Some "raid", they are just giving the lgbt lot more cash in the wank bank.

Our verry existence triggers the right


Funny considering under their idea of paradise you'd be jailed for having gay porn on any device even if it was "ironic" or to "troll leftists".

Lol saved

Watch out guys, le Holla Forums army is here! They will call us mean names and spam their frog maymays, that sure will show these leftards amirite? Don't these cucks know that their ideology goes against human nature? XD Praise Kek ^^

You know there's a mod feedback thread & report button, no?


Lmao, I'm not mad at this thread anymore because you posted my OC/edit(1st pic). :^) Always a nice feeling. Also if that second one isn't a banner yet, it needs to be. Looks familiar though, so maybe it is?

If the mods are so shitty here they cant clean up pol spam threads that have been up for over 10 minutes. We need new mods. Or mods that will do there jobs at least.

I'm not gay, I just have 5 TB of gay porn saved for raiding leftycucks who love gay porn and big black cock. Black cocks are always so big and shiny… I'm not gay though.

Heh, almost got me to bite. Don't you love how the light glistens on them when they're so oily and erect? No homo though, it's just a beautiful sight, objectively..

Use the report function you lazy cunt.

We're good, now. Since most burgers are sleeping, it lags just a tad around this time, sometimes.


Oh did they manage to get the right one this time?


Nice to see my image is still in circulation

They never stop,
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