How do you keep from feeling hopeless...

How do you keep from feeling hopeless? At this point an intercontinental monarchist/fascist regime seems more conceivable than socialism.

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Leftists do more when it comes to real action than fascists ever will. The most organized effort they have committed to in recent times is try to stop refugees in the mediterranean, make asses of themselves, and then get arrested. It's the modern day hippie phase and everyone adhering to fascism and its lighter forms will look back and see themselves and say "I was fucktarded back then"

OP you're right. A far right regime is way more possible than a far left system but if we stop fighting, posting memes, arguing with the right, shit posting and reading, we can guarantee a far right system will come into affect.

don't lose faith. Communism for many, State Socialism for some and a complete collapse of civilization for the 5 Cavemen in here such as myself may not be possible today, tomorrow or next year, but if we're still around, it is still possible.

Be strong comrade.

The eightfold path. You will only be at peace once you no longer need hope.

just wanted to post the same. get into vipassana or zen or a related technique, it will ease the suffering. also hello fellow lefty buddhist.

Before I became a communist, I had a really nihilistic and cynical mindset.
Lenins writings give me really power to be alive!
Stay strong, my comrades!

Fuck off with these fucking threads, there's two in the catalog right now with the exact same "hopeless" premise and I remember this same question from several others, it's like you're deliberately pumping these threads out as part of a concern trolling and demoralisation campaign.
I was going to unironically suggest killing yourself if you can't cope but now I want to unironically suggest killing yourself for implying America is the whole fucking planet.

Stop being a larper/daydreamer and be realistic.
Focus on self-improvement - read good books, exercice, enjoy time with your friends if you can…
Take joy in the little victories.
Become a demsoc/socdem

Leftist Buddhists are the most cringeiest and hypcrotical people around.

It's basically just a form of nihilism.


You can also opt for epicureanism, if you don't want to be a xenophile.

What compels me to fight this society is, of course, outrage over injustice, a love of freedom, and a feeling of responsibility for perpetuating and enlarging the human spirit - its beauty, creativity, and latent capacity to improve the world. I do not care to come to terms with an irrational society that corrodes all that is valuable in humanity, that eats away at all that is beautiful and noble in the human experience. Capitalism devours us. At the molecular level of everyday life, it changes us for the worse, and it compels people to make extremely unsavory rationalizations for why they believe things they know - or at least they once knew - are false and for doing things that are trivializing and dehumanizing. When we struggle against capitalism, we are really struggling against our own dehumanization, and once we become fully cognizant of that, then the danger of surrender to the system reinforces our resistance. As revolutionaries, we are fighting not only for a better society but for our very humanity. - Bookchin

Unfortunately 99.9% of people come to terms with capitalism once they enter their 30s. You have to become a NEET or drop out of society in some way to keep your integrity.

99% of 'oh I was a leftist when I was your age' were never actual semi-educated socialists though, they were liberals


I think your statistic is greatly exaggerated. But nonetheless, the kernel of truth to the statement demonstrates why it is important to psychologically condition yourself through an intensive study of revolutionary theory.

Meditation as a tool for mental hygiene is pretty neat, shame it's been largely coopted in the west by coaches, self-help charlatans, and fucking Sam Harris.

This is true. The only real leftists in the west seem to be only on this board. I've been around since early revleft, and I've never encountered people in real life who talk about stuff in the way that Holla Forums does.

I felt the same way when I first got here. It was pretty astonishing.

Which do you think sounds more attractive to someone in their 30s, study for a graduate program so they can get more money and advance their career, or study theory that they will never act upon. Like that Marx quote, philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways, the point however is to change it.

So if they've already decided to conform to instead of changing the system, its pointless for them to engage with theory.

Secular buddhist here.
I've seen this talk by Zizek and it's BS.
His assertion that secular 'enlightenment' can be created through artificial means is completely unfounded and at best is an attack on ONLY a few sects of Buddhism.

Also dismissing something because it's nihilistic is childish and something I'd expect bout of someone like JB Peterson; nihilism has a lot of use in philosophy, but not as a end point, only as a starting point for development of the self. To recoil from the meaningless of the universe, rather than to embrace it and incorporate it into a wider worldview (and finding a safe-space in theology or something), seems as moronic as being ONLY a nihilist and not developing from there.

Thanks, I needed that.

To confuse Buddhism with nihilism is to understand neither. The whole point of a large percentage of Buddhist branches is exactly that nirvana cannot be achieved for the individual of it is not achieved for all of creation and that when we suffer physically in life we cannot achieve spiritual awakeness. This is exactly why Buddhism historically was a revolutionary ideology in much of the world, most radically in India and Japan, where anarcho-Buddhists would take over entire regions and abolish the nobility.

And again, the nihilist doctrine is very different and if one confuses it with dharma, one does a huge disservice to nihilist also.