Remember the Dakota Access Pipeline and all the conflict it caused? Remember all the police state bullshit of tapping phones and beating the shit out of people and trying to freeze them to death with water cannons in a North Dakota winter?

Well guess what, baby… It's coming to Virginia! One of the original 13 colonies. And it's gonna go through a section of Appalachia full of armed rednecks who don't want their land stolen. Two of these motherfuckers are being built, in fact, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Do the Republicans give a shit? No. Ed Gillespie is their candidate for Governor, and he's all about the pipelines.
Do the Democrats give a shit? Their people do, an anti pipeline candidate got 45% in the primary, but the winner (Ralph Northam) took a $10,000 campaign check from the construction company that's gonna build the fucking things ON THE NIGHT OF THE PRIMARY ELECTION. Almost all of their state house candidates are anti-pipeline though, and the fucking liberal establishment keeps trying to blackmail them and say it'll be their fault if Northam loses.

Mark my words, you're gonna see some shit when construction starts. The people out there have grandparents and great grandparents who took up rifles to defend the picket lines when they went on strike. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS, MOTHERFUCKERS.

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In this moment, I am euphoric.


Oh, it's happening, son. And if it happens at the same time as a market crash…

Fuckers don't learn do they? Keeping building these fucking scars on the land

lets get some red flags out there and show that we are on their side

As long as it's disciplined. No retarded smashies like G20.

Can't those things be destroyed when they are pumping for maximum damage?

You say this but you know it will happen, they're completely uncontrollable.

wait… so we just wave flags around like a bunch of autists while they build the pipeline?

This, I really hope Redneck Revolt and DSA get in on this, showing working class whites that we're on their side.

Why the fuck are they still making pipelines? Oil is dying.

Americans are a joke, they're still on some revolutionary founding fathers shit when in reality they're just obese classcucks - totally under the thumb of the state, but think they're hot shit because they hate paying taxes and love racism.
Absolute cancer of the earth.

These are for gas. All the joy of oil, now with fracking!

[Shoots at a metal tube full of 1200psi methane]
[Dies in the explosion]

On the bright side, it's out in the mountains. No Starbucks or trash cans to smash.

No Starbucks, but there is the aforementioned metal tube of methane that would smash real good.


Fucked up.

Let's uh… Let's just stop them from building it. I think that's a much better outcome.

yeah but explosions are cool… whoops my anarchy symbol fell down

yeah maybe if we just ask big oil to leave really nicely they will

I didn't say a damn thing about asking, user.



Wowee zowee that's my home state, though I don't live there anymore. Maybe I'll join in if I'm back in town.

Death to the ecocidaires
Death to the omnicidaires
Death to the capitalists
Death to the oblivion cultists
Death to unfreedom

Think it's pretty important that leftist outsiders get in on this one. Need to show that they care whether they're downtrodden natives or not.

Can I get some links on this virginia pipeline? Gotta try and rouse my Virginian friends

Atlantic Coast Pipeline: ecowatch.com/atlantic-coast-pipeline-2463100313.html
Mountain Valley Pipeline: roanoke.com/news/virginia/landowners-along-pipeline-route-sue-ferc-and-mountain-valley-pipeline/article_d62df8dc-d3c1-51fa-930d-5a5a27784eaa.html

Metro DC DSA is pretty big on pipeline opposition. Just gotta get them outside.

Pretty much.

Polite bump, forgot to remove sage.

Can't wait for the McMansion shitspawn palid Holla Forums posters to defend this fucking terrible pipeline because the violence comes to their streets

Fucking shits

They won't defend it. They won't even acknowledge its existence.


Pretty much my entire family is from up there. Bunch of hardcore Christian conservatives they are. Maybe this will convince them of something.
Are the local socialist and green parties aware yet?

nice unity of opposites Người Do thái.

fascinating. so where's your activist work on behalf of the Naxalites?