Ya know, it really doesn't matter even if Capitalism is the "better system" or "more efficient" or whatever...

Ya know, it really doesn't matter even if Capitalism is the "better system" or "more efficient" or whatever. The fact that it forces people into wage labor to survive is reason enough to abolish it.

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Ha, spooks. Liberty is efficiency cuntybaws

If people aren't forced into wage labor to survive nobody will survive.

You're free to create your own company or live from the land in the middle of nowhere. Capitalism has plenty of faults, but allowing people to exchange a service for goods isn't one of them.

But you need capital for both of those. If you are a wage slave you can't save enough to do any.

except you're not

Lol no you aren't. If you try men with guns will escort you off of their land, if they don't just shoot you.

You don't need capital to live from the land. There's plenty of land nobody gives a shit about, even if you settle there illegally nobody will care. And often you can get it legally, Russia for instance is giving out free land in the east.

If it's someone else's land it isn't in the middle of nowhere. Generally, if there's a guy pointing a gun at you, you don't want to settle there.

Don't worry, someone will come to tax you even if you don't produce anything. And even if you do settle illegally somewhere, you have zero security, they can kick you out any time.

Communism is the same.
You have to work if you want to eat, comrade.

Stop posting screenshots of articles/liberal platitudes about capitalism and lurk more nigger

Working doesn't necessarily mean wage labor, dumbass.

If Putin/Russia is "giving out free land," then the land belongs to them to begin with and you're only allowed on it as long as they choose to allow it.

Man nazis are fucking stupid.

It's not capitalism but a market that you are describing though. Capitalism implies explotation of the private property and M->C->M' / creation of surplus value.

Sorry for being pedantic, but it's "un argument", not "une", as an argument have a masculine gender in French for some reason.

The thing is that it is literally one of the most innefficient systems ever devised. Planned obsolescence? Simultaneous epidemics of obesity and starvation? Empty homes outnumbering homeless people? The antibiotic resistant bacteria threatening to destroy modern medicine and we don't make new antibiotics because they aren't profitable enough? A retarded monkey could come up with a better way to allocate resources. I hope to God aliens never discover us before we evolve past this shit, they will think we are brain dead when we start explaining that human nature is the reason why we can't feed starving people.

capitalism is so wasteful

8/10 new businesses flop
ecological damage is often rewarded
consumerism fills the landfills

This is how the mind of a child works.

That's like saying slavery is free because the slave can work hard and buy his way out of it.

That's not a defining characteristic of capitalism.

Unless you are causing damage to state owned forest land, you can live there indefinitely. Many transients do this.
Just because you're pasty and squishy and don't know how to live on your own doesn't mean it's not possible

Well what if it is the better system, but all other system are even more exploitative

We're in for a shitshow, boys.


fuck, we don't even need antibiotics, the USSR had bacteriophage treatments since forever, no resistance problems at all, and you can still get it in places like Georiga if you're dying of MRSA, but in the US using a bacteria-eating virus to treat bacterial infections is unheard of because you can't patent a rapidly evolving organism or a cocktail drug (different mixes of phages are used depending on the infection) that's mixed differently to suit different needs. Destroy modern medicine? We've had the cure for over half a century but the only way to get it is to take a plane flight to Tbilisi. Hell, we actually knew about phages even before they invented penicillin.



The world will not be changed by millions of people voting for change, or demonstrating for change, because capitalist power is not constituted with reference to human feelings: political desires and demonstrations, which are the social forms consciousness takes, cannot touch capitalist domination but are merely determined by it. We have no place for consciousness in our scheme, we see no need or a generalised formulated desire for evolution. Revolution belongs to the mute body and its resistance to, and its giving out to, the imposition of work. What is needed in the revolutionary struggle is precedence given to the needs of the body (consumer culture is a contemporary echo of this). The slogans are not inspiring or romantic: more rest, more pay, less work, no deals on productivity. However, once this demand-regime is set in motion it cannot be side-tracked except by counterfeit political demands, or formulations of radical consciousness made by those who seek to lead it. Once the body tends toward rest, it cannot rid itself of that inclination unless it is roused again to work for some political vision.
In short the struggle of industrial workers against capital will be conducted entirely in selfish terms, which in the end describes itself as the struggle against work in the interest of highly paid sleep. In the present nothing has significance but the desire to extend half-hour lunch breaks into hour lunch breaks.

What the fuck? Trinary computers, bacteria-eating custom viruses, two-headed dogsā€¦ what other marvels did that land create that we never hear about?

what a time to be alive.