Which one of you did this!?

which one of you did this!?

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I don't think that was us…

prepare for another "raid"

Kek, the fuck has google done that for?

Y'think he's crying?

All that sweet butthurt.


I vote we take credit regardless

Once more the collective has caused suffering to the individual.

It's not like we aren't getting blamed for it eventually anyway.

So much for the tolerant left.


If you could only choose between those two, aut-left would still be the better option, because, while you still get fucked by the state, you are at least also given a bunch of economic benefits.

I would gas the jews if it meant i got to fuck her HNNNNGGGG

authoritarian left is the best.

This. """Centrists""" are too stupid to get that.



I can still see his fucking videos tho, I want them all gone

It was a google decision it seems, not a community decision via flagging.

I'd love to hear what you think is different about them.

Why would they do that?


No idea, nobody knows. They'll probably put it back eventually. If they don't I'll be impressed because youtube is going to be nothing but FPS gameplay with gimped ads at this rate.

Lenin was a liberal and Stalin wasn't?


Marxism-Leninism is the actual name. Trotskyites use the word "Stalinism" instead because they want to pretend that the USSR of the 30's, 40's and 50's had absolutely no connection to Lenin's ideas.

This clown is releasing a "postmodern-neomarxist content analyzer and consumer information site" to monitor teachers for toxic levels of Marxism so students can avoid hearing leftist opinions. He's literally helping the right create a safe space. I also love that he views education from the perspective of a consumer market where challenging ideas can be ignored if it doesn't fit the consumer experience you wanted.


if that's not the case then what do you call followers of Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg?>>1923684

"Marxism"-"Leninism" is revisionist.

wait, the aut- prefix in aut-right is for authoritarian? my whole life might have been a lie.

That's funny considering the anti-authoritarian left tends to throw molotovs and bomb banks while the authoritarians are too busy masturbating to portraits of Mao


I'm so scared, they're going to raid .pl for a THIRD time


maybe they didn't?
This Could easily be a scheme to get even more patreon cash from gullible conservatives. Claim to be the victim of censorship, punk rock conservatives go full autist and shower his dick with money.
The guy is already getting 54000 USD a month in order to "to take the humanities back from the corrupt postmodernists", and this he claims he will do by starting his own online university with cheap cheap prices.


Or he simply doesn't want teachers indoctrinating their students? My sociology textbook, for example, had a chapter about "how we get people to accept multiculturalism" and it was absolutely ridiculous.

Jordan Peterson simply would have removed that part so you wouldn't even knew it existed. Then you won't be triggered.

Yes, autism is short for authoritarianism

Vaccines brought about fascism, it's what I've been telling everybody

His worst sin is being a christfag. And a deep one at that.
I like his "clean your room, get your shit together attitude" though.

Removing bullshit from books is not creating a safe space
Pointing out bullshit that professors teach is not creating a safe space
Wanting professors not to base their courses on bullshit and forcing students eat, learn and regurgitate that bullshit, is not creating a safe space

The discussion lies in whether the content is bullshit or not in the first place, do let's do that. Let's open a course book and discuss how multiculturalism is portrayed or if it's "pushed" in a way that shouldn't.

But don't tell me that being against the current academic zeitgeist, evaluating the academic curriculum and offering alternative is creating a safe space.
A "safe space" is not discussing Nazism because it offends jews. This guy openly talks about ideologies he doesn't like to deconstruct them.

I hate how easy some people on Holla Forums like to "hit back" with Holla Forums lingo, as it would expose them as hypocrites.
"classcuck" works becaues it makes sense.
Calling everything they reject "creating a safe space" is just forced.

Without a doubt. It would separate him from his sweet 55k a month for doing next to nothing.


Do you not understand how safe spaces work?

Good job everyone!