Is he still /our guy/, or have the anarkiddies taken over the board?

Is he still /our guy/, or have the anarkiddies taken over the board?

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he never was


Well he toned down his views a lot. I bet that bruise on his face he had while at the Hillary elections had something to do with it. Hillary has her opponent killed.

Should have seen his grin when she lost.

False dichotomy OP. First off, he is a socdem, so if you are head over heels for him, you're probably a socdem.
That being said, I'd still support him in an election, by far over the other shit typically thrown at us.

He's a democratic socialist who has stressed the need of non-electoral initiatives like unionism and grassroots movemements again and again, user.

A Zionist SocDem?

he's not even a succdem, he's 100% shitlib

What's the difference, because honestly, it just seems to be a rebranding since the old social democratic parties have gone full liberal

Reminder that you are talking about America, where fucking O'bama is a commie.

I can't begrudge the impulse towards social democracy among US workers that Sanders has tapped into where such a tradition hasn't been as pronounced as other nations. He activated a lot of layers of society in thinking about politics.

However, I don't think he believes in the dictatorship of the proletariat. But who knows.

Whatever you say bro.

America, a place where Obama is a communist and Sanders is a liberal

He is probably personally a proper socialist. He was not running on a proper socialist platform. But also he never got the chance to do the Corbyn Classic Overton putsh cos Shillary Binton the Wicked Witch of the White House killed him dead with her voodoo. I would say he still managed to shake a few liberals a little lefter and that is a good thing and I would consider him my guy. Although we'd have stern words about Israel

Spoken like a true anarcho-liberal. Don't participate in this bourgeois pseudo democracy. If he ever does get to power he'll be the Francois Hollande of America.

The sad thing is that even what Hollande that caused France to take a step backwards would be a giant leap forward for us in burgerland

Saying shit like that is a high schooler's idea of what being a "socialist" is


t. succdem

Yeah, just a succdem like Marx.


He was a good gateway drug for proper leftism, but that's it

No. He was never our guy.

He'll no! I'm actually glad he lost and or got cheated out of the presidency.
He's still as bloodthirsty as Clinton is when it comes to foreign policy.

I'm an all black anarchist and I prefer him than any of the other "democratic" options tbh.

Even of 2020. He is the best choice.

Lesser evils do exist. A higher min-wage means is a wealthier me.

ohh pls shut the fuck up. I prefer this guy in power than any of the others. EASY.
stop being a bitch.

Social Democrats are bitches yes but they're lesser bitches than ANY of the others running for power.

He never was, but he was much more useful at one time.



at least remove the Holla Forumstard flag for "shilling" yourself.

You're not even shilling you're just plain lying. Like all Holla Forumstards tbh. I know, I used to be a retard like you. Good thing I grew the fuck up.

An ugly puppet at that.


gulag for bernie and his rosa-killing fans

No. The constraints of bourgeois democracy would've led to the inevitable betrayal of the ideals of his platform. Just like Trump, Obama, Hollande, Syriza, Podemos, and much more. The right would still have reasoning behind their victim complex and frankly the more people dillusioned with Trump and right wing populism in general the better.

you were not even alive then and she is already dead, she isnt a saint
grow the fuck up

bernie > trump / hilary. F A C T

Karl Liebknecht >>>> Rosa Luxemburg

Further proof that most Anarkiddies on here are clearly not over the age of 18

and you killed both of them

SPD retreat after assassinating Rosa is why we got Hitler

Then just call yourself a SocDem, as your priority is maintaining high living standards under conditions of capitalism. Only hunger and the disintegration of society can cause real change. Hell, the Russians accepted millions of their men being sent to their deaths in a horrid war for no real reason for years, until finally hunger convinced them to bring down the regime. Same in Germany at the time.

SocDem: Capitalism that gives workers a livable wage, single-payer or socialised healthcare, affordable education, better worker conditions, but wage labour still exists, albeit less exploitative
DemSocs: Democratic transition into socialism, starting with voting in horizontal workplace democracy, and gradually transferring ownership of capital to workers, removing shares from people not working min the business, giving surplus value back to the proletariat etc.

Our patience has run out for cowardly chickenshits who refuse to confront targeted voter suppression and election fraud.

He is 'proper leftism', user.

It's funny how you lot get mad when conservative morons attribute killings under Stalin or Pol Pot to Socialism, but then you do exactly that with social-democrats lol

He was never /ourguy/ in the full sense. He just got people a little more used to hearing the word socialism, and was way more "leftist" than basically any other politician in burgerland. He's useful but he's not really on our side.

In what sense?

He got a bunch of American kiddos to be interested in politics and economic issues and to not be afraid of ebul socialism. But he's still in support of the establishment and plays their games and we don't really have reason to think if he had more power (e.g. the presidency) that he'd stop playing the game. Sure he'd be better than a Trump or Clinton and he'd be better for the people but he's not going to push us into socialism other than the socdem sense. Given his espoused positions, it's questionable whether he'd even want to do that.

He's now completely on his own, still trying to do some good "from within the system" even though the dem party won't let him do shit and will keep killing his best efforts.

Everyone here says they don't like Bernie anymore, but during the primaries we were all coming in our pants at the thought of a glorious Bernie vs Trump race where the republicans would inevitably get fucking annihilated and the demmycrats would be forced to become progressive.

People loved bernie in 2016. Holla Forums was one of the few places that wasn't getting spammed by MAGA morons, liberal zombies, CTR trolls or shillary bots, so it was a pretty useful board for talking about Bernie and about the DNC cheating him.

Bernie is a Market Socialist, he's based in my eyes

I campaigned for him and thought he was decent. I didn't like how he sold out to Hillary and wish he fought back harder at the way the DNC treated him, but whatever.

"Market Socialism" is the ultimate oxymoron.
It's not as bad as "anarcho"-capitalism