Tfw found out some of my ancestors were minor nobility/gentry types

I feel dirty

Tbh I don't think there's anyone who doesn't have a little blue blood in them

where is my 100% genetically pure proletarian master race?


My family also used to be bourgeois in the late 1800's, but one cunt spent all the money on gambling, whores and booze and died as a hobo.

My great grandmother came from a low ranking Austrian noble family that lost all their titles after WW1 but were still relatively well off.

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my mom is a nazi-hippie
i'm seriouss

Why the fuck would you care?

Hey, I have a nazi-hippie mom too. She is the sweetest little old lady who wants everyone in the world to die that you will ever meet.

Thats nothing. My greatgrandfather was fighting against communists in civil war.

What a coincidence. My grandmother was a Prussian noble whose family lost their lands when Poland was re-created after The Great War. She used to talk about how closely related we were to certain European monarchs. Who knew that there would be so many sons of aristocrats here of all places?

My great grandpa was a kulak.

Children are not their parents. Luckily for us all.


mine not, she will shout at you if you do "nigger stuff" and say that having a .22 lr is bad because guns are violent

Nazis are friendly and just want to make the world a better place though…

funnily enough I am also related to nobles in one of the warsaw pact countries … but you know how that turned out. I'm just here to troll though.

Tbh though I don't really care that I'm not some nobility, as I'm in America now so fuck royalty.

Gee, really?

Be like me instead

My ancestry has pirates

You're still an anti-communist so nothing's changed.

It's okay, her nobility was firmly balanced out by my great grandfather who was a closet commie and an officer in the Wehrmacht. After the war he became a member of the Austrian Communist Party and was a city councilman for Saltzburg for a while.

Oh shit.

How do you know? It is not easy to determine which of the sailors operating illegally in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were pirates, which were smugglers, and which were slavers. If they just showed up in the New World records one day with a lot of money, my bet would be that they were smugglers since smuggling was by far the most lucrative illegal profession in the Caribbean.

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My great-great-great grandfather was a factory owner in Vietnam.


Lenin was minor nobility and you're turning Socialism into left-wing identity politics and purity-signaling.


Haha, YES my fellow SOCIALIST, that'll teach those redditors. maga LMAO

What the fuck is going on here.

That just means you have something in common with Karl Marx, the father of communism himself. This simply means you have the opportunity to break the bourgeois curse on your bloodline by committing to the cause. You should feel proud of this rare opportunity you have, comrade.

Marx's wife was from the aristocracy but he wasn't. His father just ran a winery or something.

Wasn't his father a rabbi, though? Or was that his grandfather?

Socialism is "I'm hip, cool and down with the people" the political idealogy.

Opposite for me.

Feels good and bad.

My great grandparents were Italian fascists who emigrated afted WW2 ended.



I traced my ancestry back to this particular individual and I've seen a few different sources claim that he was a pirate. I could definitely by wrong, though

I hope it was Black Beard Bart matey

How the fuck does one even go about doing this? I don't even know my great grandfathers' name tbh

Who gives a fuck? Kropotkin was literally a prince


My family lived in a small village for centuries (as far as I know maybe even more than a thousands years), the family trees are to this day contained in an archive in the municipal hall.

That's pretty cool, my dude. Is that a common thing in Germany? A German friend of mine also has record of his lineage.

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you reminisce of pic related

At least we're not self-hating blacks and latinos

How many hereditary illnesses do you suffer from due to your family history of inbreeding?

Me and my relative are particularly healthy and fit, and as far as I know no genetic illness runs in the family, apart from, you know, alcoholism and drug addiction. From what I can see as long as I stay away from recreational drugs I'll be able to live as a fairly fit and smart person. As soon as I'll touch it I'll collapse into fiend-mode in a year, or at least that's what has happened consistently in my family.
I haven't checked for inbreeding, so you may as well be right, and this may be a consequence of it.

It's just bantz


There is literally nothing wrong with being born an aristocrat.

My family consisted of craftsmen and statesmen with some distant relatives being part of ETA. That's as far as I know since I only went as far a 1914.

There is if you don't give up your aristocrat muh privilege (unironically, I know Kropotkin and Russell did this).


Kropotkin was a prince but died a class traitor.

For real though some of all our ancestors were nobility. If you go back 600 years you have a million ancestors who were alive at that time, if you go back 900 years you have basically the combined population of Europe and the middle east. Of course intermarriages and inbreeding is a thing but basically every European is a descendant of Charlemagne.

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