Recommend me some good Hedonist literature, with some great arguments if possible.
It's time to embrace pleasure.

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The Stirner makes a brief point on it but I want more.

What if I am unable to enjoy "pleasure" because I am a circumcised male?

Then you lead a boring ass life. But I don't. My pleasure is my power, my power is my own.

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come on I know Holla Forums knows about the best philosophers of hedonism since they're half-/lit/. Easy they know whats up, I bet there is even a hedonist literature.jpg recommendations image.

actually imma search it on google.

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marquis de sade

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very recommended. not as suitable as wanking material as you'd think, but contains deep psychological insights.

also gotta say nothing of the moderns. Fuck that since a lot of them are going to be co-relating it with Capitalism. Which is bullshit.

Capitalism is not needed to have pleasure. Eliot Rodger was a rich fuckboy loser who never got some because he was socially inept. Glad he is dead.

I'm not stupid. That dude just made a fanfiction about fucking boy pussy, then some underage girls, then everyone, etc. He wrote that with his own shit literally. Nah he is a psychopath, not what I'm looking for.

Like Stirner says: "I can kill them, not torture them". My ego doesn't finds joy in that like that of Sade can.

This is probably what I'm looking for.
I'm not looking for wanking material. Thats what you get a fuccgirl for, or xvideos or hentai, etc.

You're fucking stupid. Sade was not a fucking comic book villain.

you should give it a try then. imo sacher-masoch is criminally underrated as an author because of thh MUH MASOCHISM FIFTY SHAYDES OF GRAY XDXDXD meme. venus in furs is a remarkable piece of literature.

Marquis de Sade was someone I studied in highschool. I'm not interested in his shit, I already read what is considered his "best".

I'm not really looking for fiction here either. I want strong "get fucked" arguments like that of Stirner here:

Wow does Circumcision really fuck your dick up that bad?

No. He is his own case or he is lying. I have circumcised friends.

You will not find the satisfaction you seek.

Read Crash by Ballard

ethical hedonism not hedonism ok???

are you doing this to make us buddhists look like obnoxious moralizing faggots? if this is your goal, good job. please stop posting

It depends on what your perspective is. the Buddhist idea is that because pleasure brings suffering in the long term, when we are mentally affected by our possessions being lost, stolen, swept away, and what our bodies age, become ill and die, the pursuit of pleasure brings suffering.

But to many people that kind of suffering would appear to happen regardless of if you lived like an ascetic monk or not. The truth of course is that by detachment, this "guaranteed" suffering they see vanishes, because it is dependently originated. But most people can't see that, and even if they can, like me they do not put it to practice because they are deluded and clinging, not guarding their sense doors.

I told no lies, I did not judge and I did not go on a tirade about it

Sure, it is difficult to arrive at serenity, but it only gets worse when one indulges in either pleasure or mortification of the flesh. No one is truly detached, but there is a love and kindness that exists outside craving and lust, and because that one is painless it is the one we ought persue.

I was hedonist nihilist for years and I swear I have gone mad because of it.

I have become obsessed with self-harm, pleasure denial, self degradation, humiliation and sadomasochistic relationships. I have simply inverted entirely and am draining away in a spiral of nihilistic masochism. It is a thing both wonderful and terrible.

I don't know what I even am any more or what my life is for. Oh gods.

I knew that confusion too. I found my peace in the Buddhist philosophy eventually. I hope you find your peace too, bud.


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I seek above all else to invalidate my will to power and elevate the egos of other people who hate me.

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How do you not love capitalism?

That's pretty sad tbh

Masochism is in my interest, private property is not.

I can understand that

since it was just high school it might be worth a second lookover

im circumcised and my dick works just fine and my sex life is perfectly healthy

you don't have to keep up the facade here user

a retard from /r9k/ said this is a Chad board tho.

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campaign to make circumcision illegal in your country.

Buddhism is the elimination of desire, not pleasure, retard.

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same, but for me it was medical reasons. some girl asked why it was like that since it not usal here

Post more, user


recommend more

If you like reading about degenerate hedonistic aristocrats just listing their material extravagance

And of course

thanks I prefer non-fiction but whatever most of the hedonist literature seems to be about fictional characters enjoying their lives.

Well I don't like aristocrats since they aware-ly or unaware-ly oppress. But I agree about enjoying life's pleasures. It's just that legitimately oppressing other individuals is something that doesn't satisfies me, only as roleplaying.

Not lit and not fiction, but Mindgame is a great movie with themes of unconstrained and unselfish pleasure, constantly flipping between the transcendent and the laughably puerile.


The movie is pretty off the wall for the duration, but it actually paces itself pretty well, the scene above shows up later after the characters have developed and have achieved supreme comfort in each other's presence.

Give me an example of non-fiction hedonist literature before I recommend anything.

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I don't know much thats why I am asking.

epicurus, john wilmot, etc those kind of guys.

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thats fictional through.

churches just have breakfast, dinner, etc with them. a little blabla you know, just like another regular human being, if she is willing to get drunk better, etc, etc. don't pay for their food don't be that guy.
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That compass is quite accurate

how bad should i feel about myself?

Congratulation, you're a enlightened rational centrist!

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You're a hedonist. Congratulations. Embrace pleasure. Get a fuccgirl or/and fuccboi and fuck in all those ways.


Never read anything by him but isn't that nigga the dude that appears in an episode of Billy and Mandy and has a deformed feet?

Is he a hedonist?

For now.

Can't help your fellow workers if you drown yourself in semen.

If I remember correctly Dorian Gray is actually hinted throughout as huge hedonist who had many a fuccbois with beauty as his. Wilde removed any explicit mentions of this though.

I'll help my fellow workers by dressing up in frilly clothing and blowing bubbles with their cum.

If communism doesn't solve this I ain't having any of it.

My God capitalism is a mess.

an union of egoists does.

I'm interested.

Is that movie worth watching the one with prince Caspian? I say that because fiction like that is way easier to consume just watching a movie, etc.than reading the original book, reading fiction feels (most of the time) lame for me.

Although not gonna lie I have got boners by reading and imagining but it's not as entertaining as the visual.