Supported the Clinton wing of the Democrats all throughout the 90s

Exactly why is he supposedly /ourguy/ again?



Because he was the closest thing to a progressive choice amid a field of reactionaries.

yes, he was the only viable candidate on the left.

is it really that hard to understand?

I voted for him to show the Democrats that I could have voted for Clinton, but didn't.


I went and took a huge crap.
We both accomplished something of equal worth.

bring back feudalism


Sanders was the best out of the field of horrible reactionaries, and he lost, so now it's time to move on. Besides, there's currently more and better candidates to support anyways, like Corbyn, Mélenchon, and Wagenknecht.

Sanders is no more leftist than Teddy Roosevelt

Where did he say this? All the other stuff is undeniably true but I remember him doing a lot of verbal gymnastics to avoid explicitly opposing socialism during the campaign, usually changing the subject to Norway, etc.

He wasn't really viable as a socialist at all. Everyone on the left just projected stuff onto him that wasn't there. Just like how they projected onto obama.

Holy shit kid

I can't find the speech where he said it because it was in the middle of the campaign so if you don't want to believe me about this than fine I concede. He also has apparently introduced some bill to aid the creation of co-ops and said workers owning their companies gives them more job security so maybe he's moving more in that direction now.

Look if you want to go vote for a third party that's fine, I have myself several times, but stop pretending that bourgie politics are a way to revolution or that parties such as the Democrats who have repeatedly shown an obnoxious reluctance to move any further to the Left over the last 40 years will suddenly become Leftist if someone like Sanders is leading them.

Man, I didn't say keep supporting Sanders, all I said was that he was the best that the burgers had to offer. Unlike in the US, some other countries have much more leftist representation, albeit sometimes small representation, that really wouldn't hurt voting for.

If you support the Democratic or Republican party in any way you support American capitalism. Nothing is accomplished except shifting the overton window to the "left" (read social democracy)

That way the people can revolt and rebel more quickly?
I unironically agree

I unironically think that the only /ourguy/ we've had is Bin Laden. Dude did more to bring the American empire to its knees than anyone else. Its thanks to him that America is on her knees in the first place….and now is at a perfect moment of implosion which can bring forth the anger of the working class necessary to bring about socialism. The problem are gatekeepers like Sanders who prevent true socialists with balls to lead the left. We desperately need a decent leader.

OP you make this thread every couple months
the alternative was bob fucking dole and george fucking bush
like he said he was going to and specifically to defeat trump
he supports the two state solution which is probably the only way to go about it as long as israel is filled with reactionaries
we do just preferably not through invasion or violence
he criticizes him constantly he just also appreciates the fact he was a POW and they've worked together on projects sometimes
oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it was an empty gesture from both of them you fuckwagon


A lot of those don't seem right. Never heard him say the socialist thing. He's not full Zionist(doesn't support settlements).
Because he's the best the US has got. If you're going to participate in voting, you may as well vote for the best for the material conditions & welfare of the people. He's a reformist. That's what they do.

Try to make a better post, next time, if you're able.

Btw OP, there's already a Bernie thread. Always check the fucking catalog before creating a new thread.

No, most of his supporters hate both parties.