Muchas Gracias Mi General:

Reminder that thanks to Pinochet, Chile is the country with the highest standard of living in latin america.



I'm convinced by this point that everyone of Spanish descent are crypto anglos

But is true, third highest standard of living in America, behind Canada and the US.

pinochet larpers aren't chilean.

Is you say so…

tough luck spooked cuck

Well if that's any indication then Chile's still not a good place….

You fucktards need to learn economics and how these stats are manipulated. It's basically this

1 guy has a million dollars. 9 people have nothing. "on average everyone in (insert country here) have 100k checkmate commies!!!!"


One, Pinochet did shit. Literally name one metric in which he improved the lives of the average Chilean. Two it's HDI was the same of Cuba a decade ago, now last time I checked Pinochet had been out of power for 2 decades by that point. Third, this development has happened WHILE THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF CHILE HAS BEEN IN GOVERNMENT.

Actually learn some fucking history.

He killed commies, that's a win in my book.

I mean you're not really trying to argue against him. All you can do is lash out in a snarky manner. That is one out of many things that makes Holla Forums and Holla Forums different, there is at least a truth to what we're saying.

No he killed democrats and members of his own officer corps, actually read history.


Stop changing reality

Wow I didn't expect you to give in that quickly, Nice work lads, sage goes in the email field.


This reeks of 4/pol/. So cringey.


Can't refute what the memeballs say?

Besides, HDI puts countries with better healthcare, less poverty, less crime, and fewer incarcerations and drug addictions (Sweden in this case), behind the fucking US. It's a bullshit statistic

plan Z was a falseflag.
read a fucking book you spic

Not an argument



Did you know Pinochet was in fact nazbol? It's true! He deliberately hired retarded lolbert "economists" to cause the crash of 1982 and accelerate to revolution, while he himself attended to throwing revisionists and trots out of helicopters to avert reactionary subversion.

FAS or just a horse kick?