Why is Holla Forums always more critical towards the left one?

Why is Holla Forums always more critical towards the left one?

Because the right one doesn't exist

If you spend any time opposing the far right you realise that the one of the right doesn't exist. Their big bois are all 40+ ex cons with a bunch of facial scars from knife fights. Literally none of them are chad. They are either bitter bully victim looking twenty something pricks who couldn't punch their way out of a paper bag or guys who don't see their kids any more because the restraining order against their mum

This is a chad board.

Because the right one is universally despised (supposing they even exist anymore), while the left one is becoming more and more normalised.
Also, the left one is redeemable, while the right one is to be gulaged (and I say that as a pretty filthy succdem)

aw, beta white nationalist is prime femboy material

Nazis are fucking pussies.

Pictured. A fucking pussy

He fought ZOG Occupied Government imperialism.

Because skinheads are taken care of by antifa.

His nickname was noodle and he sold bumper stickers for a living.

Wish more pussies are like him tbh

McVeigh wasn't a Nazi you dolt

Fair enough. he had indirect ties at best.
Im being an asshole.

he was still a bitch

You're a cuck.

Whatever you say Leatherdadddy

Because the one on the right doesnt exist within 500km of me.

ZOG Occupied Government, and ZOG Occupied Government also stands for ZOG Occupied Government Occupied Government, so this expression can be expanded out to ZOG Occupied Government Occupied Government Occupied Government, which can be further expanded out as you please

Good thing wordfilters dont work recursively.

This is a test

The one on the right is not taken seriously in political discourse, has essentially zero chance of inspiring a greater mass movement, and will probably get himself arrested or killed in a few years time. As pathetic as the one on the left is, he can & probably has redpilled some normies; in particular, young, alienated white men are prime recruitment material for virgin twitternazis. We have the potential to turn these men to communism instead, so the twitternazis are our primary enemies; let antifa, gangsters, and cops deal with the one on the right.

Or rednecks, kkk klans men, etc.

yeah acording to the retarded /r9k/ it is. Good tbh.

why are these pics so painfully unfunny

good examples on what not to do when making memes

This shit writes itself like poetry.

lol antifa can't fight worth a shit.

Thats what you think.

shut up nigger

Shame, it would be interesting to see Holla Forums wordfilters become Turing-complete.