ITT: The Right Can't Meme

ITT: The Right Can't Meme

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ITT: "no u"



nice thread Holla Forums keeping it 100 fam!!!!



Pretty dank. Also, nice Hitler dubs.

forced meme/10






I like Anthony. I don't watch all his reviews but he seems to have a balanced opinion.


are these things photoshop or is there an actual websites where you can make quotes like this?


Call me when the right learns to meme


based BV

very meta.
I like it



Leftists can't meme because their super-ego is dominant.

I'm pretty certain that this is a Holla Forumsposter (I found a simular thread on .pl) who created these and is trying to push the narrative of this unfunny trash being "the left's" response to the "the left can't meme" meme.
If not, then it's a lefty moron who's hurting the cause.
It seems obvious to me that trying to push a binary narrative on this just leads us to realms of bullshit; both the left and the right can meme, both the left and the right steal memes, both the left and the right make unfunny memes as well. If anyone is trying to affirm that they KNOW which way the balance falls on any of those qualities, they're pushing a narrative.


Wow, just wait until Sam Kriss hears about this!


An actual example of "the right can't meme".






What? It's fucking true.
Being a fence-sitter on matters of culture is different to being a fence-sitter on politics, I'm a staunch anarcho-syndicalist.
With culture, there is a level of detachment from political or social context for me (not complete detachment). In the same way that a joke isn't unfunny if it's deemed offensive, it doesn't automatically become more funny the more offence it is deemed. E.g. I'm guessing you don't piss yourself with laughter every time you see someone ironically post "Gas the Kikes" on an image board.
I don't know why you're so vehemently rejecting the premise that both the left and right are capable harbouring individuals capable of humour, and are able to apply that humour to their differing political stances. Making sweeping statements that ignore a wealth of evidence complicating the issue is heavily lacking any reasonable level of nuance.


Now that I think of it, I could have used him as an exemplary case.




This isn't very creative as a response tbqh

they're not meant to be hq, they're troll/shitpost memes

anyone who thinks "no u" is a good response to Holla Forums's nonsense is high on their own farts. it only confirms their claim that the left only steals other people's memes ("the left can't meme" being a Holla Forums meme [a shitty meme, but a meme nonetheless])

Wow, you sure… showed.. him? Somehow?

The art looks like shit. Also I love that they had to bring antifa into this. Just goes to show how scared the right is of them.

what the FUCK this political ms paint meme doesn't have good art, and they included antifa in a meme about leftists on the internet for example the internet where antifa organizes everything it does!?! HAHAHAHA THE RIGHT CAN'T MEME HAHAHAH

if a few shitty memes can "confirm their claim" about the entire left, then that just confirms our claims that the right thinks purely in stereotypes, and apparently so do you.

stereotypes have basis in truth my dudie, and you're the kfc-loitering loose-fitting-jeans-wearing black dude of leftypol stereotypes.

Did this picture trigger the right so much they had to make a very unfunny version filled with yawn-inducing text?

I think this thread was made to trigger Holla Forums
Not gonna bump it anyway

look at how hard this ancap is raging because the right can't meme

when you aren't mad online



I hope you're not dumb enough to think that that picture was made to attack the far right by someone not on the far right. maybe view as a corollary image, that acknowledges that the_donald is a threat to right-leaning online spaces but also wants to make fun of the bigger threat?

everybody knows capital letters and exaggerated posts mean that the person behind the monitor is angry. for example when my caps lock got stuck and I had to reply to an email last tuesday I was seething with rage


Nah, I'd say some of them turned up pretty good

lol you were angry enough to open up photoshop for one dopey internet cartoon

no, dude….. no

you're still mad lol


You were mad enough you got me a (You). Thanks, my man!

and the person who made the original was angry enough to make it. so what?

These people still don't have a way to counter Twitter without accusing them of "They're just from Something Awful"

Well that's not exactly an insult because at this point Something Awful is more tolerable a place than Holla Forums. In fact FYAD has always been great.

calm down

They are called Right wing SJW's

I can open gimp and wip something out in like two seconds, that's not a strenuous activity

Learn to humor.


I assume Holla Forums made while some r/T_D moron (or an recent immigrant from there) made seeing as it's not just not funny but actively unfunny (a reddit meme staple.) It's funny how the reddit migration has both helped Holla Forums maintain its influence in most online discussions venues and also severely weakened its meme "prowess" so to speak. Once you remove the edgy racism and Hitler worship all you have is the lame Pinochet shit which is easy to debunk, even for normies. I mean just look at how impotent r/physical_removal is.

hell yeah I want to see some Authentic Hoochie Memes



fuck off Omza

that's… one click.

Guy In Group Being Made Fun Of In Internet Comic Decreed As Paramount Objective Judge Of Comic's Humor

i don't know about some obscure reddit page you're ranting on about that's pretty gay bro stop it

how is a thread "so much time"?
Why does the internet have to be a meme machine 100% of the time?

Haha oh lord someone actually made this and he looked at it one final time before saving it and he thought,"yup that's not embarrassing" and he is still probably alive today

Here is my take on things.

The right isn't funny because it relies on repition, and by, hm, let's call it "human nature", these sorts of things just don't resonate. They don't get a laugh. If you tell a joke 15 times you lose an audience, because why just look at the same shit over and over again unless you have aspergers or something.

Comedy is four things, tragedy, unexpectedness, relevancy, and timing.

Holla Forums has none of that. It just repeats itself, over and over.

Nobody on Holla Forums actually laughs at their attempts, their legitimate attempts to try to offend opposition away in the form of humor, but it's all done with a straight face. Nobody actually laughs.

That's why they can't really tangle with irony twitter without coming out looking like a stupid little fucknut, the other just mocks them and Holla Forums just does what it does. And what it does isn't nearly enough not to lead to audience bleeding who just go there for jokes.

It ends up being an autistic shut in crowd trying to defend themselves over and over and over again with the same jokes, the same corn, the same bullshit, shrinking and shrinking.

t. Never watched The Merchant Minute


What's past is past.

you're so obvious it's hilarious. try reading your own rulebook sometime LARPer

actually I think they're not funny because you don't think they're funny and some guy on Holla Forums who equally really thinks he's smart would be able to write an equally "I AM NOT MAD THIS IS NOT A TEMPER TANTRUM IT'S AN ANALYSIS" paragraph

Fuck the libertarian party dude

Well it's right. Ridicule is a very potent weapon, and when you're as repetitive as Holla Forums is at a large group of people, they tend to mock the shit out of you.

The only thing I've seen you do to the contrary is accuse everyone on twitter being in on some FYAD conspiracy, which would be pretty neat anyways.

lol guys child abandonment xDD untangle that poltards!

This is what a cool collected mind looks like

You have autism my friend

okay 👍


you are a tripcode user
on leftypol
arguing in defense of
weird twitter

I'm glad after 75 posts and a lot of OC people would blankly stare at, you admit it's okay.





I think we're having different conversations my man.


Is soap a dirty word or only when you drop it?

The same question can be applied to Holla Forums memes and their funniness.



Why did you feel the need to reply to a post twice

This is a really awesome thread guys. I can just feel those memes of production getting seized.


Why did you feel the need to reply to a thread 100 times

meanwhile every teenager is spouting we wuz kangs or dindu nuffin in twitch chat
is this what impotent rage looks like?
face it, you lost the youth, generation naZi is going to put you on the holocauster of doom

Sam Hyde lost his career, the Nazis lost the war, but you'll never lose your virginity

Great work friends we beat Holla Forums!
Now lets return to Holla Forums to bask in cuckold porn.

Ok you won over the Twitch league playing demographic that's really impressive and incredibly high bar and nobody finds that cancerous at all

How could we have lost the youth when the right can't meme?

Those "memes" feel like they belong on a protein shake.

"every teenager" means dumbasses who spend their whole days in twitch streams now?

Who is it


The word meme itself is a card everyone should use to locate who is and is not worth being friends with

If someone says that word outloud just isolate them and make sure their friends know they sexually abused somebody

You are embarrassing everyone please stop

I don't believe I have. are you okay?

FUCK you dude, you can insult me,, you can insult my ideology but do not insult sammy boy

I mean you just actually individually replied to each of my posts so I don't know about the whole "autistic loser" argument

do you still think they can't meme?


I Listen To Stupid Bullshit Music starter pack

grrrrr I really hate this word grrrr people who use this word are autistic not me I just hate certain words, like the actual words themselves

Sam Hyde lost his money and his job almost as fast as Holla Forums has in the job market. It's pretty impressive.

Saying someone perpetrated sexual assault for saying that word is incredibly easy and also incredibly funny

grrrrr don't rope me into this

that is some of the cringest shit I have ever fucking seen
it looks as if someone with complete impotence is attempting to come off as way tougher than he is, it looks like a fucking 16 year old made those, it just bleeds angst and edge

grow up

boy learn your sub-cultures, that makes you the baddies in that world too

Is this picture an insult to Sam Hyde?

I'm not sure what's worse this or Nazbol art?

i don't visit pol, but i'm sure they're really angry and once they get the memo that you've irrevocably btfo'd them they'll all simultaneously stop posting because you won against them

nah it wasn't. i could do something snarky and sassy like "but nobody laughed" but i wanna give it to you straight that it wasn't funny.

Wow dude reddit and memey haha nice



guys just post the kekistani dweebs and leave it at that


You're about as autistic as I would expect someone who would post on a forum.

You're saying falsly accusing someone who has no friends, and laughs obnoxiously about shit from the internet, of sexual assault, isn't funny?

I'm sorry but you just don't know a good joke when you see it

Music? Just some basic synthwave stuff saved really. It's become kidda le ebin reddit tier today, but whatever some of it is still good.

Basic is a good word to use.

"I dislike ancaps"
you dislike ancaps
"I think they're bootlickers"
you think they're bootlickers

where does the conversation go from here. or do you just want to post jpeg-riddled memes.

nobody's trying to "prove" anything bud. I mean i dunno maybe you are but that's beyond me and I couldn't discern what at this point tbh

I felt slight internal anger. So at least you did that

You keep ending sentences in "friend", "bud", "guy" and you sound like a retard


shoegaze is better

MarxistMatey here. Please stop using my OC without my permission.

wait what's wrong with posting jpeg riddled memes?

Could you please just leave nigga?



I just think it's a funny way to post. it makes me think of a deadpan coworker character or something, and I post only to entertain myself & perhaps others as a collateral, but okay pal.

Haha what the fuck

Yeah, you do

answer honestly, what kind of drugs do you have to be on to think that's good stuff?


It's okay, your new here

for shame Hoochie



Remove your flag 🔫

reverse google search

haha what a bant!! so funny !! xD!

Poor kid must of got lost from reddit.


One cannot own the meme friendo.


You're posting shitty music someone made in like under a day that people post on reddit and you're from a board that created a subreddit so I think it's safe to assume you're actually reddit

haha what a bant!! so funny !! xD!

That looks pretty cool.


"laborwave" or whatever the fuck needs to stop. it's just as bad as fashwave
you already have your marxist undertones in vaporwave, so the autistic kiddie ballpit "i just learned how layers work in my free photoshop trial" version is really pushing it

hoppewave is justified b/c he's connected to NRx which has actual cyberpunk undertones :^)

Holla Forums needs to stop overusing the word "bant" so much because a prerequisite to being clever and not an annoying walnut brain loser tbh

haha what a bant!! so funny !! xD!

Didn't the Nazis reject modern art and call it "degenewit"?

oh fuck, the "same thing posted over and over" joke. haha this one is a classic

haha what a bant!! so funny !! xD!



Following your posts I can safely and correctly declare you to be a redditor.

all of that sounds fucking abhorrent
the reason is not because le nazis but be cause you fucks miss the point of synthwave/vaporwave its not just lol distort samples. fuck off you talentless hack

I have the slightest little hunch that one of you might explode in anger & harm yourself over random austrian old man image manipulations so i'm gonna keep posting em

sorry, anyone that uses "(you)" or other nu-4chan memes is a redditor as an a priori pre-conditional to entering the conversations. you already lost

I-I already told you, nazi… w-we're not y-your typical collage socialists!!!!

Also wasn't it you that mention music to begin with fam?

They also said that women generally shouldn't be lesbian or bisexual. What wouldn't be called "modern" in this day and age? You think most "Nazis" would of liked memes? Times have changed, we live in a very different world today then they did back then, for better or for worse.

You seem to care a lot about some fashwave posting, samefag.

MarxistMatey is fucking hilarious. I can't tell if it's a troll or not.




who honestly would feel any type of discomfort from this joker?


shit meme, the right can't meme, come back when that changes

So you're saying that actually existing Nazism never happened?

This thread is bad.

For fucks sakes, this is just undermining us. If we let Holla Forums keep screeching about how the "left can't meme" it will just make us look better. For example, which movement would look better to a normalfag? The one where they're more concerned about memes than actual discussion or the one where this is actual discord between people besides Trump and Kek memes?

“Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

get fucked you just want your cake and eat it too
face it if a fascist radical traditionalist took over your country your bangbros account would land you in the chambers

leftypol got embarrassed pretty bad in this thread. so I guess it depends on your metric for 'bad'.

how pathetic can you be


This thread really begs this macro. It is cancer of such a magnitude as to almost be tangible, holy shit.

geez stop proving my point

normalfags aren't what they used to be, normalfags voted for trump

you are showing your low energy levels partner


maybe if you post enough laughing people .jpgs I'll leave the conversation in shame.

Nazism is a spook.

There are White people who care about their race, there's men who fought for Germany in the second World War, and there are Hollywood characters who do evil things and call themselves "Nazis". But Nazism itself is just an abstract moral evil created by the imagination. "Nazis" aren't real, neither are demons or bedbugs.

What on earth are you talking about? Where in that post did I say The Third Reich was or was not "fascism"?

they are literally all schizophrenic. there's no use in sincerely engaging w them tbh

memes are the lowest forms of communication. Memes themselves are the decaying chunks of flesh falling from the bloated capitalist "entertainment" machine. We rearrange these pieces of the spectacle to spell something out, with no real meaning. I wouldn't mind loosing the race to see who will be the next king of trash.

poor form tbh, Its a shame you still haven't recovered from being destroyed in that other thread.
last (you) for tonight

he said while posting a meme




Why is it always the same guy you post to stereotype leftists. Like, there has to be more ugly people than that one fucking person

uh huh, the mysterious other thread that's really good for alluding to in arguments (therein the other poster was always FUCKING BTFOOOEED xDD) and sometimes appears in your peripheral vision when you haven't taken your meds frequently enough

that guy looks pretty fun to hang out with, though. i mean unlike

what, no that's not a spook

that is a spook

those were soldiers, the nazis are not the soldiers

the Nazis were the SS and the Wehrmacht so again they existed you dunce

Ugly people use the internet how fucking shocking

You ever rip a fart so good it smells like lamb

"Nazi" is an abbreviation for the German translation of "National Socialism". I know that NotSocs get triggered when they're called "Nazis" because it sounds like "natz", which refered to a Bavarian insult for stubborn people, but the Nazis WERE stubborn when they didn't suck the dicks of US corporations. Get fucked


We get it, burgers are fat and ugly. No one cares

Exactly. Let us bathe in it.

If it makes you feel any better, 2% of burgers are healthy.

please tell me your not the same nigger from

If so
is right and you got fucking raped

You aren't very intelligent, are you?

At least the far left has women, and you can't just say "b-b-b-but they're all ham beasts!" cuz trust me they're not

the far right is anathema to women and you're still never going to score

This is the saddest shit


You mean because it proves my point? I mean I guess it makes me feel validated but I'd rather the world not be run by a nation of 300 million lardasses instead.

I like how you never spoiler that picture every time you post it.

It needs to be seen

If you say so.

Hello Reddit.

Huh a person that has such a simple view of what coercion is into being superficial and obsessing with other people's looks?

mods please anchor this thread
it's cancer

Yes, but it is pornography which you aren't supposed to post without spoilering it.

Why must I continue to be so right?

Look at all these mildly attractive broads who've made themselves unemployable…who are probably milking you for money lol

Women are just scrambling to become nazis didn't you hear

It's why every other thread on Holla Forums is complaining about how dry their cock is




To be honest everyone including me needs to get leukemia for posting in this

I recall that a few years ago, a "recruitment video" for some kraut neo-nazi LARPers had at some point a girl showing a sign to the camera, which said something like "Nazis do it without condoms".

There's no point to this, I just thought it was funny.

"kekistanis" are gross losers, and communists are gross losers. maybe the whole internet path will turn out to be a false equivalency and it'll turn out to be about being a gross loser

the snake meme page runner seems like a pretty cool guy tbh. in my ancap utopia i'd probably let leftists live and form communes though. you're very welcome

Nope. why would I come on this board to unironically debate?

Anyone else getting an Holla Forums glitch where doesn't show up as a reply right of the post number in ? Weird, too, because does show up.

bleach-blonde conservative commentators, traditionalist christian women, etc. I'm not gonna humor your weird projected insecurities about virginities too much & I don't have a folder saved of chicks with swastika shirts because I'm not an autist, but you know that this is false. alt-fashion is pretty hot though

Holla Forums
are you happy dude? has my use of the correct syntax reprimanded my previous "incorrect" use?

tell me, sir, do you see Holla Forums threads when you close your eyes at night


There's probably something in the catalog user, this reverse psych shit is weak


Look we all know the blonde who won't do anal as much as we know the sperg who can't get laid

The right is a tragedy of the unemployed

you have an mp4 with the words "CRINGE COMPILATION" in all caps actually saved to your hard drive so you're the real loser here

People who watch anime are idiots and you deserve to have herpes

because you shit and haven't a clue about what your discussing?

hmmm it would be such a surprise if you were actually an incel and unemployed that would be so weird



Moustache Matt is pretty cool tbh.

Would you like me to continue fam?

Tell that to people who watch anime boyo

Who is the artist who drew these?


Please by all means go ahead posting why I discriminate against blonde women who won't do anal

all these women need socialist corrective raping

4 U

That seems to be a lot of bleached hair in those photos

I don't think women very much care who "Hoochie Minh" discriminates against

Imagine having so low self esteem you give yourself up to /r9k/ reddit cross posters smdh


I discriminate against blondes who won't do anal

These are real right wing woman!

Do you like Cuckold porn my NutSac friends I love it!

I'd punch every single one of them in the face.


Holly shit who cares about how right wings women looks?

I bet they're all straight edge too lmfao


or maybe rape them

I'm pure Aryan. Rate me babe.


Makes sense

again, i'm not autistic so i'm not going to participate in a how attractive is my side spergfest, but in taking it to the realm of unattractive women you kinda just automatically lost tbh. remember that you're a leftie.

I think they'd have the common sense to be repulsed by you enough to veer away before you could get close enough to do that. plus, i'd imagine, you'd get your skull crushed in by their skinhead bf.


You can post memes, but as soon as you post women…

That's fine

Oh I'm sure

Local blonde woman is a retard who has become unemployable, will gold dig, news at 11


i'm sure your mental voice is epicly sarcastic when writing all your posts but it comes out as pretty much just dopey tbh

the only time that he posts non edits of model pics they're all hwite trash
makes my almonds jumble

What mental voice

kind of like how he will crush thiers?
face it these girls will drop this hwite pride shit the moment they dumb thier "bfs"
its happened before and it will happen again

Face it dude, you've been irreparably destroyed. even i'm impressed at how many images this guy has. give up your tripcode and never post again in shame tbh

Does "internal monologue" suite your autism?

the wehrmacht was not the fucking foot soldiers you maroon.

I don't have one?

Right, I'm finishing for the night lads. I hope many of you eventually come round in the end, to some degree.

Good thread. Hope we do this again sometime.

Look at all these flat asses

have a good night, please dont wake up

the photoshop on the second picture is cringey, just like the anti-scientific view of race you have

I pretty much thought as much. unlike you, ofc


Holy shit, you are really dumb.

thats a fucking disconnected train of thought at best and a weak insult at worst
admit you're trying to out bait a trollposter and making yourself look like a rube

so you finally got it? that took a really long time, by the way, you're really stupid.

The Night of Svarog is over, and the Day is just beginning. Prepare your anuses, leftists, because if as much as a small insurgency breaks out you will all starve, dehydrate or get raped to death by the niggers you spent your lives protecting from justice. In the end, short of you killing every last European and leaving only shitskin filth, there is no way you nor your Jewish capitalist overlords can win.

so you're feeding a troll
yet I'm the stupid one?
christ almighty man stop drinking the water the fluoride is getting to you

I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but I think my time would be better spent discussing how stupid you are. i mean jesus.

Okay, you fakeposting faggots poorly imitating me are really starting to irritate me now. I have absolutely no problem with people reposting my memes, especially since they've spawned actual OC from the Mateys Gang. Yes, they exist. I reposted their memes on my Instagram if you wanna check them out. So if I have no problem reposting others' memes, it would be hypocritical of me in that sense to feel the need for people to have my permission to repost my memes, as well as in a Marxist sense, given that Marxist thought opposes private property.

Like it or not, I'm a leftist just like you, and these pathetic attempts to get rid of me aren't going to work. Just ask the Mateys Gang, they love me, apparently.

That fashwave shit sucks.


damn straight

I bet you're really smelly in real life.

well I do manual labor in the southwest so you're not wrong.

Holla Forums really sucks at their job sometimes

I just love how mad you are

ITT: The right proves they can't meme by raging and posting shit tier memes.


shitty memes

Yours aren't better.

That is not important as long as we can all agree that the right can't meme.


Suck a dick.



Nice meme, kid.

Thanks. Yours was pretty shit tho.




You asked for this