What does Holla Forums think about abortion?

What does Holla Forums think about abortion?

Was it necessary that Stalin banned it?

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Pro-abortion > Pro-choice > Pro-life

Due to the massive hit in population due to successive wars the USSR pulled every trick in the book to get it back up, including banning homosexuality.

At the time? Of course.

Personally against it, and would always prefer that the moms got huge welfare instead of aborting, but I'm not a woman and I think they are the only ones able to judge and choice.
It was not unnecessary, it was counter-productive. Ban abortion, you will have clandestine ones which are much more dangerous and worse, an army of Orphans.

Because banning homosexuality turn the gays into straight persons. Paging Pope Francis now, we finally have the solution to the gay question.

pro choice
death positive

I dunno, you tell me.

It should be mandatory for everyone.

Yeah yeah, it's a dumb premise but I'm not Josef Stalin so go take it up with him. I imagine it has marginal effects which they were happy to take since they even stopped oppressing the Church so much so that it would promote the traditional family more.
You could argue Stalin had a head like a haunted house but he also banned shit in science for being antithetical to the ideas of socialism, which would have seen him crush the Church if he remained consistent and didn't have ulterior motives.

mandatory for all retards. If kid won't be healthy, there is no reason for her to struggle all her life.

He did to get along with the clergy and only for that.


is that incorrect in english grammar?

It just triggers me, because I'm a terrible reactionary at heart
You can use the singular they

They is correct, but he is acceptable. Only things like cars, ships and guns are feminine.

and even then that's only feminine when referring to your own, and not as common. English is largley a "they/it" language.

and women

True, but I was just listing my three favourite feminine objects :^)

no, but yes. We don't know what Gender an unspecified child is going to be, so the proper pronoun is "it".

It's wrong. Don't wanna give birth/be a dad? Pull out in time or slap on some latex, don't end a life independent of yours.

In cases of rape or if lives are at stake mums can get special permits though.

Stalin was right. ~Marxist-Leninist atheist

Would you support post-term abortions for fully grown retards like yourself?

but can a fetus be called a human life? when does it become a human life?

When it's conceived and the inevitable journey of life begins in my opinion, but if consciousness defines personhood then at 6 weeks when the central nervous system develops and foetuses can start to feel pain.

When do identical twins' lives begin?

h-he just told her a really funny joke right? that's why she's laughing with tears in her eyes?

also why does this look like mosu but it's not

haha, according to what witch doctor?

"Consciousness requires a sophisticated network of highly interconnected components, nerve cells. Its physical substrate, the thalamo-cortical complex that provides consciousness with its highly elaborate content, begins to be in place between the 24th and 28th week of gestation."

Imma scramble those fetuses

When the sperm touches the egg, bro. That's just me taking though. If you think personhood's defined by consciousness then I'd put the date at 6 weeks. Same goes for twins. Dunno what makes them any different though.

Abortion/birth control is good for 3rd world shitholes that keep reproducing at a wholly unsustainable rate, pushing them further into poverty and into the hands of exploiting corporations that use the young, poor, desperate family members working for pennies.
1st world countries with a declining birth rate is a capitalist invention. Allows outsourcing for cheap and more competition, less worker solidarity.

All this starts at 6 weeks, bro. Call it what you want, that thing's alive in barely a month.

dude, you're misinformed. source please.

Look at any legit source none will ever claim a fetus can feel pain before like 23-24 weeks, and most will say later than that.

And it's "alive" the whole time. The sperm and the egg were already alive too.

This is one thing the liberals have right. Banning abortion is reactionary.

Because one sperm touched one egg, there's just one fertilized egg for a while, and later somehow there are two humans. When does the other human's life begin? Or maybe one died and two new were created?

I'm just peronally not fond of ascribing tangible reality to ideas, which inevitably leads to "discovering" contradictions (like the one above) that aren't actually there in nature.>>1923931

shit, why does my internet connection have to get flaky when I'm in a middle of shitposting.

What does a central nervous system do if not that though? It's responsible for the detection of environmental stimuli and movement. This shit starts at 6 weeks which rightfully is the legal cut-off point for abortions in a lot of countries since brain waves at this point are detectable in foetuses.

Not that they should have to prove that they're worthy of not being scrambled and sucked out of wombs.

sauce or gtfo

The baby is probably fine… right guys…? ;_;

Necessary evil. Would I rather live in a society where it is not required, tbh yes: but as long as there is poverty, miseducation about sexual health and rape, it is something we need to have for the greater good.

With a chest like that it would have died of malnutrition anyway

Abortion is AWESOME! It should be mandatory.



Gay people do end up having children is homosexuality as taboo. The father of two kids I know divorced his wife at 50 because he finally dared to come out as gay.

Also going to go on a limb here and say that if you lose almost all of your young men and a fuckton of the rest of the population, with a very real threat of another genocidal war, that is is not too weird to not want people to abort babies.

Dude, no one cares about babies. If abortion would be outlawed, then women would have to take responsibility for their actions. And we can't have that!

I mean, making sure they take their birth control pills which have 99% prevention rate is a real headache! Better to just fuck around and then vacuum the baby out the vag when the need comes.


I also know of this happening but it's anecdotal.

is it really worth it to make someone raise a kid (probably improperly) for 18-20 years just for some concept of responsiblity? we are talking about new lives here, and honestly this world is pretty shit.

Uhh yes
This is an imitation of the spooked faggots

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well no but it does make gays create babies to fake being normal

Up till 21 weeks is fine but after it should only be for medical purposes but that's what it usually is at that point anyway.

Stalin only temporarily banned it from low fertility rates. However low fertility is the key to post-scarcity.

Well it certainly seems to be the case for men. If you fuck a woman and she "forgets" to take her pill and "is not in the mood" to take an abortion, then the father has to pay child custody for 18 years, regardless if he wants or not. Why not extend this responsibility to women for just 9 months? Because of Gynocentrism™, that's why.

the only good baby is a dead baby

What happened?

Unlimited access to abortion at all times is essential.


I oppose it. Human life is sacred.

If anything, the existence of unironic Trumpfags proved to me that abortion is a great thing.

woah it's almost like different people have different opinions or something

I think everyone should be able to abort having a children you don't want would be a horrible life for the kid

Any woman getting an abortion should be neutered. The man should be castrated as well.

im not ready for the robot uprising

Holla Forums pls raus and stay raus

All the way up to the first contractions?

it was a bad idea

but an understandable one

wtf I love stalin now


fuck that. communism means following my rules and I say you leave the babies alone, sickos.

You have to think about this rationally comrade, could the great motherland really afford to abort future general workers for the labour camps. It simply wouldn't be economically feasible.

Hitler legalized abortion for everyone except Aryans.