Hey Tankies, was the Holomodor real or just anti-Soviet propaganda?

Hey Tankies, was the Holomodor real or just anti-Soviet propaganda?

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The famine was real, the supposed deliberate, targeted famine as a means of genocide is not.

We all know no one has been able to find a single crime Stalin committed.

Surely, not targeted at all

Nice sources

Genocide denial, cult of personality… Are tankies trying to prove horseshoe theory?

You're gonna cite Grover Furr now, right ?
Moshe Lewin, « Prendre les céréales » : la politique soviétique des collectes agricoles avant la guerre, in La Formation du système soviétique. Essais sur l'histoire sociale de la Russie dans l'entre-deux-guerres, Paris, Gallimard, 1987, p. 204-257.

this don't count i don't read german

The Holodomor didn't happen, but I wish it did. Damn Ukrainians.
But seriously, the idea that Stalin had some genocidal vendetta against Ukrainians is obviously bullshit trying to piggy back on the public imagination of the holocaust.

Exporting to where? Other places also effected by the famine? To quote Churchill - Communism is the equal sharing of misery.

I'm not a tankie, but denying genocide is only wrong if there was one.

I'm obviously no tankie, but even I still don't believe that Holodomor was a genocide perpetrated by ebil commie joos against dindu actual-Evropean Christians. If it was a genocide, than Mr. Steel wouldn't have targeted just the eastern part of Ukraine. The famine was caused by shitty weather that was natural to the region at the time, and made worse by rich peasants (kulaks) hoarding grain and killing livestock in the early stages. In the later stages, the conditions of the famine were exacerbated by forced Stalinist collectivization that eventually deemed anybody who resisted it or just hid some grain as kulaks. This, along with restricting peasants from finding food in the cities, led to many more preventable deaths.

kulaks deserved it

Except they also killed tons of Kazakhs and Russians who lived in agricultural areas. The issue was that the party gave zero fucks about the lives of the peasantry in its drive to accumulate capital, not that it had a particular vendetta against Ukraine.

Show me a mass grave in Ukraine.

There are plenty of mass graves in Ukraine, but they were dug by Ukranian Nazi collaborators who killed thousands of Russians and Jews.

Pics on the ones the Soviets killed?

can we get some sources in this thread?

They exported to Western Countries, just like Pol Pot did with the Khmers Rouges.

Because the Kazakhs weren't forced to give away their seeds and harvests.

The wikipedia article on the Holodomor is pretty good and well-sourced.

Why do you keep making threads about the holodomor? I know it's you because every time posts it a gay nazi flag magically appears within 5 minutes.

Is that a Grover Furr book ?
I didn't make the thread.
I respond to these threads because they literally the left-wing equivalent of Holocaust denial.

Stalin was a paranoiac statesman, and he wanted to bring Ukraine to heel. That's all. Stalin did also bring all the refugees from Nazi Germany - including several communists - to Hitler, he invaded Poland and wanted to take down its leadership, so he killed most of the high command.
He was a statesman, he only did it because it made the USSR strong. The same way he killed several generals in show trials : to make the USSR strong.

Those are facts, not nazi propaganda. Nazi propaganda is more about the raping of women in Germany which is, for that matter, drastically overestimated and misrepresented by the fash.

Ukrainians deserved it. The only thing Lazar Kaganovich did wrong was not finish the job.



jesus christ what kinda turboburger are you?

t. eternal pole

Frenchman, actually, and not even of Ukie-Pole descent.

more proof that the soviets were no different from fascists and were simply red fascists

they soviets committed a genocide of ukrainian people

Those Ukies sure killed a lot of these ( ( (rootless cosmopolites) ) )

Mass Jewish graveyards are everywhere in Ukraine.


Uh yes? Ukrainians killed about 150,000 jews during the civil war.

Ukrainians willingly sided with the Nazis, killed hundreds of thousands of Jews during the shoah with their own guns.

No, it's from pdf related. I thought I had attached it.

I'm not denying it, I'm saying that Stalin himself was not very kind to the Jews, so it's hypocrite to criticise the Holols for it.

Many of Stalin's top aids were Jews. I have no love for Stalin but I must respect Kaganovich.

the eternal pole strikes again!

If any pole with a brain stays on this board after seeing this, then they have no brain.


Thankfully, I'm not a Pole.

t. grzegorz brzeczyszczykiewicz

It was real, but it was just a natural famine made worse by Kulaks burning grain.

Pole as well, but nationalism is spook, so no problem with the board whatsoever


Is this a Holla Forums meme? But then why the hell would Holla Forums disagree with poland about rejecting refugees?

It's a neoliberal one.

It's less real than the Dust Bowl as a man-made famine. Take that is you will.