Responce to Krout on Rojava

Did I do good?

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You want to do better? First, change that shit.

No, it triggers to many people.

So does your spelling.

what did I spell wrong.


whose the real nazi ITT?

Mussolini posts on Holla Forums, noice.

I wish you would use your real voice tbh

t. FBI

FBI or not robo voices like that sound really garb and lazy

Hes right you know, do you think they are there for anything other than show off?

many of them died fighting I don't think they're all there to show off
they don't even show their faces who are they trying to impress by remaining anonymous
maybe they actually believed in something and wanted to do something in support of it. maybe their life at home was shit and joining an org fighting for positive change in the world was something they felt would give them meaning. its retarded to just say hurr durr PPG CIA attention whores

I bet you think the YPJ actually fights

Like there weren't any thrill seeking faggots in the International Brigades in Spain.
The Aut-right use their own money to fund people who pop up illegal migrant rafts to prevent anuddah shoah, the Rad-left moves to Syria to gun down indoctrinated muslim proles and remove the patriachy.
The world's just a pretty stupid place.

I bet you think you're not a flaming faggot

dropped your flag

I don’t want to be doxxed.

i understand its not biggie
good video comrade

Change your name fuccboi. I'm annoyed every time I see you commenting on videos, and tbh I don't even read your shit because of it.



I think this is the thing that pissed me off that most. Not only do they accept you, they will carry your body through town if you die, and even let other westerners speak at your funeral.
vid related.
I know, it's from normiebook, but it's too big to make into a webm.