twitter: @neoliberals

Shes 18 now guys. 18 :D

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Does this mean I can post her nudes now? or are they still illegal

lol, theres no way you have those

sad day

don't hate us cuz you ain't us :^)

I know exactly what types of guys are into these kind of girls. Please, don't be pathetic, she's just in it for the style.

She was in the chat on Mukes stream yesterday. We should totes get then to hook up guys.

hope she gets raped by a bunch of somalians


Marxist Matey is CNT/FAI?

fucks sake my initials were MM first

tfw i was thinking of getting into leftist youtubing

do eet, not our fault the colonials are too lazy

She is a leftcom

looks like someone needs to perform a web search for a certain political theorist

but shes cute and im thirsty!


Or you could just read a certain other.

what types of guys?

Isn't that activism?

Does she remind anybody else of Julia from 1984? Kinda looks like her.

Anyways…she's yet to be redpilled. Last I checked she was still a SuccDem asking her YouTube comment sections for leftist theory reading suggestions.

Looks like a politics teacher i had. She was a committed lib dem supporter.


I'm a perennial sucker for 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧quirky🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧/alt girls
Can't help it, my repressed normcore middle-class self is inherently attracted to them, it is a ying/yang thing

I don't know why but Lib Dem supporters rustle my bollocks more than hardline Tories do.

There are two kinds of reading groups - educational ones, and intellectual circle jerky ones.

Guess which one is way more fun.

belongs in /leftytrash/

I think she's in love with muke, guys

Hey guys this is @WilliamFFuckley please stop ogling my sister she's a lesbian ok

Where'd you get that from? She's a lesbian isn't she?

hey look its the twitter reactionary who gets mad at being called out for saying nigger

woa I follow both of you and I had no idea you were related.

She stalks his twitter and talks about falling asleep while watching him paint his warcraft figurines.
That's true love, if I've ever heard of it.

they're not related lol

Also, I don't think she's a lesbian.
That guy is just whiteknighting because she's lurking here right now.

You better be telling the truth. Is she single?

so this is the power of losing easy debates

How can someone look like a fictional character from a text based novel?

Is this the girl who made the vaping fidget spinner webm?

She looks plain as fuck.





trying to turn her into a lefty ashley johnson?

Fuck off, you're like a shitty cooterthug tbh.



she looks more muscular than him

good thread

Why do I get the feeling she already posts here, but stays user?

Because she's still less autistic than you :^)

To be fair that's not a hard achievement

how are we any better than Holla Forums again?


you manage to outdo yourself with ever post you know that

I got you, didn't I?

she's a marxist though

What is Nick Land's wife's twitter again, and how do we know she is actually married to him?

And you guys wonder why there are almost no girls on Holla Forums (or non-idpol leftism in general…)

Girlier places like Tumblr, fanfiction.net, and Deviant Art are little different in that regard. Horny autists of both sexes are welcome here as comrades.

Yeah, pretty sure she lurks here a lot too.