Say something nice about Anita Sarkessian

Say something nice about Anita Sarkessian

For what purpose?

I would fuck her in the ass.
Yes, this is something nice, a compliment

No. Shes a vile, ugly, scammy person.

She actually isn't that horrible, I have yet to find a statement of her that was objectively wrong. Plus she called Sargon human garbage right in his face publicly which made me like her even more.

She's pretty short, so I guess she'd make a good limbo player.

Why? As a male, I do think she has point when she says female characters in videogames are sexualized. I'd enjoy videogames more if they weren't that silly.

t. woman hater Goobergater

What's the difference between Anita and Jack Thompson?

You can make a rape joke about Jack Thompson

"Trust a snake before a Jew and a Jew before a Greek, but don't trust an Armenian"- George Orwell

looks like a less hot version of my highschool gf. Would cum in mouth, ass, and pussy.

She's not as terrible as this thread

Doesnt mean she isnt a vile, ugly scammy person

Long hair, earhoops and an ugly face. No thanks.


She looks good for a 34-year-old.

Her videos are ok, I guess .




Her ancestors were victims of genocide

Her critiques against video games are milquetoast things that have been said since forever. The backlash against her was incredibly overblown. The whole situation says more about gamers (or at least people who care about this stupid shit) than it does about her. She would've never gotten as popular if not for that fact.

This. Where were these virgins when Gerstmann got canned?

The best armor for men should be giant spiked codpieces. Like, three feet long and made of demon metal.

gamergate is gay and anyone who got interested in politics because of it needs to be hanged from the neck until dead

Why is this not surprising.


how is that genocide

This thread doesn't even belong here.

Also, the only reason she has a platform is because of the very same nerds who wanted to take her down. Damn that consumerist idpol movement to hell.

Why does he love her so much? He hates SJWs…

games are good but anyone who identifies as a gamer needs to die for the good of mankind

the roo is thirsty for some crazy

She's not really impacting video games in any meaningful way and most of her points are valid imo, but they're such basic shit and it's clear she really doesn't respect (or even really like) the medium as a whole.

She's a SJW-Sargon who's at least right about shit once in awhile. Only producing content to keep the sheckles a flowing, and will probably commit suicide within the next 5-10 years to very little fanfare.

These tbh
wtf i love MLs now

she's made more contribution to politik than this thread, but less than whatever thread you bumped off the board for this