Varg Vikernes is beginning to take to the true RED pill and Trumptards are angry because of it.

Every time he says "Civilization", what he really means is Capitalism.

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is this really one of the titles for his videos?
top kek

wow this guy actually knows his shit. 99% of people probably wouldn't be able to tell you this.

Where does this people got dumber and dumber meme come from? Even the dumbest people today are more intelligent than his stupid hunter gatherers.

Stop posting ecofascism

Shut up, Jared Diamond.

someone post webm?

Wake up porky. It's all over.

Primitive communism avoids the dysgenic issues inherent to advanced society, at the cost of human freedom. What primitivsts don't realize though is that advanced communism also avoids the dysgenic aspects of society too, without having to sacrifice human freedom. There's literally no point to regressing to a primitive society, but there's a massive human cost, the death tolls would be massive.

Anybody else think the typa bodies women in old nude paintings have got is kinda sexy? Thicc, not fat, not thin and a more "soft", natural look with less muscle definition and more feminine fat distribution.

Is there a word to describe the way these women are painted yet? There should be.

Yeah, yeah, fascist takes the real red pill. That's nice too I guess.


At least you didn't sage…


anprim always was the most reactionary ideology

Varg is a closet Marxist it's so fucking obvious

It generally comes from research on how our minds have changed through the ages humanity has existed. Our Autism Levels have been decreasing since the victorian era:
This is partly due to intelligent women having less children.

Interestingly, some experts seem to be saying similar things as Varg.

But it gets worse, the amount of brain matter has been decreasing as well.

Of course, Autism Level as also risen in the last 60 years (as we know to be the "fylnn effect") due to increases in living standards, but that doesn't entirely contradict this data. The changes in material conditions could simply be covering up and compensating for our genetic change.

This is completely untrue. Hunter-gatherers would need to know a shit ton in order to effectively survive. People living in ghettos off of welfare smoking weed and what not are probably dumber, even if they realize that the earth isn't the center of our solar system.

Varg doesn't consider himself a neonazi.
He created his own ideology he calls Ôðalism while in prison.

Ôðalism is in the strictest sense an ideology based on blood (of the native population) and soil (the homeland of the native population); protecting, promoting and if necessary reviving the customs, traditions, world view, values and religion that naturally came from each particular population in their homeland.
–Varg Vikernes, 2013

It's all about surface area, boyo.

Fair enough. Unfortunately however we don't have any data on the surface area of Victorian era brains, so I suppose the evidence is tentative.

No. That body is what the rich bitches who were overfed and did nothing productive had. It is Early Bourgeois Bod.

lol, no it does

if Autism Level measures intelligence then you can't just backflip and say that the rise is due to externalities and acshully we are getting dumber

Varg has more legitimate and good ideas and more genuine anticapitalism and anti-authoritarianism than any other far right winger I've seen.
Hes still a politically retarded 'MUH BLOOD MUH ANCESTORS' nazi, thinks socialism is when the government does stuff and 'bolshevism' is a jewish(for him, ch ristian, and christian=jewish) plot, etc, but hes pulled in some good directions.
hes not of any use as someone to listen to though. anprim aint the way forward. hes just an i nteresting guy.

Get out, you StateCap Heathen!

also, he still has the characteristic eco-facist misanthropy and survivalist death fixation. 'the weak will be culled, us strong blackpilled ones will go on' type shit.
again, interesting guy, but not worth actually listening to.


He is not a right winger. Hell he is not even a nazi.
He hates capitalism so he can't be labeled right wing and he thinks nazis want to continue and defend the oppressive and terrible thing known as civilization, so he's also not very fond of them.

we're getting at the utter inadequacy of the 'left-right' political compass here.
hes nothing even remotely right wing when 'right wing' means ancaps, or even hitler or mussolini protecting and elevating national capital, but you know what I mean.

Don't sage my thread if you agree with me, asshole.

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Then why were the inuits (who came over the land bridge the latest and are most related to east asians) chewing on whale blubber while the aztecs where predicting solar eclipses and inventing hydroponics?

The original fascists were actually very critical of globalist finance capitalist, Mussolini refereed to america and the uk as the plutocracies.

In support of Hitler's strategy of rapproachment of the Soviet Union in 1939, Mussolini in September 1939 informed fellow Fascist official Giuseppe Bottai that the internal differences between fascism and Bolshevism had grown less acute over time and noted that both fascism and Bolshevism held common contempt of the "demo-plutocratic capitalism of the western powers".[292] In October 1939 Mussolini had considered making a public statement to the Italian people that would announce Fascist Italy's abandonment of hostility to the ideology of Stalin's Soviet Union by claiming that Stalin's regime had effectively dissolved Bolshevism and that it had been replaced by a Slavic fascism.[293] Mussolini's foreign minister and son-in-law Ciano persuaded Mussolini not to make this statement.[293]

As a Fascist leader, “Mussolini never concealed his sympathy and admiration for Communism,” often praising Lenin’s “brutal energy,” and found little “objectionable in Bolshevik massacres of hostages.”[294] In 1931, after greeting Alfred Bingham, son of a U.S. Republican Senator, “Mussolini told the young man of his admiration for Communism—‘Fascism is the same thing’” as Communism
Fascism and communism, however, have common positions in their opposition to liberalism, capitalism, individualism, and parliamentarism.[207] Fascists and communists also agree on the need for violent revolution to forge a new era.[207] While fascism is opposed to Bolshevism, both Bolshevism and fascism promote the one-party state and the use of political party militias.[285]

Fascism has had complicated relations regarding capitalism, which changed over time and differed between Fascist states. Fascists commonly have sought to eliminate the autonomy of large-scale capitalism to the state.[191] Fascists support the state having control over the economy, although they support the existence of private property.[192] When fascists have criticized capitalism, they have focused their attacks on "finance capitalism", the international nature of banks and the stock exchange, and its cosmopolitan bourgeois character.[193] Under fascism, the profit motive continues to be the primary motivation of contributors to the economy.[192] That policy abruptly changed in Italy by 1934 when Mussolini "reiterated that capitalism, as an economic system, was no longer viable."[194] Mussolini went so far as to proclaim that the economy of Fascist Italy was to be "based not on individual profit but on collective interest."

Mussolini co-opted leftist rhetoric whilst giving corporations and foreign business legal power over Italy and pursuing disastrous laissez-faire economic policies. Nationalization did not occur until a drastically later date when, surprise surprise, the free market policies caused the rich to loot the country and lead to economic collapse.

Mussolini's """anti"""-capitalism is drastically overstated.

They fought international capital(good) for the sake of national capital(completely ruined it).

Fascism isn't Anarchism.

Bruh you're making me salivate
I second you

Those comments in the first video, damn.
I know Youtube is cancer, but hell, most of them were sperging out that "achully, capithalishm did not destroy Detroit. It was dem damn niggas!" as if the slow death of the entire industrial sector of said city, the industry it was completely reliant on, had nothing to do with it.

What the fuck is it with these people?! Their idiocy alone sparked an strange upheaval within my heart just now; a small and feeble glimmer stinging my innards with a warm pulsing, yet an oddly positive and motivated, hate-filled rage. I feel confused, as I feel like I shamelessly share something with those foolish antifa smashies. I feel like there is no way to convince or rehabilitate these people, that therefore only one path remains: crushing their lost, worthless minds by introducing their mostly empty skulls with the pavement… as violently as humanly possible.
I'm normally coherent and occasionally slightly too controlled, but now… I guess this shit simply exceeded my daily bullshit toleration threshold. Like, fucking 'ell.

This is called essentialism. That is what drives nazi (and indeed all racialist) ideology.

Sound like you spend too much time in an echo chamber, redditfag.

Hm, not quite.
Overall from 1889 to 2004 there has been a net decline of about 13 points. In other words, Autism Level was pretty much consistently decreasing until public schools and standardized testing became a thing. How else would you explain this sudden change aside from material conditions?

Hell, more recent studies even show that the flynn effect is running out; obviously our Autism Levels can't just go up indefinitely.
>Generational Autism Level changes (the Flynn effect) have been shown to be predominantly positive but differentiated according to Autism Level domains and countries. However, evidence from recent studies points towards a decrease of the Flynn effect globally or even a reversal in some countries. In the present meta-analysis, we show an inverse u-shaped trajectory of Autism Level test performance changes in a large number of samples (k = 96; N = 13,172) on a well-known test for spatial perception (the three-dimensional cubes test, 3DC) in German-speaking countries over 38 years (1977–2014).

he said we have slaves and call the workers.

Are Anprims the horseshoe theory completed.


He’s got some good stuff

The advantages of small tribal like communes. Good stuff tbh.

I've been shown the true path.

Can't find it but read somewhere the political compass for the currente century will be those who fully embrace the technological singularity/muh transhumanism meme on one side versus those opposing it and by extension all of modern civilization (since for as long as we live in civilization thse trends are unavoidable) on the other. It sounded very autistic the first time I read it but it is beginning to make sense.

Primitivism is trash. Varg is trash. Ecofascism is trash. Stop posting this here.

Yes. We're like Stirnerists but less pretentious and more pragmatic.

Who says that they weren't the smartest ones of all? From what I hear whale is fucking delicious btw

In what way is something like this fascist?

Well, well… What a surprise. Bookchin is just another kvetching Jew who can join the rest of them. And of course Holla Forums will just ignore this fact and persist to believe he's some sort of "revolutionary" when it's obviously apparent that he's just some controlled opposition that made money writing books telling useful idiots what they want to hear.



The third image is wrong as the red cross admits to the fact that it officiated information during the nazi larping fiasco that entangling Europe during the 40s.

The first image is just a show of the soviets appreciation of and dedication to the game of jenga.

Social Alienation would be reduced if society was reorganized according to tribalism.

Some Primitivism is nessicory to deal with social alienation.

Bookchin isn’t a Jew.

I don't know how I feel about Varg. He seems very intelligent and well spoken, but when I listen to his videos, 50% of it is pretty woke but then it's always interspersed with some completely inane racialist horseshit that's totally off the wall and misses the mark

Here is a clearer image of that document (as well as an additional one in case you want to write that one off). From what I am aware of, there are two officially produced documents summarising the death tolls of all the German workers camps, and neither of them add up to 6 million. The first one is the one in question and produced by the International Red Cross a non partisan aid group, and the second is an report produced by the Auschwitz Museum and currently archived at Arolsen, Germany. If you take the time to look at the dates of when these documents were produced, you'd see that the International Red Cross document was produced in 1979 and the Auschwitz Museum document in 1984. Why would they fear that they'd have to "officiated information" at that period in time? Liberal Media backlash? Soviet aggression? It certainly wouldn't have anything to do with the Germans because they were still occupied at that time and had been since 1945. My guess for the Red Cross coming out and making that statement on this is they probably felt that they had to say something. What would you do if your organisation had produced official documents denying the Holocaust™?

Probably tbh.


*shrugs* couple of fun videos on the subject that could be good to look into.

There is no such thing as an "ad hominem", inequitable hierarchical relations in society create different subjectivities, even if we assume perfect honesty, and the entire ideological apparatus is susceptible to total capture by a dominant group. This can be expressed simply: you wouldn't listen to an rambling drunk on the street's "argument", would you? Character matters in law and so on and so forth.