Post-Left readings

What are some good books/pdfs to read to become well-informed with post-leftism?

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Post-leftism is just simplified and vulgarized (post)autonomist and post-structuralist thought. Read that instead.

would spar with Marxists-Leninists so they get stronger. Their power benefits me in the current times.

God, why are all post-leftists a bunch of fucking retards?

try stalin

There you go, post-left "thought" summarized. I've saved you many precious hours of your life that you would have never gotten back.

I can respect anarchists, but """post-leftists""" are nothing but retards. Probably even COINTELPRO at first.

As someone who's flirted with it just out of the sentiment that communism is dumb lel; it's hogwash. All I had to do was actually read The Unique and Its Property intuitively and lurk Holla Forums.

Post-left anarchism is to anarchism what maoism is to communism: you've heard all the bad stories but decide they are a good thing.

saying all that is so pointless when you got no power to stop me from doing what I want honestly.


Introduction material

Summary (From one of the texts)
The most important critiques involved include those of everyday life and the spectacle, of ideology and morality, of industrial technology, of work and of civilization. Modes of intervention focus on the concrete deployment of direct action in all facets of life. Rather than aiming at the construction of institutional or bureaucratic structures, these interventions aim at maximal critical effectiveness with minimal compromise in constantly changing networks of action. Clearly these new critiques and modes of intervention are largely incompatible with both the old left of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and most of the New Left of the 60s and 70s.

Some critique

As you can see post-left anarchism makes lefty brainlets butthurt by just hearing its name. Post-left is kidna entry tier for the real shit but you will only know if you actually look into it.

If you have no idea why calling yourself a post-leftist is retarded then you're beyond hope.

You forgot this classic: However, I have already ascended to the realm of post-post-left thought. PDF related.

Anarchism is literally for kids and post-left doesn't break away from this

It's basic as fuck, nigger

you're a joke just like nazbols

let me guess, you want to get into post-leftism without even having read Marx

also there's nothing wrong with platformism

Bob Black

That's a good list

Thanks for the links/pdfs, going to bookmark them all. It appears that post-leftism gets a lot of hate judging by other comments but I'll read the actual works first before making any judgement. Also, pic related was just a meme that made me lol, stop acting like it's a critique of Marxism-Leninism lmoA

Its post-left what would you expect besides leftist butthurt? Remember when Marx got ultra mad at Stirner that once time? Its pretty funny. Some leftcommunists are even thinking about the same thing latelty on leaving the dumbfucks behind who are still stuck in 1930 and 1957.


Putting the kiddie in anarkiddie.

Two things:

1. If you're gonna read Stirner, definitely read Marx's Die deutsche Ideologie after doing so
2. Self-crit is great and encouraged but calling yourself a "post-leftist" is kinda fucking embarrassing tbh

Also check out this youtube channel and some guy called circus octopus or something.

Convince me to read Saint Max when I keep hearing that Marx heavily misinterpreted Stirner as an idealist. Also doesn't seem to get the joke that Stirner argued in the style of the people he critiqued down to the very structure of the book.

From Bakunin to lacan: on the dislocation of power

I want a post-left gf

"Left" is a generalization anyway. I understand it perfectly. It's post-generalities basically.

But tbh right now the group that call themselves "the left" are useful to me, for my ends.

If I'm going to be that comfortable.
Sure as hell prefer to be a "kid" then.