Right wing cringe

Post them

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That's Socialism, though. We grow the veggies and then feast without Porky stealing any of it.

This shit was highly upvoted on Plebbit.

Watch out Commies

The classic.


Leftists beware!


Holla Forums irl

really fires up those neurons

a magic marker Pepe is a sad Pepe

Right Wing SJWs

I wouldn't fight him, look how long his arms are. You'd never land a punch on him.

I posted a capitalist illustration a long time ago that basically described surplus value extraction except it ascribed it to socialism.

Does anyone have it by any chance?

One bad rejection away from a shooting spree

what are they saying?

another Cockistani citizen


Alt-Rightist saying is calling May day demonstrators "Shills!" after they attacked a peaceful protest. These Alt-Rightists were also saying "Communists don't deserve free speech". Really makes you think.



fuck, I remember this video

some Holla Forums-tier fuck was shouting at an antifa black guy and called him a nigger five times in a row; IMMEDIATELY afterward one of the police officers shook the Holla Forums fuck's hand

can you find it for me?

found it:


look at that twink, the pussy would faint if you breathed on him.

If I watch it, I will cringe.


She got a legit schizophrenia info 100%

Really? It makes me angry.

No she works as a medical professional treating young children. She wouldn't be able to hold such a position if she was crazy.

Watch her vlogs and focus on the eyes, she got eyes of schizo, not to mention thought pattern and speech patter of a schizo


i dont get it

A Nazi has children under her care.


First Defooing and now this

It could turn into production for exchange if you aren't careful.

What about ancaps ?

I only saw it on the r/fowardsfromgrandma sub and they were mocking it.

An-coms and An-caps are both cringy idealists.


Watch out ancoms

an coms are cool though

0/10, he was not browsing BBC porn in this pic.


back on track

We fall more every year!

oldie but a goodie