Do you frequent any online leftist communities other than Holla Forums...

Do you frequent any online leftist communities other than Holla Forums? It's really hard to find ones that aren't garbage.

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Fuck no. Holla Forums is the ONLY active online leftist community that isn't total cancer.

Uh… #bunkerchan

are there any decent leftypol discords, particularly ones that are fermenting revolution?
asking for a friend

Just answered your own question there, bucko

Not really. Holla Forums is my home. Rest is pretty much cancer in comparison.

Only one I more or less like:

Back when I found this place, there was some stuff about union of socialist chans or some shit, and I thought they would all switch places to a brand new site.

I haven't checked these other sites (Bunkerchan, GETchan, any more?), but so far, Holla Forums really seems to be the only leftist place that both stamps out idpol and allows for humor. I just wish the moderation would be more lenient with speech.

I know another good place, but I don't want to risk it getting invaded by Holla Forumsyps and liberals.

420chan's politics board is pretty decent.
Anyone know how to get to GETchan? I found, but it seems like a honeypot or clone, like

Then why would you even comment?

I used to be on a hidden website (clearnet though) for drugs and stuff and surprisingly the news section was very left wing, pretty sure high level criminals will form the vanguard during the revolution.

0ch is pretty cool is the the right site. It's not a big site.

fuck yeah

Yeh well Stalin was a bankrobber was he not?

They tend to focus way too much on burger shit and are majoritarily liberal, but yeah, last time I went there I was pleasantly surprised by the level of discourse and they somehow manage to have diverse opinions without Holla Forumsyps shitting everything. Seems like "degenerates" are less retarded than LARPing alt-right nerds.

Bluelight ? It's not really hidden so I guess you are talking about something else.

They are a bit too anarchist for my tastes tbh. I mean, ancoms are some of the best posters here, but 0ch reminds a bit of IRL lifestylists who live in squats, eat vegan, listen to punk and care too much about idpol. This kind of people are my comrades and I generally get along with them but they tend to be a bit too closed-minded and serious for their own good IMHO

You'll want action front, but they're on riot IM instead of discord.

fomenting revolution

Found the Left Internationale not smart enough, too many kids in there. if you're a bit older (early-mid 20's and up)

In what way?

Not him, but I caught a 9 week ban voicing skepticism of privately funded climate models.

Probably the board owner. They're really harsh on what they perceive as "climate revisionism."

They have a habit of deleting everything dumb Holla Forumsyps say, instead of letting us argue or laugh. It does nothing but fuel their ignorant self-righteousness. I'm glad actual trolls are banned, but the "sincere idiots" should be allowed, as long as they don't flood in.


And it's getting dangerously close

sometimes i go to reddit but there's no fuckin theory and just a bunch of tankie vs anarkiddie sectarianism

It's even worse trying to find gaming communities, most are filled with reactionaries and the ones that aren't only play shit games.

maybe he does mean places where things go stale and alcohol is involved.