White pan-african

Can you be white and pan-african?

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I don't see how the 2 would conflict in any way?

gadafi was arab and panafrican

ask the afroplasm memelord.


I personally think PanAfricanism is doomed until after capitalism though

is this shit a real thing excluding ghetto chimping

Gadaffi was arab and most arabs are friends with blacks and have black blood in them. so he dosnt count

yeah north africans maybe

Here in Scandinavia every arab is swarthy and i always see arabs hanging out with somalians

swarthy italian papists trying to hand over control of the world to fucking vatican


Can't say I identify with it, but I support the concept. Gaddafi's currency would have improved Africa greatly.
I just realised everybody already mentioned it. Good kind of hivemind right here.

Africa should stop being the world's backyard (exchange of resources for weapons and rubbish)

Why do people keep saying Sweden's fulla Somalis? 1.1% of the whole country's black. Fucking burgers and their misinformation…

Apparently, having melanin content means you're african now…



Sure you can. Lots of comrades are PKK and Hamas-ists on Holla Forums after all.

Pan-Africanism's pretty useless without communism or at least rejection of capitalism though. My god, capitalism has the worst effect of Africa. It's a wonder the whole continent didn't turn red a long time ago.


Well Afroplasm is so I guess so.



>>Holla Forums

Because i am swedish you poop. We have alot of somalis it isnt a meme


1.1% is a meme

can I use the flag if I advocate for a pan-african white ethnostate?

dude we have more then 1.1 there is many undocumented blacks in Sweden

give us proof beyond "i say so"

Shitloads of Swedes and Germans on the internet are burger faggots peddling their agenda.

Because only a swede knows what pärer and stolpepärer means.

Yeah but I'm sure there's also a bunch of swedes who think there are way more immigrants in sweden than there actually are so i gave the benefit of the doubt that his idiocy was genuine (i guess that's not really the benefit of the doubt now is it)

hurr durr i who dont actually live in Sweden knows more about Sweden than actual swedes born and living there.

White Pan Africans is about as cringe as the one awkward white guy at the BLM rally.

i visited stockholm last year and tbh I didn't really see any black people. A few middle easterners begging in the subway stations but mainly just qt blondes. idk just my personal anecdote that should be taken as gospel


Race is a spook, but its out spooked by nationalism, the giga spook.

Faggots over in /aus/ swear that the country is being swamped by niggers even though the census says the country 92% white, and the vast majority of immigrants come from Europe and China.

Excuse me if I'm a little sceptical about these claims that you made after you saw a black guy on the bus.

t. Afroplasm

I see you and raise that "racism" is literally a spook. Not to mention tabula rasa, which was utterly retarded on its face, for a variety of reasons, already when Locke and other oh so "enlightened" founding thinkers of burgertopia came out with it. Which of course they didn't even believe in themselves, given chattel slavery. Just like all you socially progressive types I guess, meddling, duplicitous cunts who say one thing and mean another.

The only "pan" you'll be is pan-proletarian or you get a bullet in your head. Also all of you better filter that retarded cancerous afronigger namefag right now.


why do so many models and actresses come from Australia?

arabs and blacks have had a historically terrible relationship, gadafi might have reconciled a bit
but they killed him

wasn't he making fun of hegel or some shit?

Are you really this far gone?

That was a picture of the Swedish parliament.

otherwise I dunno, abundance of sunshine of skinny girls?



indeed, africa will be ours once more- once we have perfected the science of national trotskyism our white women will breed white babies at 10 times the rate of the other ethnicities and the whole world will be white like God (aka us) intended



Feels good, yeehaw.

China invented movable type printing press like a millennia before the West and did jack shit with it because of their shitty ideographic script and Asiatic mode of production collectivist society (essentially bureaucratic communism). Meanwhile as soon as we got it, Martin Luther singlehandedly shitposted a whopping 3-4x the entire Catholic establishment could manage and created an intellectual and spiritual revolution of self betterment and personal liberation from tyranny, creating the conditions necessary for a guy like Marx to even exist.

This is a based post, but you are wasting your breath on these people.

Seems like every time whitey gets a new invention someone dies.

Great man theory is passe m80. luther 50 years prior would have been laughed off like a channer in 2002

Arabs usually hate blacks. Look at how Egyptian news reports on crime by black Egyptians. It looks almost indistinguishable from American reporting on black crime. Sisi talks often about how they represent an integral threat to the state. Africans complain about racism on the daily as well. Look here aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2013/07/201371817106275826.html

South Africa?

The Kangz meme is the most blatant misrepresentation of history ever.

Yeah but when aren't Africans (or their descendants) complaining about racism


enough already

hmu when you invent another use for the peanut you insecure lil babby


I like how you ignored all the other examples he brought up.

wow some photos of crumbling ruins without source info taken from different angles, isn't that other semi impressive fort building in like tunisia or morrocco? doesn't look subsaharan to me pal. there was some maybe cool shit in mali?

got any evidence at all they were of dark skin or just knee jerk defending articles of your faith/condescendingly white knighting as if my man here can't stand up for his own damn self as per usual?


also some what funny that you bring up tutenkamen and by extension probably nephrititi, you are aware of what happened with that right?

You know most of them "Egyptian" monuments are in that collage are in Sudan, which has almost twice as many ancient pyramids than Egypt, right?



Usually when white people leave them the fuck alone which lets face it is never.

I realise it was not all Egypt you muppet. Just saw you trying to sneak it in there. Sudanese pyramids are cool but aren't nearly as baller as Giza tho come on fam.


that's why we need ethnostates just admit it. we should just leave eachother alone and do our own shit, what's so bad about that? or do you think the fucked up territorial warfare going on much due to the arbitrary post-colonial national borders is just fine?

also guess who owns de Beers as a little aside. the answer may surprise you

It's a collage of ancient African architecture. Egypt's in Africa and some of the country's most known sites are in Anwar which still today's fulla black Egyptians cuz it was once known as a little place called "Nubia".

Plus based on how Egyptians depicted themselves in dynastic times they were prolly mixed race cuz in ancient wall paintings they're brown, Semites are chalk white and Nubians are black as night.

lol, thanks for the info. i know about nubians, but there's no evidence the nubians built any of the major shit iirc. correct me if i am wrong here.

Look at that. A white nationalist for once not swearing with a hand on Mein Kampf that white people dindu nuffin.

yeah it's almost like we're the good guys

why aren't you as assblasted about the arab slave trade btw?

Southern Egypt AKA Nubia was it's own state for a very long time. You don't think the Nubians living there today don't have any ancestral ties to the people who built the shit that's still in Anwar today in ancient times?

Even if they didn't, Sudan still has over 200 ancient pyramids which is almost twice as many as Egypt's got. Face it, your 21st Century idea of Nile Valley Civilization's a bit Eurocentric, m8.

lol, not very insulting to a eurocentrist. tell me what you know in depth off hand about asian civilizations? do you know how ethnic chinese do in countries like malaysia? they do them. all i'm saying is you do you, and we'll do us. just wait until you realise how fucked black people in euro countries are gonna be from multiculturalism, if/when you get over your gay inferiority complex.

Who says I'm not? Matter of fact, who says I'm pissed off at anyone for slavery? My ancestors were never slaves. I just think the raging hate-boner Holla Forumsflakes and Asserites have got for Africans is a bit petty cuz they don't even have the time to hate you.

lol, but i love black people. i've got several thousand rap records.

i just don't think it's fair to hold poorer dumber whites and poorer dumber blacks to the same snowflake educated enlightened standard i hold myself, and try force them into violent "melting pots" with rife ethnic tension, while gaslighting them into thinking it's their fault. i'm just not a classist like that. get on my level

The fact that you posted pictures of Greeks from the 3rd century indicates that you have no idea you are talking about.

No but based on the pseudo-history of your ilk on think board I assume it's going to be very enlightening.

Well, you do kinda dedicate a lot of your being to talking shit bout people living tens of thousands of miles away prolly in some communal village in the middle of the savannah.

They were greek and native egyptian and intermixed.

Look it up bro. They weren't from around those parts and their shit got nearly totally wiped from history by the next pharaoh after they tried to introduce semi monotheistic solar worship.

I barely ever bring it up. Keep chasing the demons in your head tho if it makes you happier i guess

So what does this prove? One of the pictures you posted looks straight up like a nigger.

In amongst all these invasions, inter-marrying and so on isn't it entirely possible the ethnic make up of the original Pharaohs was much more African? We are talking about a people who settled along the Nile river just north and east of the darkest niggers.

Second part was about King Tut. just Wiki it fam i gotta bounce on the real tho pce

And that's king tut's grandmother in the pic

For real? That Angela Davis a tan-looking bitch?

Can you imagine how stupid somebody would look for shitposting bout all day bout how Inuk people are polar gooks who're so dumb they were living in snow burrows like animals while x people were sailing the seven seas?

Point is neither an Inuit nor an African has an impact on your life. Don't dedicate every fiber of your being to proving how you're supposedly better than them.

lol no shit, you're the one who didn't even know the backstory you useless twat.

firstly, you must have got me confused, i don't do this, cry to Holla Forums about it if you got beef with them
2nd, i'm blacker than you urkel,
you dumb as shit boy. and leaving eachother alone is literally what we want.
never happy are you?

Does she look tan to you? It's clear that the Egyptians are a lot darker and African than people let on.

Here is her husband, the Pharaoh

dark skin ≠ negroid
"african" ≠ negroid
statues and other artistic objects are not good evidence for a person's physical appearance. additionally, there is speculation that tiye (the woman in ) might have had foreign lineage, meaning she would not be indicative of the 'common' egyptian

here is another depiction of the pharaoh you posted, showing a completely different appearance

Learn all you want bout Africa. The issue's with you unnecessarily hating on Africans which you are.

Yeah, not only that but Nubia/Kush established their own dynasty when they conquered Egypt and occupied it for a century or two before getting kicked out by The Assyrians.


really grind the almond butter

What does a "Mexican" person look like then? Dark with black eyes and black hair
Or what about people with blue eyes and blond hair?
Are Jewish people "white"? Does "whiteness" end when your hair is too dark or too curly? What about Mediterranean people? What about super pale people who got a tan?

Who actually says your retarded greentext?
Can I have some evidence that shows "Violence is common in Africa more than any other continent"
Yes it's not like material conditions don't exist at all whatsoever and don't adapt to cultures. Even the namefag didn't say "MUH Eurocucks made _"

When did I ever say "diversity is our greatest strength", kiddo?