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How does one argument against retard arguments like this?
hurr durr your iphone is because of capitalism and shit arguments like that

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Capitalism didn't make my iPhone, exploited foreign workers did.

This, and/or you could argue that the world needed capitalism to develop us past feudalism to a certain point but that it isn't needed for that anymore.

Tell them the lithium for it was mined by a Bolivian syndicate.

Also ask them if China is communist, if so, then it was made under communism.


Just mock them.

Capitalism doesn't decide whether or not iPhones get made, that's social demand that does that. Capitalism is what distributes the profits made by selling the iPhones primarily to the people who own the Capital that produced those iPhones.
Or more concisely: Capitalism doesn't create iPhones, labor does.

Yeah right, in socialist era public telecom in my country connected the remotest villages. In capitalist, they dont, because its not profitable. If capitalism has iphones for some, we would have them a lot cheaper and earlier, with unlimited data etc.

The iPhone was made under capitalism, but the implication here is that the iPhone was made thanks to neoclassical free market principles. Quite the contrary, most of the technology of the iPhone was publicly funded.
Since normies believe socialism is everything the government does, would the iPhone and most modern computer technologies and drugs be an achievement of socialism by their logic?
I have always found the concept of the space race interpreted as capitalism vs socialism ridiculous, since both NASA and the USSR were centrally planned organisations. It was ironically, 'socialism' vs 'socialism'.

My argument is that it does not matter. Marx himself praises that capitalism is a very productive system. Marxism is the implication that capitalism has been very productive, but it has contradictions that will make it collapse as feudalism did, and the outcome will be socialism.
So what if the iPhone was made by capitalism? That is not of my concern. Great! But capitalism is currently in a stage where we CAN feed everyone in the world, yet millions die of hunger every year. Let us move onto socialism.
Aqueducts and cement were created in slave society. Would this have been a good argument to stay in slave society?
The issue is that people view socialism (in the Soviet sense) as an alternative to capitalism, rather than the stage of history after capitalism.

tldr Google Fredrich Engels
No seriously, read the PDF it explains historical materialism

That's pretty good tactic, show them fallacy in their thinking

IPhone fan may also argue that because of capitalist system there is innovation (and therefore IPhones exist), and under communism there isn't. That's pretty easy to refute however.

Also they'd be much more easily reparable. I fucking hate how fragile electronics are today tbh


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Top dialectic.

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Capitalism made Apple

Thats why its so shit then made in sweatshops

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