Special lefty /k/ thread : Butter knife Edition

Special lefty /k/ thread : Butter knife Edition.

What can unarmed europoors use to defend themselves? As far as I can tell, crossbow is the best bet. Pics somewhat related

Any hunters/archers here?

If I'm buying a crossbow what draw weight would it need to have to be a good self defence weapon for the inevitable collapse of capitalism i.e. take down a full grown man?

Obviously I want the lightest possible draw weight so re-loading is easier, so what do you think is the lowest I can get away with?

In general, whose got those improvised weapon manuals, or deadly weapons you can get legally because the government are dumb?

Poor bait. You gave it away too easily.

m8 I'm not joking at all. Hoochie Min is back after a long absence, There used to be an anarcho nihilist poster here who wanted to start a commune in detriot.

The Police, duh. They are actually trained here and behave mostly ok

Those big rings that boneheads like. They make your hits harder.

They always side with the fascists tho

read the rest of the sentence

You mean dusters? I guess as a last resort

I have no idea what they are called but these ugly bumpy rings

you'll break your fingers before you do any noticeable extra damage with those. Literally LARPer gear.

Not saying you're wrong but what makes them worse than knuckle dusters? I guess the bit that you hold with them?

I haven't heard of a country in Europe that doesn't allow you to own a hunting rifle or shotgun

The knuckle duster supports all the fingers with the part on the inside of your fist.

knuckle dusters have that part where you grip them that transfers momentum straight from your arm as if you were doing a palm strike. avoiding the cushioning from and fragilness of your hand

you can technically own a gun in the UK sure but it's nothing like the US, you have to prove you have a reason to own one, that you have a gun safe (expensive as hell), that you have no mental conditions, and it will violate any rental agreement, and you need to pass a police background check and apply to them for the right to own one (more money)

I have both a criminal history and a mental health history. Even if I did have a reason to have a gun in the UK they wouldn't give me one

I'll play your game.

Personally I'd go simple, a big knife, or maybe even a short sword. Something with a bit of heft and reach, but small enough that you can close the distance in an instance.
Crossbow could be an option, especially to quietly shot a lonesome soldier and then take his gun. You probably won't be using it in a prolonged fire fight, so personally I'd take something heavy hitting rather than quick to load.

Are you stupid or a troll cause yuros can own rifles

You brought the criminal part on yourself lad

this seems like a good place to ask: where can i buy leather padded gloves (not the tacticool ones) and plastic forearm guards that are not too bulky and fit under a hoodie or jumper in europe?
asking for a friend

i meant padded with steel or something similar like brass knuckles

Yes, and one of the reasons is "I would like to shoot game birds/animals or vermin" hence why every toff and farmer has at least one shotgun.

British, most of Europe can't, some Scandis and the Swiss can I know

I really didn't, probably in part, but not mostly

What if you miss with the first shot?

Surreeee but try using that argument if you don't live in the country, I don't know how well it would work out.

until the happenings in Brussels, but even then getting the Belgian parliament to agree on it is impossible, like everything else in the Belgian parliament

Fairly easily. A friend of mine does clay pidgeon shooting and he lives in a city-centre flat.
The installation of a gunsafe would violate a boilerplate rental contract, however if you obtained the landlord's permission, an addendum would be made stating either that the landlord would bill the tenant for repairs after they vacated, or that the tenant must make said repairs in order for their deposit to be returned. Also, unless you own a lot of guns, your gunsafe is basically a fireproofed American-style school locker with deadbolts.

I'm also aware I could nip over to Serbia and get an AK no problemo, really if I wanted a gun I could get one off the dark web, but I don't fancy doing 5 years.

My last rental agreement said I couldn't have any weapons in the home, vague sure but I'm pretty sure a gun would cover it. And I don't know about you but I can't afford to fix a wall every time I move house. It's a stealth measure to ensure that only homeowners can own guns. Makes u think

Why bother when it's only an hour and a bit on the Ferry to Belfast.

Interesting - Scots property law is eye-wateringly different from the rest of the UK so that could have something to do with it.

I wasn't really disagreeing with you on that point, just saying that it was possible to not live in the country and still own a gun under those grounds.

get some RA guns, keep it local, I like that