that doesn't push individuals to be responsible with their procreation and genes?
Because thats what capitalism does when it lowers birth rates its making those people more efficient.
Its making them put more working into each of their children(each child becomes more expensive) as opposed to how its been for the past 100,000 years.
Where people had 15 babies and 8 of them died through disease and birth complications or just shitty things happening on the farm.

It's not often I cite /r/neoliberal, but nigga it's called a Pigovian tax. You don't need global governance to have national governments enact such a policy.

Also, my dad could out-statistic your dad.

All governments, global or not, would have reason to be concerned if it weren't a hoax. otherwise, it wouldnt be "global" warming.

I already have pointed out that global climate change is a tautology. Do you not see you were trained to be blind to the difference between climate change and global warming?

in the 70s, our best scientists were warning of a coming ice age, which i find far more realistic than catastrophic temperature rise, but either of these things are way to complex to accurately predict at this point.

This is an incredibly lazy assertion, and I dont think its fair to blame CO2 so much for our temperature changes as it is fair to blame the temperature change for our CO2 levels.

my dad isn't particularly good at statistics so I wouldnt be surprised except anyone good at statistics would be extremely ashamed of how conceited you are while making such childish arguments.

I would rather live in one that is hyper responsible and over bearing, given the nature of things.

Or increase immigration to pick up the slack, which is its own investment.

You're assuming that the results are going to be a good old fashioned happy family.

Reality is much different.

That happy family is only happy when it goes out, it isn't happy inside that house. It it's more depressed, it's struggling financially more every year, and it is certainly, less happy.

People are going to struggle against a changing world, there's no doubt about that.

im not
btw but your doom and gloom about global warming is no different than fire and brim stone pastors of the south at the turn of the century.
Your all fluff and bluff
no one denies global warming is happening but you can't sit there can tell me whats going to happen in the future with how the weather is going to act.
because you don't know.
Is the weather going to get worse?
yeah over the next 100 years
will we have to restructure parts of our infrastructure?
it is definitely a possibility for certain areas
but is it going to be day after tomorrow/geostorm in 10 years
not even close.
If your worried humanity can't hand bad droughts more frequent tornados and stronger hurricanes.
Then you should probably start advocating for people to kill themselves instead of just not having children because be got like 500ish years left before the next ice age and we can't stop that lol.
its part of natures cycle


its not. there are areas that are getting cooler. even if on average, the world is getting warmer, this already makes "global warming" a lie.

Hey, remember global cooling? Science was wrong back then, so obviously it's wrong now!

Some scientists did argue for "global cooling" back in the 1970s, but there never was a consensus and proponents of the hypothesis called for further research, not widespread political action. The primary hyping came from "pop science" publications. The serious scientists who did argue for it based their theory on: a) the cooling effects of ever-increasing amounts of aerosols (which, as we may recall from the "1940-1970 cooling" point above, caused significant cooling during the middle of the century), or b) the natural cycles of glaciation which would lead to an ice age in the next 20,000 years. Point a) was avoided by clean air acts reducing aerosol production (in other words, an intellectual victory for environmentalists), and point b) obviously has nothing to do with imminent global cooling. Deniers conveniently forget to mention either of these things.

In addition to that, the majority of papers published in the 1970s (when the "cooling" phenomenon was hyped) were actually predicting warming

How is it lazy to say that our climactic history on Earth has been easy to tip far before man even arrived here. We have millions of years of Earth doing its own recording geologically. It isn't lazy at all to imply the mere fucking possibility that humans might impact it negatively.

"Just have kids fuck responsibility lol"

"science" performed with the intent of rising political action is inherently not science.

Even if you are spouting politifact-level drivel, I am proud of you for putting at least some thought into this post of yours.

This wast my point at all. when will you realize your narrative relies on strawmanning?

So no political reflection can happen on science because of its results? That's fucking absurd, then we'd have to doubt evolution because it shook everything up as well

Now demonstrate it's being done with the intent of rising political action.

this is a straw man.

There are probably thousands of things wrong with our current perspective of evolution. This is a horrible point to make.

That slack is caused by minimum wage laws and employee restrictions.
which goes under

why even argue with these people? even exxon mobil admits climate change is real now, and these retards never will.

the burder of proof relies on you.
you must have many sources performing the same exact study where the performers of the same study come from largely different backgrounds, many of which would be incentivised to disagree with the results of the study.

its called peer review. and no, a liberal department approving of a liberal person performing a "study" does not count.

The scientific evidence that the climate is slowly increasing in temperature exists.
If you can't handle that fact then you need to evaluate how you read scientific papers

And……..? Even if that was the case….? How does that disprove my point.

You said we should doubt results that give a political impact, clearly evolution did, and clearly it wasn't perfect then either, that doesn't negate its existence overall. Science adapts to new information.

What you want is to binge yourself on hope that things are going to turn out for the better because you don't want to be depressed

And so are you for imagining that to your children

"THE climate" is not a thing. it would be foolish to the point of delusion to oversimplify it in this manner.

glad I've left you breathless

suck cock

"My own kids are a game" is a great mindset to have as a parent

Mostly because I have a good number of pictures of that guy laughing.

Uh, No.
You're the one claiming there is a conspiracy. You can't prove there's not a conspiracy.

Otherwise: Prove my dick is not 42ft long.

"peer review" in this case is not real peer review.

show me the studies and who performed them and their political leanings, please.

if you can't be specific, you are spouting delusions.

Yes it is.

We should just trust you on this then?

im not claiming there is a conspiracy

you claim its well documented scientific fact.
im asking for evidence of real peer review.
you have provided none.

oh my goodness I thought i was on a leftist board not some catholic church

Yes, you are.

i dont really care if you do or not, to be quite honest. im just looking for a good point.

when a girl thinks that girls are smarter than boys, is she committing a conspiracy?

Holy fuck i apologize for replying to you.
Your far to down the rabbit hole for me to waste my time on you

im sorry that you are incapable of learning.

Please stop!

so what is the current ambient temperature of "THE climate"?

is it sunny? cloudy? rainy?

You want to look for a good point because you want evidence that the world isn't fucked and you can go on and have kids. You don't want to think of pros and cons, or even potential pros and cons, and you don't want to weigh it because either your family brainwashed you into the idea you have to have children or you're emotionally connected to the idea at all, or both.

Clearly, the only one who's scientific or medical knowledge is compromised its you, for letting yourself want to look for evidence that the world won't change and everything will be the same.

What lead to the Permian Extinction?


Oh I see, it's only peer review if it's approved by Breitbart or the Daily Mail.

Your willful ignorance is pitiful. You'll listen to 'experts' without a GED when they just make up shit about the climate but suddenly nobody's credentials are good enough when they support what 99% of climate scientists support.

Nobody can ever force you to be intellectually honest

no, I want to see if i'm wrong. I think the world is in many ways fucked, but that doesnt mean everyone in it is fucked, and that my kids will inherently be fucked, if I ever decide to have any.

This is scary amounts of projection that you relate suicidal ideation to the choice not to have kids

Do you have any actual points to make other then berating me?
I'd love to hear them really.
Because your whole argument is basically life isn't worth living.
But you must not really believe that because your still here sitting on your computer.
Conversing with a complete strangers with which you are professing the things that you think and believe.

nice try.

No, I'm saying to weigh the choices of having a family right now. Only you and people already made up in their minds would even see that as berating.

all young republicans must die

Ah but hopefully you are my friend!

not young

not republican

how many swings should I give you before I can expect you to hit a ball?

So you think the world is fucked but your kids are fine

Wait until life throws you a bone. All life is a series of disasters that you are forced to problem solve and adapt, and your kids will have their own. You just admitted it. You think that won't have an effect on your ability to parent at all?

but over all thats a very hard question to answer. Its like asking what is the mood of america?
youd have to take a poll of everyones mood and average it and that would be the mood of america

not even close to the same thing as a global climate or a situation where there is "THE climate"

you obviously lack the attention to detail/understanding of nuance to be good at science or math, let alone the complicated ones involved in predicting the next states of climate change.

were you actually sorry for responding to me? if so, why do you keep doing it? do you have no self control?

You're hung up over a fucking word

If this "THE climate" is actually real, what's it's telephone number?

Huh? Huh? Bet you can't answer that one, Agenda 21.

Yes, it was intended to be this way to make the point that discussing something like.. "the mood of america" is an entirely silly concept in the first place.

Oh I was gonna say baby boomer but I thought that was too long a shot for Holla Forums

but seriously anyone who still denies that climate change exists deserves to be executed, you've had 20-15 years to come around to accept reality

but ive said climate change is a tautology many times, try to keep up.

no im making a point about extremely dishonest language.

well you've accused me of wanting my children to suffer and I am a bad parent to be so yes those are berations
And I've thought about it and determined passing on my genes to the next generation armed to the teeth the best that i can arm with up form the genetic level (partnership pick and diet of said partner and early life diet) all the way up to mental function and knowledge.
So that way the can do far more than i can ever do is the best thing that i can do for humanity.

The fact that the world's ahem

"weather" "climate" "atmosphere" may change because of human beings isn't farfetched, it's been impacted by organisms in our own prehistory. Why it wouldn't respond to this many humans is baffling to me, and you don't have an answer as to why that may be.

its a good thing what climate change is describing isn't entirely summed up by the words 'climate change', you and I both know what is meant by it you fucking mouthbreather.

Who are these "airlines"
Where do they fly? Huh?


nah, I think you are heavily deluded on exactly what that means.

holy fuck thats a good one

are you too stupid to realize this post helps my point?

Acting like all airlines are together on an idea/policy/or trend would be delusional.

try to keep up.

you don't even accept that climate scientists have authority over climate science so what the fuck do you know about what scientific theories mean? science to you is what bill o'reilly says.

No I'm board and your question was answerable.
regardless of it being a silly concept its still measurable. Just like you can measure the temperature…. :^)

If you're not worried that you may be a bad parent you're not admitting to yourself the full responsibilities that might entail parenting, you have to cover all possible options.

You have to be prepared and if you aren't prepared to admit to yourself "I fucked up by having kids", you aren't ready to have kids. Because the emotional conclusion of that is something nobody is actually ready for, and so is having kids.

If you aren't prepared, you aren't prepared.

This isn't raising a dog or a cat, a child is, a big fucking responsibility that comes with all these decisions you have to weigh and things you have to prepare yourself for, you understand that right

Yeah, statements like "High oil prices hurt the airlines", "Airline industry growth is at a record level", "Investment in airlines has peaked" etc is clearly insane babble. I mean, where do we draw the line between airlines and ground transportation anyway? You've gotta ride that little bus out to the plane…

While we're at it, what the fuck is with this "Internet" thing? Like, it's actually a bunch of individual networks. There is no overarching structure.

im an intelligent person that understands the fallibility of people and the inherent self-bias of researchers.

one day you will realize your desire to oversimplify everything immediately signals to smart people that you are lesser.

We don't have holes in the ozone that's just rays of sunshine basking me in a gold bukkakae of happiness nothing's wrong in the world

i have no denial about holes in the ozone.

What makes you think you're a smart person

What caused them?

well that depends on what you mean by "smart" really. in some ways, I am stupid. I sure am not good at fishing with just a spear, thats for sure.

but the right wing talking heads on am radio are never wrong, right?

dont listen to radio.

how many strikes?

who gives a shit what exactly you watch? you're brainwashed by baby boomer babble either way. I know I can't change your mind, I just want you to know that you're subhuman

well your entire argument has relied on you projecting things about me because you dont actually understand the science at hand, so you just attempt character assassination.

so you. you care. apparently. otherwise you wouldnt constantly bring it up.

what does it mean to be subhuman? outperforming average in every aspect I care about sure doesn't feel subhuman to me, and if it is subhuman, well damn, i like being subhuman.

Nor do you, you've just been knighted by the king of statistics.

dunning kruger effect

never said that I am worried that I'll push my kids to hard I'm worried I'll fuck up somewhere along the way.
But if I do fuck up raising them? I'll have learned something and so will they.
I remember how my mom raised me and I remember how not to be raised.
So if I make a mistake my children will know not make that mistake.
If it ever gets to the point where I'm out of ammo and so is my family and the raiders are breaking into our home because we live in a post apocalyptic world because of global warming.
I won't regret it
I would never regret doing the most powerful thing i can accomplish having and raising my children to the best my ability
Not because I want to watch my family die But because i would lived a full life trying my best to complete my purpose and doing the best that i can do for the human race.

but you dont know if what im saying is true or not, but you are casting judgment as if you do

tell me, what is the dunning kruger effect?

go back to school kid, you can't beat
[FKNROSE] xx_the master_xx

reddit and 4chan and 8 chan arent my first forumn.

maybe i prefer extra spaces.



Nice b8

well it takes up extra room and it's extra knowing because I have to scroll extra

Kill yourself newfag.

Reddit spacing is not a thing. This kind of spacing has been around on chans for a long time.



I didn´t mean it; don´t actually kill yourself.

Just read volume one of Capital, and stop flag fagging.

Can't I just kill myself?

give them a limit of 3 month to decide whether or not to keep it.
The population won't suffer human are good at regulating there population.


Rather an abortion for an unwanted fetus than a child grow up in a broken home that doesn't want them or can hardly afford to raise them.

The Abortion debate when broken down to it bare bones is about when person becomesa person.

Law is by nature amoral.

its an inherently abstract, moral philosophical issue that has no place in a court of law.

Not that law has any place anywhere in the grand scheme of things but you gotta take baby steps.

If you're under 20 and get pregnant, mandatory abortion.

can't we just raise the child collectively?
would have the added bonus that it would ensure that it didn't get imprinted with any retrograde beliefs/attitudes.

A zygote is not a person, A fetus is not a person.